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Best Bias Lighting For Your TV Or Computer

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Your mom or dad probably told you not to watch television with the lights off.

Well… I hate to break the news to you but… They were right.

As far as your eyes go, you could be doing more harm than good by watching Netflix or gaming on your computer in the dark.

You may have noticed after staring at the screen with the lights off that your eyes start to get a little tired, or you’ve gotten minor headaches.

Playing video games on your PC or watching with the lights off can be very straining on your eyes and is likely to decrease your overall comfort while you’re trying to relax.

Whilst LEDs are safe, the worst things that can come from overwatching your computer or television screens in the dark are tension headaches which radiate out of the temple area on your head. It can even lead to migraines and extreme headaches from overexposure.

One of the best ways to relieve tension headaches according to Harvard is to take steps to avoid them in the first place.

The good news is that LED bias lighting can help you prevent straining your eyes, which can result in unnecessary headaches without ruining the atmosphere.

Here Are The Top 10 Bias Lighting Kits For Your TV Or Computer

There is even certain ambient behind tv bias lighting kits that can sync up with the color on-screen to create a riveting multimedia experience.

The light is displayed on the back end of the screen match up with the exact colors on the screen, taking you right into the show or video game.

So, let’s get into it.

1. Most Popular: Power Practical Luminoodle USB Review

Power Practical Luminoodle USB Bias Lighting Review

Unique Quality Best Smart Bias Lighting
Size 55”-75” TV/Monitor
Power Source USB
Smart Home Compatibility No

The most popular bias light of them all is Power Practical’s Luminoodle kit.

With over 3,700 reviews, this backlighting set up will give you the most basic, straight-forward ambiance for your movie or video game experience, at a very economical price.

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If you don’t care about having millions of colors to work with and just want something to help ease your eyes and enhance your movie and video game experience, then this is your best bet.

It’s very simple to set up as the Luminoodle design allows you to bend and stick on the LED light strip at 90-degree angles.

P.S. Power Practical made its mark on Shark Tank… and now, Mark Cuban is one of its owners, so you know it’s legit.

2. Most Versatile: Govee WiFi  Backlights Kit with Camera

Govee WiFi TV Backlights Kit with Camera Review

Unique Quality Most Versatile Bias Lighting
Size 55”-80” TV/Monitor
Power Source Regular Outlet
Smart Home Compatibility Yes – Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant (Purchased Separately)

If you are wanting the full multimedia experience, then these Govee lights will be sure to satisfy.

A camera is attached to the top of the screen to capture the colors coming from the screen which then syncs it up with the tv backlighting colors.

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You can also enter “Music Mode” to watch music videos or start a playlist, syncing flashing colors right to the beat of your playlist.

Control your light through the Govee app (yes, these are smart lights) for whatever mood you’re in.

Plus, you can even hook it up to Amazon Alexa or Google Home and command everything with your voice.

3. Best Smart: Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance LightStrip

Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance LightStrip Review

Unique Quality Best Smart Bias Lighting
Size 80”
Power Source Regular Outlet
Smart Home Compatibility Yes – Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant (Purchased Separately)

If you have a smart home system set up already or are wanting to hop in, then this is the perfect behind tv lighting for you.

Phillips is one of the best smart lighting brands which means you will be getting high-quality and a simple, user-friendly app.

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This does, however, require that you have a Phillips Hue Hub (smart hub). And, if you have a bigger television, you may need to buy an extension piece.

If you are willing to make an investment into your home entertainment experience and are ready to hop aboard the Phillips smart home experience, then this will be sure to smarten your home up.

Check out our dedicated Philips Light Strip Plus review for more info.

4. Best Gaming Light For Desktop PC: Razer Chroma Development Kit Review

Razer Chroma Development Kit Review

Unique Quality Best Gaming Bias Lighting For Desktop PC
Size 2 x 19.6” LED Strips
Power Source USB
Smart Home Compatibility No

Want to take your gaming to a whole new level?

Razer can take you there.

With Razer’s Chroma Development Kit, your entire gaming experience will be transformed with the multiple LED light attachments.

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If you’ve bought Razer’s products in the past, you know they are one of the leaders in LED gaming lights.

With LED lights for mice, keyboards, controllers, mousepads, headphones (and more), Razer has everything.

This kit includes light strips to put on the back of your monitor and a lightbox to put inside the tower.

The lights can sync right up to whatever game you’re playing bringing the whole experience full circle.

The only downside is… you may never want to leave your gaming room again.

5. Biggest Screen: HAMLITE LED Backlight Kit

HAMLITE LED TV Backlight Kit

Unique Quality Biggest Screen
Size 70”-82” TV/Monitor
Power Source USB
Smart Home Compatibility No

Got a big TV? No worries… HAMLITE has you covered.

If your television is in between 70” and 82”, it will like this television home theater bias light the best.

With over 400 reviews, it’s one of the more popular setups available.

