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LED vs Halogen vs Incandescent Bulbs

 Lighting in the home and workplace is something we take for granted, yet a lot has happened in the last couple of decades in terms of lighting technology. The traditional, …

Christmas Lighting

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Best Christmas LED Lights

Top 10 Best Christmas LED Lights

A Christmas tree without lighting isn’t quite complete. And for most people, selecting and decorating a Christmas tree is sure to be one of the most memorable things about Christmas. …

Top 10 Best Christmas Laser Light Reviews

Exterior Lighting

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Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights Review

Top 10 Best Outdoor Motion Sensor Light Reviews

There is nothing worse than an intruder or burglar to upset the calm and comfortable setting of your own home. You may already have some kind of security light in …

Top 10 Best Outdoor Solar Lamp Posts

Best Outdoor & Nightclub LED Furniture

Lighting Equipment

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OPT7 LED Headlights Review

OPT7 LED Headlight Bulb Conversion Kit Review

Brand OPT7 Model Number H11-HDOPT7-6 Bulb Type LED Voltage 12 volts DC Color Temperature 6000 Kelvins Brightness 4200 Kelvins Lifespan 50,000 Hours Although they’ve served us well in the past, …

MyStudio MS20 Light Box Review

Are LED Headlights Legal? 


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Best Photography Studio Umbrella Lights

Best Photography Studio Umbrella Lights

There is more to taking photographs than having the best camera, lens, and editing software. Ask any photographer worth his paycheck, whether they shoot people or items or combination of …

MyStudio MS20 Light Box Review

Top 5 Best Speedlight Softbox Lighting Reviews

Interior Lighting

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Best LED Under Cabinet Lighting

Top 10 Best LED Under Cabinet Lighting Kits

Kitchens, even with enough light coming down from the ceiling fixtures, often have those parts that are darker than you’d perhaps like. This is when you should consider the benefits …

Top 10 Best LED Candelabra Lights

Best T8 8 Foot LED Light Tubes

7 Best LED Garage Lighting Ideas