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Christmas is that time of year when fun and excitement comes to the fore, when parties are the order of the day, and when all the family lets their hair down and has a great time.

Decorations go up everywhere making homes and gardens festive and fabulous, but there’s one more thing you can do to add a bit of sparkle and originality to your Christmas decoration display alongside your normal Christmas LED lights and basic icicle lights along the windows: get some of the best Christmas laser lights (also known as house light projectors)!

If you’re too busy buying gifts and don’t have time to read the full article, here’s to 3 most popular picks:

1Byone Aluminium Christmas Laser Light

  • An Amazons Choice
  • Aluminium Casing
  • Outdoor/Indoor Use
  • 1200+ 5* Reviews

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Pack of 4 Tristar Star Laser Lights

  • Pack of 4
  • Red & Green Light
  • 100+ Reviews
  • 8 Modes

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Auxiwa Christmas Lights Projector

  • Dynamic Laser Lights
  • Timer Function
  • Easy Installation
  • Weather Resistant

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Christmas outdoor laser lighting has become very popular in recent years as they are now more readily available, not to mention amazingly affordable, and they really do add the finishing touch to any Christmas décor.

They are easy to use, come in various shapes, sizes and types, and cost very little to run – and once you see them you’ll want some! Whilst we’re here if you’re decorating your home this festive season be sure to check out our novelty Christmas pathway lights.

Top 10 Best Christmas Laser Lights Review

We took a look at the top 10 best Christmas light projector reviews so that you can see the differences and decide which is for you, so let’s get on with things and have a look – here’s the top 10 best!

1. Auxiwa Christmas Lights Projector

Christmas Lights Projector Laser Light Xmas Spotlight Projectors

The Auxiwa Christmas Lights Projector is one of the best all-around options on the market. It is a great balance between sturdy reliability and numerous features that make it an exciting addition to your lighting options. The design of the projector is sleek and simple. A ball and lens encase the entire system while an integrated steak holds it in the ground.

The projector uses dynamic laser lights with three modes that are easily controlled via remote. With moving green lights, red lights, and mixed, there is an additional option to automatically cycle through each mode. The effect is a dazzling sparkle without the complications of string lights.

The lights cover up to 600 square feet and can be set to a timer for effortless use. After a simple installation that is essentially plugged and play, it takes virtually no time at all to start enjoying a festive light show across your home and yard.

Auxiwa’s Projector is also highly weather-resistant and can withstand everything from snow and rain to intense sunlight and dust.

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  • Easy set-up
  • Subtle design
  • Affordable
  • Cyclical Setting


  • Only two colors
  • Limited light movement
  • Only one pattern


2. SOMKTN Ocean Wave LED Christmas Light Projector

LED Christmas Projector Lights

SOMKTN’s LED Christmas Light Projector offers some of the most exciting features for custom light shows. With two lenses, one for patterns and the other for colors, users can switch out slides and alter the hue of their lights between 16 designs and 10 different colors. These can then be combined with the ocean-wave ripple effect that makes for a vivid, dynamic display that is mesmerizing to watch.

While perfect for Christmas time, the slides include every major holiday of the year along with neutral festive patterns. Along with the projector, a remote allows users to switch between colors, movement speed, flash speed, or timer settings. The remote will work from up to 40 feet away and can pass through solid walls.

The projector can be used either indoors or out and can be staked into the ground or installed with a flat base on the floor or wall. SOMKTN’s projector is also weather resistant and can handle frost, snow, rain as well as high heat and sunlight.

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  • Highly customizable display options
  • Perfect for year-round displays
  • Versatile use and set-up


  • Changing slides can be tedious and time-consuming
  • Bulky and cumbersome
  • Slides are easy to lose


3. Fostoy Christmas Xmas Laser Light Decoration

Christmas Projector Lights, Fostoy LED Xmas Decorations Laser Lights

Fostoy’s projector is a beautiful and inexpensive option that is perfect for anyone looking to get some serious bang for their buck. This rotating light has 4 distinct Christmas patterns of bells, snowflakes, trees, and elk. The rotation effect keeps the display dynamic and in movement, creating a festive atmosphere. Colors include red, green, gold, and white.

The remote allows speed and pattern control along with timer settings and even brightness. Fostoy has also designed the projector to be versatile for both indoor and outdoor use. The flat base makes it simple to just plug and play on any surface while the stake is perfect for outdoor installation. The projector only needs to be 12 to 16 feet away from the projection surface.

The projector is small, and modern looking with a wide lens and is made from high-quality waterproof material. Additionally, it is capable of withstanding extreme temperatures across the spectrum of cold and hot weather.

