Best Blue LED Christmas Lights

Best Blue LED Christmas Lights

With Christmas just around the corner, it can be hard to figure out how to dress your home up a little more uniquely than last year. Are you bored with typical white or yellow? Maybe you are looking to mix blue and white Christmas lights. Looking for the best LED Christmas lights?

Instead of doing the same old thing, get a little festive and try out some blue LED Christmas Lights instead. Adding blue led outdoor Christmas lights whether it be dark blue Christmas lights to your home or the light blue Christmas lights they are sure to add that extra flair that’s sure to turn a few heads on this year’s festive decor. There are plenty for indoors and out.

Top 5 Best Blue LED Christmas Lights

Check out our list of the Top 5 Best Blue LED Sets this season.

1. Twinkle Star LED Indoor String Set

Twinkle Star 33FT 100LED Indoor String Lights Blue

This Twinkle Star Set are some of the best for led Christmas tree lights. They’re also great if you’re wanting to create a funky party atmosphere.

Since they give off more of a blacklight effect, they can make you feel as if you’re in a nightclub (ready to dance the night away) or have the most epic festive dance party possible.

However, they can also create a unique bedroom atmosphere when wrapped around the headboard of your bed or in your bathroom around your mirror. Adding this light to other rooms in your home can add a little bit of creativity to places that are usually more basic and undecorated.

They are sturdy with 33 feet in length of commercial-grade LED bulbs. You can string together a maximum of ten sets which equals 1000 total. They are waterproof so could be your blue outdoor Christmas lights but they are usually used inside to create a brilliant atmosphere.

With this set, the bulbs are slightly smaller than the more traditional sets which is why they are called Twinkle Star, (giving off a gentle hue rather than super bright lighting).

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2. RPGT Green Cable LED Fairy String Set

RPGT 1000 LEDs 336ft Green Cable Wire Fairy String Tree Twinkle Lights

These Green Cable Wire Fairy string blue Christmas Lights are a little bit more expensive than comparable options. However, these have 1000 LED bulbs that span 336 feet in length. This means you’ll only need to buy one pack (rather than buying multiple sets to piece together).

If you’re thinking, ‘336 feet? Where will I store them in the off-season?’ Don’t worry. Storing your Christmas lights is easier than you think.

With 8 different settings, you can guarantee the right setting for the right atmosphere and they will stay in the same setting when you turn them off, making it easier to pick up where you left off.

These are also waterproof but the main electrical power box should stay out of the rain to avoid decay. Since this set has a green cable, they can be best suited for the Christmas tree, since it will hide the cord, making only the LEDs shine through.

If you have small children that like to touch occasionally, you can be at peace knowing the bulbs don’t emit heat. It’s still best to keep them away from the tree but it’s reassuring knowing you won’t get burned if you do touch them.

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3. Wintergreen Lighting Blue LED Festive Tree Set

50 T5 Blue Christmas Tree Lights

These Blue Christmas Tree Lights are perfect to add to either your outdoor tree or your inside tree. They give off a delightful atmosphere and are easy to see from the road as you drive by – commonly used in neighborhood Christmas light displays.

These led blue Christmas lights have the traditional light shape that’s most commonly used. They include 50 LEDs spaced roughly 6 inches apart from each other (with a total length of 25.5 feet).

They also give you something that many of the others don’t: They include a 3-year warranty and promise a lifespan of roughly 100,000 hours of usage.

You can string together up to 25 cords before challenging the breaker. However, as they are much more energy-efficient compared to the older traditional style.

Once you add them to your tree, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the radiant effect they bring to your home.

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4. SURNIE UL Certified Blue LED Rope Light

LED Rope Lights, 50ft Flat Flexible Light Strip

Are you looking for the perfect lighting that can be easily wrapped around the trunk of your tree? Or the best option to accentuate a feature in your home?

These LED Ropes are amazing for giving you up to 50,000 hours of indoor or outdoor blue lighting to highlight your home. They can embellish your backyard, walkways, windows, fences, gardens, garage, patios, or bed.

One unique benefit to this is that you can even trim them to the length you want and it won’t damage the rest.

Along with the inter-connectors included, you can extend or shorten the strip depending on the length that you need. You’ll be happy to know they will survive even if a squirrel bites through them.

They are protected with an IP65 waterproof grade casing. However, the electrical plug is not waterproof and needs to stay out of the rain (just like other electrical plugs).

Since these Ropes are all enclosed inside the covering, the bulbs are strongly protected, making them flexible.

Also coming with everything you need to mount them onto your wall (or wherever you choose to put them), making them easy to add them anywhere you’d like in the home – inside or outside.

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5. EAGWELL Blue LED Cascading Meteor Set

  Blue Meteor Lights, EAGWELL

This Meteor Set can turn your home into the most attractive house on the block (they’re visible from up to 50 yards away).

Unlike traditional icicle lights, this option has the ability to create an entertaining light show for your eyes. It can be hard to stop staring since they create a unique meteor shower effect with each light shooting out at its own pace.

They have a UL Certification power outlet (which is code for low voltage) and will prevent a potential fire (which is common with older Christmas lights). Plus,  it will prevent you from getting an electrical shock from a short circuit.

However, it’s still best to only connect a maximum of three sets to ensure the highest quality of lighting because if more are added it can lower the performance.

In each pack there are 10 light tubes with a total of 54 bulbs, creating roughly 13 feet of light.

They are easy to hang up and can be secured with zip ties (that you could get from your local hardware store). This is great if you’re wanting the lights to be super secure in a specific spot without movement.

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