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Best LED Flame Bulbs

Best LED Flame Bulbs

With some LED flame bulbs you don’t even need a nice lamp shade – the light bulb itself is already an eye catching feature.

Give your interior design and outdoor spaces a cool new look with these LED bulbs with a flame effect.

Best Value: Omicoo LED Flame Effect Light Bulb (2-Pack)

Best Value- Omicoo LED Flame Effect Light Bulb (2-Pack)

Looking for something affordable yet original and stylish? These Omicoo LED light bulbs are a great way to change things up, on a budget.

Available as a two-pack, these flame bulbs are easy to install and long-lasting. It features an Edison style E26 base and 108 pieces of LED beads delivering 320 lumen at 1400 kelvin.

One of the advantages of this flame bulb is that it has 4 modes: General, Flame Emulation, Gravity Induced and Breathing mode. You can adjust the mode at any time so that it perfectly matches the placement.

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The Gravity Induced mode automatically activates when you install the flame bulb upside down. This way, the movement of the flame appears more natural as compared to a lower quality flame bulb.

With these types of light bulbs, the heat dissipation is very important for a longer lifespan. Omicoo deals with this by using an aluminum alloy heat dissipation design that helps prevent overheating.

This light bulb is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. However, the light bulb itself is not waterproof so make sure you are placing it inside a covered lamp when using it as garden lighting.

What We Like

  • Automatically adjust flame pattern
  • 4 light modes
  • Good heat dissipation
  • Easy installation

Best for Environment: Hoogalife E26 Fitting LED Flame Bulb

Best for Environment- Hoogalife E26 Fitting LED Flame Bulb

Tired of the flickering light of your regular light bulb? Switch to this flame LED bulb for dramatic effect.

One of the common complaints of special effects lighting is that the product does not last for very long. That is not the case with this unique flame bulb, though.

To produce this flaming LED bulb, Hoogalife and Beacon Lighting collaborated coming up with a patented design. This product is designed in California and meets all UL requirements.

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The result is beautiful flame effect light with a universal screw that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The flickering flame runs on just 4 watts of energy and is expected to last for up to 20,000 hours.

Consider this design an energy saver – rarely will you find special effects lighting that is as energy-efficient as this LED light bulb. In other words, you can create something special in your living room or outside as pathway lighting without hiking up your monthly electricity bill.

These LED light bulbs look great in an industrial age style lantern. The flame effect light gives your outdoor space a romantic and nostalgic look that is very much on trend today.

For a more realistic effect, the direction of the flame effect adapts to the way the light bulb is installed. This means that when you screw in the bulbs upside down, the flames will follow the appropriate direction, too.

What We Like

  • Flames automatically adjust direction
  • UL listed safe design
  • Long lifespan
  • Universal E26 screw base

Best for Outdoor Lighting: Y-Stop LED Flame Bulb with 4 Modes

Best for Outdoor Lighting- Y-Stop LED Flame Bulb with 4 Modes

Most LED flame bulbs are quite similar in design and functionality but it is the little details that matter. This Y-stop flame effect light bulb has one simple feature that makes it a little more attractive than its competition; the base color.

The base of this flame bulb is black which may not sound very special but it does enhance the flame effect. When installed outdoors, the base of the bulb fades away, making it seem like the flames are floating in the air.

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If you are looking to impress your neighbors, this the best LED flame bulb for you. That simple change of base color makes the flame effect even more impressive and eye catching.

Indoors these lights are just as beautiful, though. Place them inside an antique-style lantern and create a lovely romantic atmosphere in the living room, dining room or bedroom.

This model has 4 modes including flame simulation mode, breathing mode, gravitation detection mode and general light mode. There is equal illumination on all sides of the bulb, creating a life-like flame effect.

Just like other LED bulbs, this is an energy-saving option so you don’t have to worry about your lighting bills.

What We Like

  • 360 degree light angle
  • Black base makes it more realistic
  • Easy installation
  • 4 light modes

Best Candelabra Light: OHLGT E12 Flame bulbs 2-Pack

Best Candelabra Light- OHLGT E12 Flame bulbs 2-Pack

The standard shape of flame bulbs is a simple tubular design. However, if you are looking for something even more original, consider these flame effect LED candelabra lights by OHLGT.

The shape of these LED bulbs only magnifies the flame effect. It is the perfect shape for a middle eastern style candelabra light.

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The light bulb shape is not its only winning feature, though. The functionality of this product is good, too.

These flame bulbs have 3 different light modes including flame emulation mode, general light mode and breathing mode. There is no button to switch between these modes, though – you have to turn the light on and off to change to the flame effect that you want.

There not being a specific button to change the flame effect light is one of its main disadvantages. It would be much more user-friendly if you could install a mode selection button.

Another feature to note about this product it that is has an E12 base, not the standard E26 base. If you are one of those people that struggles to find the right light bulbs for your fittings, this is your chance to stock up.