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  • Very affordable
  • Multiple color and pattern options
  • Simple, versatile design


  • Limited use outside Christmas time
  • Needs to be fairly close to the projection surface
  • Not at durable as other options


4. Starry Laser Lights Landscape Christmas Projector

Starry Laser Lights Landscape Projector Lights Outdoor Waterproof Laser

Starry is a brand that has a range of Christmas laser lights, each of which has its own impressive attributes, and this model is typical of offering decent quality at a sensible price. It’s not the most sophisticated of laser lights – it only offers two color options, but then most do – yet it is well made and durable, waterproof and certified for safety, all of which are things that are a must when dealing with electrical equipment that is primarily for use outdoors.

This one has the usual spike fitting for outdoor use – just choose a spot in the lawn or garden and place it wherever you want – but also comes with a special stand for indoor use. Its range is not as wide as some – from 25ft it can cast over 1200 square feet, which will be great indoors but maybe lacking a little for garden use – and it comes with only two color options, red and blue.

A remote control allows you to select not only the light program but the speed at which the star pattern moves, plus you can set a timer so it will switch off after a few hours. It’s also light-sensitive, so it will not operate unwanted in daylight, thus saving energy and money. Bear in mind that the casing is plastic, rather than metal, but all in all, it’s a good value device among those listed.

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  • Cheap
  • Remote control
  • Indoor stand
  • Easy to use
  • Timer


  • Two colors
  • Only 1200 sq ft coverage
  • Plastic case


5. LEDmall Christmas Light Projector Review

Remote Controllable RGB Laser Outdoor Garden Landscape Light Red

Ledmall has a great range of products such as this, and we like this example thanks to it being well made and well-presented. To begin with, it’s in a metal case which is sturdy and durable – we prefer this to plastic despite the added weight as it will stand the test of time better when used outdoors – and it is a spike model that you can select where to put it and simply plant it in the ground.

This Christmas laser light comes with the full red, green and blue light spectrum and you can select a variety of options involving those three colors. You can do so via a remote control, too, which is an added bonus. The remote can also be used to select a timer, so you can run it from 2 to 8 hours in intervals of two, and it has a light-sensitive switch so it will only come on automatically when darkness falls.

The remote can also be used to select flashing or static modes, which adds to your options for light decoration, and the power cable is a sensible length for when you want to choose its site. There’s a lot to like about this one at the price it comes in at, and we think it well worth a second look, even if it does take some time to get to full brightness.

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  • Affordable
  • Three colors
  • Remote
  • Timer
  • Simple to use


  • Time to warm up
  • No indoor stand


6. 1Byone Aluminium Christmas Laser Light Review

1byone Christmas Outdoor Laser Light Projector with Wireless Remote Controller

This is the second model we have featured from 1byone, who are a leading brand name in Christmas and party laser lights, and it differs from the other mainly in that it comes in an aluminum casing. The basic light projection is two patterns, stars and Christmas trees, which are extremely effective and have great color effects.

The stake is adjustable so you can choose your aim and coverage – the latter of which can be very large, 2100 square feet in fact – and you can switch between lighting effects and colors with just one button. It is fitted with a light sensor so can be set to come on automatically when darkness falls, and to prevent overheating has an automatic off function after 6-hours of continuous use. It can be rotated easily, too, so you can change the aim when you wish.

As far as Christmas light projector reviews go, this is an ideal option for Christmas outdoor laser lighting – it would easily illuminate a large room – plus it is waterproof. Powered by a standard mains outlet, it also comes with a suitably length cable for ease of use. Sensibly priced in this company, it’s a great laser light that will add to your Christmas fun.

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  • 10 lighting effects
  • Stars and Christmas trees
  • Ease of use
  • Long cable
  • Spike mounted


  • No auto movement
  • Only two colors
  • No remote


7. Yinou Light Waterproof Projector

Christmas Laser Lights, YINUO LIGHT Waterproof Projector

For those who want vivid simplicity in their displays along with a projector, Yinou Light’s offering is a perfect choice. With two colors, red and green, paired with 5 patterns of snowflakes, bells, trees, Santa Clauses, and stars, this projector can dish out a festive atmosphere throughout the holiday season and beyond.

With the remote, users have access to multiple special effects that include subtle twinkles, energetic flashing, rotation speeds, color conversions, as well as stationary display. The remote also controls a timer that also includes an automatic on and off that aligns with dawn and dusk.

The Yinou Light Projector is also easy to install with a stake for outdoor set-up as well and a versatile mounting plate for virtually anywhere else. The plug-in cable is particularly long which allows for fluid options in placement.

The projector is made to be exceptionally durable with professional-grade aluminum alloy as well weatherproofing for conditions that exceed 100 degrees or drop below zero. There is excellent waterproofing for harsh weather and a high-temperature sensor that will shut down the system if it starts running too hot.

