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There are endless bedroom lighting ideas that you can use to set the right mood in your master bedroom. For example, for a modern look, you can use LED strip lights as lining under the bed or install recessed lights in the headboard.

However, besides decorative purposes, the lighting in the bedroom should also be functional – it should create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere that helps you fall asleep. Using smart light switches in combination with Edison bulbs is a great way of combining functionality with design, for example.

Best LED Lighting Ideas For Your Bedroom

Read on for more bedroom lighting ideas and tips on how to combine these interior design elements with energy-saving bulbs from our smart light bulb reviews. Let these lighting fixture styles inspire you and lead you to a great night’s sleep.

1. Edison Bulb Pendant Lighting

Edison-style bulbs have the nostalgic design of the Industrial Age but are now available as energy-efficient LEDs. This has made them hugely popular in today’s interior design trends.

Do you like to DIY home decor projects? Then creating an interesting overhead lighting setup using pendant LED Edison bulbs is right up your alley.

Huddle the pendants together but at different lengths to create a dynamic and artsy ceiling centerpiece. Or spread the Edison pendants around the rooms so that you illuminate the room evenly.

Pendant lighting gives you a lot of freedom so don’t be afraid to get creative and add extra elements. Consider this your chance to have your very own one-of-a-kind lighting fixture.

2. Minimalist Recessed Lights

For a sleeker design, look into installing recessed lights on the ceiling and baseboards or even personalizing your headboard with them. This type of minimalist fixture creates a clean look and is also space-saving.

LED recessed lights, sometimes called downlights or can light, require a little more effort but once they are installed you get a great modern look. However, this type of lighting has limited direction so they are more suitable as accent lighting in the bedroom.

This is why we recommend installing LED downlights in your baseboard or along the edge of your bed. Pair this with movement sensors and you have yourself dim lights that guide you to the bathroom without waking up your partner in the middle of the night.

3. Chic Sconces

Hotel rooms are great examples of how to achieve the feeling of luxury while making excellent use of limited space. Looking for space-saving bedroom lighting ideas that are still practical? Get sconces!

Sconces are lamps attached to the wall, often used in hallways but also an excellent choice for reading lights. Since they hang on the wall there is no need for finding extra space on your bedside table.

There are plenty of sconce designs so you are sure to find one that matches your bed and nightstands but there is one practical aspect you must decide on first. Decide whether you want an up-facing sconce, down-facing sconce, or one that can do both.

As the name suggests, an up-facing sconce directs the light towards the ceiling while a down-facing sconce does the opposite. We recommend choosing a model with LEDs that have both an upward and downward direction – this lets you use it as both a reading light and bedroom mood lighting.

4. Dramatic Floor Lamps

Floor lamps or standing lamps are a great element for when you want a quick change of atmosphere in the room. They work great for brightening up a dark corner and are also useful as task lighting if you pick the right design.

If you have a dull corner that could use some love, find a big dramatic floor lamp for it. Dress up the rest of the little space with plants, statues, and wall art, or keep it functional with a beautiful wicker laundry basket.

You can also create a little reading nook by placing a comfortable armchair next to an LED arc lamp. Don’t forget to use dimmable LED bulbs so that you can adjust the brightness to the time of day or night.

5. LED String Lights Curtain

Looking for bedroom mood lighting? Nothing is as dreamy as a curtain of LED string lights.

Making your own DIY LED fairy light curtain is simpler than you might think and should not take too much time. All you need besides the LED string lights is some cutting tools and electrical tape.

Hang the DIY string light curtain behind your bed for a magical headboard or make an empty wall instantly more romantic.

6. Luxurious Chandeliers

Chandeliers are not only for the dining room. Instantly transform your bedroom into a luxurious master suite by installing a beautiful chandelier.

Go traditional with a bronze design that has crystals or choose a more contemporary chandelier with black steel and geometric shapes. Make sure that it fits the rest of your bedroom interior design theme.

Either way, make sure that the LED bulbs are dimmable so that it is perfect for both mood lighting and seeing every corner of the room. Look for a model with multiple light directions for the best practical overhead lighting.

7. Funky LED Strip Lights

Looking for quirky and fun elements for your bedroom? Get creative with multi-color LED strip lights.

Strip lights are great for DIY home projects because they are so versatile in use but also very easy to install. Get the kind with a self-adhesive back that you can cut at several points, these are the easiest to work with.

There are so many ways that you can decorate your bedroom using LED strip lights. Light up the edges of your headboard, stick them at the bottom of the bed frame or line the baseboards and ceiling molding with them.

Go for smart LED lighting with multiple light settings so you can have fun with the colors and light displays. This is one of the best bedroom lighting ideas for creating true mood lighting.

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