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HAMLITE’s LED’s are also brighter than the average LED. They’re created to be twice as powerful in fact. The increased brightness is even more beneficial if you have a lot of trouble with eye strain while watching movies.

The increased brightness will help balance out the contrast, making it that much easier on the eyes to watch your favorite flick.

6. Best Budget-Friendly: SPE USB  Kit

SPE USB Bias Lighting Kit

Unique Quality Best Budget Bias Lighting
Size 32” TV/Monitor
Power Source USB
Smart Home Compatibility No

Want something simple that won’t hurt your wallet?

You’ll want to check this one out.

SPE’s Light Strip is a simple, generic brand from Amazon that is easily affordable at only $11.99.

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It comes with a 39-inch strip, and a remote for control, which is perfect for a small television or computer monitor.

It’s nothing fancy, but this tv backlight will help to add the led lights behind tv for the ambiance that you need to reduce strain on the eyes with a minimal investment.

7. Best Budget-Friendly (Straight-Line): Antec for HDTV

Antec Bias Lighting for HDTV

Unique Quality Budget-Friendly Straight-Line Bias Lighting
Size 51.1” Length
Power Source USB
Smart Home Compatibility No

Like the SPE above, this is another budget-friendly bias light for your set up.

Unlike most bias light strips which can bend around the four corners, this particular one is a single straight-lined strip.

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With a color temperature of 6,500K, they are perfectly suited to help offset the contrast of the television to ease the eyes.

If the strip is too long, feel free to cut it at pre-marked points to remove extra LEDs.

The strip is conveniently USB powered so when you turn the television off, the lights go off too.

8. Best Tube: LEDGLOW’s Home LED Lighting Kit


Unique Quality Best Tube Bias Lighting
Size Any Size
Power Source USB
Smart Home Compatibility No

LEDGLOW designed this home theater bias light kit just for the home theater.

Including 30 wide-angle LEDs, with a variety of colors and brightness levels, it’s a great choice if you are wanting led lights behind tv for the ambiance that is easy to remove if necessary.

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There’s also a wireless remote to customize your home theater experience.

You can choose between the 8 primary color modes or dive into the million color mode which gradually flows through the full-color spectrum.

9. Best True White: – Luminoodle Professional Review

Luminoodle Professional Bias Lighting Review

Unique Quality Best True White Bias Lighting
Size 30”-40” TV/Monitor
Power Source USB
Smart Home Compatibility No

Luminoodle’s most popular kit has a near twin.

This is the bigger, better version of the most popular behind tv lighting listed above.

Similar to the top dog, this Luminoodle is very simple to use, with the easy setup and practicality of the 90-degree bending lights. Just wipe down the back of your equipment and smoothly place the led behind tv strip lights on (all under 5 minutes).

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However, unlike its simple white counterpart, this goes above and beyond, featuring 6,500K true white, 15 different colors, and remote control, allowing you the perfect control for any event or mood.

Plus, you can get the Luminoodle Professional Lights in 4 different sizes, making it easy to fit on any screen.

Relieve eye strain with bias lighting

How Bias Lighting for TV Relieves Eye Strain

The solution is to raise the overall ambiance in the room without having to turn on an invasive side light from a lamp.

So how do you do that? The advice given by Dr. Heiting is simple:

Also known as ambient light, it is the answer to your constant eye strain.

It adds an ambient backlight to your television or PC monitor to offset the dark light in the room, preventing any eye strain. As the name suggests, behind tv lighting, it is attached to the back of the screen giving your tv backlight in order to partially equalize the level of light between the screen and the ambient light in the room.

By attaching the led lights behind tv behind the screen, you’re able to relieve your eyes of unnecessary strain and headaches (while avoiding the annoying glare that a bigger table lamp or other light may create).

Plus, if you get the right type tv backlighting, it can take the whole experience of watching Netflix with a home theater bias light or your gaming to the next level.

Benefits of Bias Lighting

Additional Benefits Of This Lighting

Nowadays, many high-end TVs and monitors are being created with it already built-in .

With advancements in technology, at-home entertainment is always one of the first industries to get an array of benefits and led lights behind tv for ambiance is no exception.

On top of saving your eyes from strain and head from pounding headaches, there are a few more benefits you’ll love about led lights behind tv for ambiance. 

Immediately, you’ll notice that the picture actually looks much more clear and crisp on the screen. That’s because the home theater bias light behind the screen increases the contrast of the image on the screen, allowing the picture to come to life.

The increased contrast, created by the led lights behind tv, for ambiance on the screen will make it so no one ever has to turn the brightness or contrast up or down on the TV, adding years to the life of your TV or computer monitor.

One of the more practical benefits is unplugging and plugging in cords to the back of the TV or monitor. You know what I’m talking about… Trying to blindly unplug and plug-in cords, not knowing where anything is.

Then you take out your phone to use as a flashlight, juggling cords and phone, with them both falling all over the place.

With this behind tv lighting, you’ll never have that issue again.

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