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  • Rugged, long-lasting design
  • Long plug-in cord
  • Several special effects and utility settings


  • Only two colors
  • Patterns are simple-looking


8. CroLED Christmas Snowflake Projector

Christmas Snowflake Projector LED Lights

The CroLED Christmas Snowflake Projector offers something a little different than most choices on the market. Rather than design yet another colored LED pattern display, CroLED has built a projector for creating a distinct snowfall effect.

The lightshow is made up of numerous white dots meant to imitate the magic of Christmas snowfall. With both manual and remote controls, users can alter brightness, rotation speed, flash frequency, and timer settings. The projector can be placed both inside and out with a stake or plate and is perfect for grand displays and quiet nightlights.

CroLED comes equipped with superb heat and cold resistance to maintain standard operating temperatures. It is also waterproof and will withstand most rain and water exposure. The projector itself is minimalistic and modern looking.

The CroLED is perfect for those looking for something a little different than the standard Christmas décor. Even better, the snowfall pattern can be used for any occasion.

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  • Unique snowfall pattern
  • Great for the holidays as well as all other festive occasions
  • Very durable.


  • Limited to one pattern
  • Only a few special effects
  • Short remote range


9. NEXTGADGET 2 in 1 Water Wave Light Projector

NEXGADGET Christmas Projector Light

NEXTGADGET’s 2 in 1 projector is for those who want a highly customizable display, exceptional durable design, and total ease of use. It is the most premium option on this list. Equipped with two lenses, one projects the patterns via changeable slides while the other alters the color.

With 12 slide options that run the gambit of both holidays and party décor, there are also 10 color settings as well as water wave and sparkling effects. The remote control makes it easy to set all these options as well as the timer for effortless use.

The projector is designed for all kinds of use whether it is for wide outdoor displays or atmospheric indoor party lights. The flat mounting plate makes it simple to install on both vertical and horizontal surfaces while the stake is ideal for outside set-ups.

Despite the double lenses and slide holder, the projector case is not cumbersome or an eyesore. It is also waterproof and weather-resistant for all seasons.

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  • Highly customizable displays
  • All-purpose party lights
  • Durable design
  • Vivid effects
  • 5-meter power cable


  • Slides are time-consuming to change and easy to lose
  • More costly than other options


10. Tristar Star Night Laser Shower Lights

Star Night Laser Red Green Combination 4 Pack

The final model on our list is the Star Night Laser projectors, and it’s perhaps best considered as entry-level laser light. In fact, the lights are LED’s so it’s not strictly a laser model, but it is very cheap indeed. You get only green and red light but you also get a choice of 7 patterns, so you have plenty of variety, and it is very simple to use via a selection mode on the casing.

It’s made from solid enough material and will last the test of time and withstand the weather, and it can project quite a distance with coverage of up to 3000 square feet. It’s a surprisingly affordable model that despite its drawbacks, provides a very effective and satisfying dancing light display sequence. The spike is solid and allows it to be sited wherever you see fit, and it is powered by a mains outlet.

This one may not be as powerful as some, and it is not as sophisticated as many of those on our list, but for anyone looking for a cheap and simple light display for a Christmas or any other party, it could be worth checking out at what can only be described as a bargain price.

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  • Cheap
  • Easy to use
  • Sturdy
  • Spike fitment


  • Just two colors
  • LED not laser

That’s our list of 10 Christmas Laser Lights, so let’s have a look at a brief buyer’s guide.

Outdoor Christmas Laser Light Buyer’s Guide

If you want to buy outdoor Christmas laser lights we have some tips, so have a look at the following:

Colors – some offer two colors, others three; you get more scope and decoration with red, green and blue than you do with just two, so choose carefully. Many people are looking primarily for blue Christmas laser lights, so we’ve been sure to include a few here. If you’re a bit of an LED nerd and want to learn more about LED colors, check out this fascinating article on Kelvins.

Range – you want to make sure that your light casts a pattern over more than 2000 square feet in order to cover a good distance – check our review and the manufacturer specifications for more information.

Remote Control – if you want to get the best out of your laser and use it as an external house light projector, you need a remote control that works from a sensible distance and allows you to change all the functions, and as not all of these have such it is worth checking.

Lighting Modes – there is a great difference in the available programs with these 10; some are far more capable than others with greater variety, so have a look at each one for more information.

Budget – set your budget in advance, as there are cheap and cheerful models and those that are more costly and sophisticated – the choice is yours!


Review Conclusion

Which one of the above 10 Christmas laser lights is the best Christmas light projector for you? That depends upon what you want, and how much you have to spend as we have included all the available varieties and covered every possible budget. For the record, we like the Ledmall model for its combination of great price and three colors, but there are others that also fit the bill.

Whichever one you choose, you will find you have an excellent way of brightening up your home and garden for Christmas and other occasions with fun and exciting dancing lights for very little cost.

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