As with with LED bulbs, this product has a low power consumption, lasts for a long time and does not hurt the eyes. Get yourself a 2-pack and enjoy all the benefits of this decorative light.

What We Like

  • Beautiful candelabra shape
  • 3 light modes
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Bright glow

Most Versatile: CF Grow USB Rechargeable Flame Effect Table Lamp

Most Versatile- CF Grow USB Rechargeable Flame Effect Table Lamp

Of all the best LED flame bulbs on this list, the CF Grow product is the most practical and versatile choice. It is not an ordinary flame effect light bulb, it can function as a stand-alone lamp, too.

This flame effect light has a magnetic base that you can set up against any magnetic surface, both indoors and outdoors. It also has an additional hook for hanging, whenever you don’t have a magnetic surface nearby.

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Even more impressive is that this flame effect light is USB rechargeable. Although most flame effect light bulbs have a long lifespan, nothing beats a rechargeable battery.

This light contains a 2000mAh battery which is large enough for a glow of up to 20 hours. Connecting the unit just for charging also saves on the electricity use.

This is the perfect light to take with you on the road or camping. Its charming glow is bright enough for outdoor use and it is rated IP44 waterproof so it is safe in moist areas.

This CF Grow design is a strong match for the other flame bulbs on this list. It also features 4 modes of LED flame effect at a low power consumption.

What We Like

  • Rechargeable via USB
  • Magnetic base and folding hook for hanging
  • 4 flame bulb effect options
  • IP44 waterproof rating

Best LED Flame Bulbs Buying Guide

Finding the best LED Flame Light Bulbs is not much different from buying regular LED bulbs. You still have to check for the same quality elements with a few extra elements for decoration purposes.

Check the Electricity Consumption

LED bulbs run on a much lower wattage and that counts for these effect bulbs, too. Look for a model that runs on just 4 – 6 watts to save more energy.

Any good quality light bulb should have a low energy consumption. Since you keep bulbs on for several hours a day, a high wattage could easily add to your monthly costs.


LED bulbs have a very long lifespan but the flame mode does reduce the lifespan. Don’t expect a lifespan of 100,000 hours, the average lifespan will be around 10,000 – 20,000 hours.

Granted, 100,000 hours is unusual for regular LEDs, too. Regular LED bulbs last between 20,000 – 50,000 hours.


How bright the flickering flame should be depends on whether you are using it for outdoor or indoor use. Remember that these lights are more for creating an ambiance rather than providing proper lighting.

Check the lumen rating of the product before placing the order to decide if it is bright enough for your home. In most cases this is the only brightness option since these bulbs cannot be dimmed.

Color Temperature

Color temperature refers to how warm or cool the lighting is. Since it is mimicking a small flaming fire, you want a very warm color temperature.

Look for a color temperature rating between 1400 – 1800 kelvin. This is the most similar coloring to a real fire.


Many of the better quality flame bulbs have several lighting modes, usually 3 or 4. The most common modes are a standard mode, a breathing mode, flame mode and gravitation mode.

These modes are great for changing up the decoration in the room and changing the mood of the space. However, pay close attention to how to switch between modes.

Depending on the model, this may be more difficult or simple. Look in the reviews section for customer experiences regarding this function.

Bulb Shape

The shape of the bulb is up to personal preference. Most designs feature a thick tubular bulb but there are other shapes available.

How the glass is shaped should not impact the performance of the LED bulb. This is purely related to decoration, not function.

One thing you may want to think about is how the LED bulb will look inside a lamp. You may want to match the shape to the style of the lamp or lantern.

On the other hand, these bulbs are beautiful enough on their own. You could even install them without a lamp shade and still keep the area looking stylish.

Remember that this does not apply to outdoor use. LED bulbs are not waterproof so for outdoor use they must be safely installed inside an enclosed waterproof lamp.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of most frequently asked questions on the web.

What is the best flame bulb?

It is difficult to choose the best LED flame bulb because it will depend on personal preference and budget. There are a few common characteristics that a good flame effect light bulb would have, though.

Examples of these characteristics include simple installation, a long lifespan, low power consumption and high quality materials. LED flame bulbs with UL listing and green labels are often the better options.

What Is LED Flame Effect?

The LED flame effect refers to a special light effect that certain LED bulbs can have. Essentially, the LED beads create a lighting pattern that mimics the movement of a flame.

The flame effect light bulb is a nice way to create a more romantic ambiance. It is an original alternative to standard LED bulbs that only have a single lighting mode or just a dimmer function.

How Does a Flame Effect Light Bulb Work?

When turned on, an electric current passes through the LED flame bulb. Connected are many small LED beads that turn on and off according to a preset pattern.

That preset pattern is what creates the flame-like movement of the LED flame bulbs. It is not unlike a flickering light but with a timing and pattern that is much more soothing to the eye.

Some LED flame bulbs have several lighting modes, most commonly 4.This means that the pattern of how the LED beads turn on and off changes, depending on the setting.

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