Best LED Icicle Christmas Lights

Best LED Icicle Christmas Lights

As you search for the perfect LED Christmas lights to decorate your home, it can be hard to know which ones to choose. Most people go for the traditional “Christmas types”.

But, if you’re feeling a bit adventurous, you’ll want to check out these Icicle Christmas Lights that have been growing in popularity over the years. Plus, if you like these, you might want to also pick up some LED laser lights for your home.

Best LED Icicle Christmas Lights

So what are you waiting for? Get ready to turn some heads in your neighborhood by checking out our Top 5 LED Icicle Christmas Lights.

1. B-right Outdoor LED Icicle Christmas Lights

-right 480 LED Icicle Lights, 32.8ft x 2.6ft Christmas Lights

These warm white led icicle lights can be the perfect addition to your home. They’re perfect if you’re wanting classic twinkling lights outside your home or inside. These provide you with reliable, consistent lighting that can last for up to 50,000 hours.

There are 480 individual LEDs on 60 strings. Each string is 2.62 feet long. You can also connect up to three sets together if you need more, making it possible for your entire home to be covered.

You might be thinking, ‘These sound big and bulky… where will I store them in the off-season?’ Don’t worry. We’ll show you the best way to store your Christmas lights this season.

These come with a remote control that allows you to control 8 different light settings. (You can control them from up to 50 feet away from the control box.) The 8 different settings include: flashing, slow-glow, slow fade, steady brightness, twinkling, waves, combination & sequential.

Thankfully, these are versatile and can be used for more than just the usual icicle look. They can be arranged to brighten up a patio, a Christmas tree, or a bedroom.

Plus, they’re easy to detangle. If you don’t want the icicle look, you can wrap them around the main string and have an even more unique look. In fact, these led icicle lights warm white effect can brighten up any area with elegance and warmth.

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2. Adecorty Meteor Shower LED Christmas Lights

Falling Rain Lights - Adecorty Meteor Shower Lights Christmas Lights

These Falling Rain icicle led lights can turn your home or yard into a winter wonderland. They show off a magical light display for your home that can imitate falling snow, rain, or a meteor shower.

When they are first turned on, each tube of light travels down in sync. However, once they have been left on for a while, they will fall into their own unique sequence (appearing like raindrops – each falling at their own pace).

They don’t come with a remote control but are already pre-set to appear as if rain or snow is falling (or as if a meteor shower is happening). You can rest easy knowing they will function without you having to attend to them.

Each package contains eight light tubes, with eighteen LEDs inside of each tube.

However, when connecting multiple strings together (you should only stick to 5 at a time) they function at their optimal brightness. Also make sure you connect the strings together tightly, keeping the main power connector out of the rain to ensure longevity.

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3. GE 20-Count 100 LED Twinkling Ice Crystal Icicle Set

GE 20-Count 100 LED Twinkling Ice Crystal Icicle Set

The LED Twinkling Ice Crystal Icicle set is great for you if you love winter and enjoy icicles (especially icicles that light up).

These icicle lights LEDs are 9.5 feet in length and you can use them inside or outside (though they’re most attractive outside). They’re easy to set up with mounting clips included, giving you the option to hang them from doorways, gutters, baseboards, trees, or wherever else the clips can attach to.

The Ice Crystal Set has 20 icicles with 100 twinkling icicle light LED total. They’re pre-set to a twinkling light setting, creating the perfect sparkly atmosphere.

Also, if one of the bulbs gets loose or burns out over the years, the others inside the plastic casing can still continue to sparkle, making it hard to tell that one of the bulbs has lost its brightness. This means you won’t have to replace the whole set if one burns out.

The Ice Crystal light set is also conveniently a crystal white color, making your home noticeable from a distance.

For some Christmas lights, it’s recommended you only connect a few sets together (to avoid some of them not functioning properly). However, with these, you can connect up to 25 sets, without lowering the quality of the light.

Theses can also provide you with something many of the others can’t. During the day (when they aren’t turned on), they can appear like real icicles, providing you with a classy look, while being energy efficient.

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4. Kohree LED Flashing Icicle Curtain

Kohree LED Curtain Lights, Hanging Wedding Light Remote Control Outdoor Indoor Icicle Flashing String Lights

These LED curtain lights can are perfect for creating Christmas parties. They’re also great for weddings and romantic evenings.

They are a bit further apart than you might expect – with roughly 12 inches between each strand. However, this allows for more coverage when decorating a larger space. There are 12 stands total, giving a distance of about 9.8 feet x 9.8 feet.

The package comes with remote control (that works best within the range of roughly 32 feet). The remote control also includes a timer, so you don’t have to worry about turning them off when you’re about to fall asleep.

There’s even a setting that turns them on for 6 hours and off for 18 (and then repeats), which is great when you want them on when you get home from work.

The different light settings also allow you to adjust them from twinkling to fading, or to a consistent steady setting (8 total settings).

This curtain set is not aggressively bright. The lighting is gentle and not overbearing. If you’re wanting something that’s extremely bright, then these aren’t for you. They’re a warmer white set of lights – the kind you would want in your bedroom, garden, or patio all year long.

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5. OMGAI Waterproof Meteor Shower 

OMGAI Waterproof Meteor Shower Rain Lights

These Meteor Shower Rain Lights have been growing in popularity simply due to the fact that they give off a magical, romantic feeling – similar to a meteor shower (as the name suggests). You’ll see plenty of this kind set up at the top Christmas light displays in the US.

They are more durable than most on this list. They’re dustproof and waterproof. However, it’s still best to be extra careful when it comes to preventing water damage for all lights. You should be careful to only hang them somewhere that isn’t going to get flooded with rain.

They also come in a corrosion-resistant casing that can protect the LED bulbs from corrosive damage over time (though it never hurts to be extra cautious with them).

They are energy-efficient, as they don’t consume a ton of power (and can save you money on your electrical bill).

Overall, the atmosphere this meteor shower creates is unique, especially as they are not just white icicle lights, they come in different colors. You can get them in white, warm-white, or blue. (Plus, there’s even a multicolored option.)

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