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Top 10 Best LED Masks for Light Therapy

Skin care is very important to us all, isn’t it? Even if your skin care routine just includes putting a little moisturizer on it at the start and the end of the day, it matters because our skin, especially on our faces, is the part that everyone can see.

Did you know that an LED face mask could be part of your routine?

How our skin looks and feels can heavily dictate how we look and feel. Skin with lots of lines and acne can easily age you, and even if it doesn’t it can leave you feeling less confident.

Are you fanatical about how your skin looks and feels? Are you interested in new technologies that those Hollywood celebs and others seem to use? If you haven’t already, you should probably take a look at LED light therapy at home and how LED masks have transformed the normal beauty regime.

Pssst – If you don’t have time to read the full post, here’s our top 3 best LED Masks for Light Therapy:

Norlanya Photon LED Facial Mask

  • 3 Color Lights
  • USB Connection
  • Easy to Use
  • Eye, Nose & Mouth Holes

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Newkey Advanced Photon LED Mask

  • 7 Color Lights
  • Smart Design
  • 150 LED Lights
  • Eye, Nose & Mouth Holes

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Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Mask

  • Utilizes Low-Level Light
  • Great for Sensitive Skin
  • Affordable
  • Battery Operated

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Hearing that LED lighting can now be introduced into your beauty regime, may seem a little strange. It is true that they do look a little creepy (Think Michael Myers’ emotionless face mask from Halloween and you are so close it hurts), but if you are looking to up your game a little when it comes to your skin care routine or specifically want to target the signs of aging or acne, light therapy acne masks could be the solution you are after.

In the following post, we are going to look at 10 of the Best LED masks. We will look at why you should consider investing in an LED face mask, why you should consider trying led light therapy at home and give you the best possible help at finding the right one for you.

Furthermore, as this is a relatively new type of product on the market, we’ve answered the question does LED light therapy work in a separate post and we have included a guide to buying LED masks to help you understand what you should be looking for in one specifically if you are looking for a light therapy acne mask to help boost your confidence.

Top 10 Best LED Mask Reviews

1. Newkey Advanced Photon Therapy Mask

1. Newkey Advanced Photon LED Mask

The Newkey Advanced Photon System is the first on our list. This is a versatile LED mask that has 7 different color settings (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple, White, Light Blue). Red light therapy masks have become increasingly popular over the past months.

The light waves generated by this mask activate the photoreceptors in your skin cells and help to improve your complexion. The 150 bulbs used in this mask are UV-free so there is no reason to worry about causing any unwanted damage or side effects.

Although the instruction manual has not been translated particularly well for these LED light masks, this is still a great light therapy acne mask, that is actually very easy to use.

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2. Project E Beauty 7-Color LED Mask

2. Project E Beauty 7-Color LED Mask

The Project E Beauty 7-Color LED mask is the next on our list, and we have to say that we quite like this one and maybe you will too. Like the one above, it offers seven different colors. Although the colors differ slightly (Red, Light Green, Light Blue, Cyan, Purple, Green, Blue), they offer similar effects to the LED face mask above.

As well as a skincare device you can also use it to boost your mood too. The mask has been designed to fit comfortably on your face and there are mouth, nose and eye holes so that you can watch television, talk to someone or read while using it.

We must admit, this LED light mask is a wired device though, so you will always have to stay close to the mains outlet you are using.

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3. Angel Kiss LED Rejuvenation Facial Mask

3. Angel Kiss LED Rejuvenation LED Mask

The Angel Kiss entry into the seven-color LED mask which is an ideal choice of light therapy acne mask worth considering. Although it is a little heavier than some of the others on the market, it has a nice comfortable design and does not have straps that are more trouble than they are worth.

As an added touch, this LED light mask has a remote control so you can easily adjust settings as and when you need to without having to move from the comfortable position you are in. That means you can just relax and enjoy the soothing light therapy acne mask.

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4. Pulsederm Acne-Clearing Light Therapy Mask

4. Pulsederm Acne-Clearing Light Therapy Acne Mask

Slightly cheaper than some of the other LED face masks on the market, this Pulsaderm LED mask has been designed with one specific application – decongesting your skin and helping to remove acne making it a great choice of light therapy acne mask.

It has been cleared by the FDA, so you know that it must be a relatively safe product and uses non-UV red and blue LED light. Unlike some of the others on our list, you only have to use this mask 10 minutes a day and not 20 minutes and it has a nice fit, similar to wearing glasses.

You even get eye goggles to protect your eyes during use and this LED light mask actually shuts itself off automatically after 10 minutes, so if you forget yourself, you won’t be exposed longer than you need to be.

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5. Norlanya Photon Facial Toning Machine

5. Norlanya Photon LED Facial Mask Toning Machine

Norlanya have two different LED mask machines available on the market, but as this post is all about light therapy face masks, in particular, we wanted to highlight their LED facial mask model.

It is not quite as expensive as the other LED face masks and gives you the chance to choose between three different colors (Red, Blue and Green). It is also reasonably sized and has comfortable holes for your nose and mouth that make it easy to breathe through while you are using it.

A nice touch to this LED light mask is that it can connect to any power source via USB and has a head strap to keep it in place. Unlike some though, this is only recommended for use two to three times a week, which admittedly might suit you if you have a busy schedule.

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6. iDerma Youth Restoring LED Therapy Mask

6. iDerma Youth Restoring LED Mask

If you are not worried about how much you spend, you might want to consider the iDerma Youth Restoring Face Masque LED mask. As it does not sit directly against your face, like a hideous Halloween mask, it may suit you if you are worried about being too panicky with something directly against your skin.

The fact is that this LED face mask uses lower level light therapy, so it is even gentler on your skin than others. The visor-style cushioned head strap means you can wear it comfortably and because it is not burdened by a wire connection, you can use it virtually anywhere.

Treatment with this LED mask takes eight minutes and it is recommended you use it every other day rather than every day and is a great option for a light therapy acne mask.

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7. IlluMask LED Anti-Aging Light Therapy Mask

7. IlluMask LED Anti-Aging Light Therapy Acne Mask

Another fairly inexpensive LED face mask, the IlluMask LED mask is a great entry-level device that will suit you if you are specifically just wanting to benefit from red light therapy acne mask.

Along with its budget-friendly price tag, the fact that it is wireless and face-shaped so you can wear it just about anywhere. Ideal if you want to sit back, relax and chill for 20 minutes while the mask does its work.

However, while it is face-shaped there are no eye holes in this LED mask, so you need to consider that in your decision, specifically if you don’t like the idea of your eyes being covered. We actually think this helps you relax, but nonetheless, we felt it was fair to mention.

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8. Carer 7-Color LED Therapy Mask

8. Carer 7-Color LED Mask

This is another LED mask that is under 100 bucks and with still the choice of seven different light colors to choose from, plus numerous settings, it is easy to get the settings that are just right for your skin issues and what you want to achieve using it.

The main issues that have been spotted with this particular LED face mask are the fact that it can feel rather heavy on the face and it is wired, so you are stuck sitting or lying close to the mains outlet you are using to power it.

Still, if you hate having to replace batteries and still want to be able to read, watch television or hold a conversation, thanks to the eyes, mouth and nose holes in this LED mask, it masks a good budget option.

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9. Conair True Glow Light Therapy Solution

9. Conair True Glow Light Therapy Solution

Okay, before you say anything, this is not an LED mask, we are completely aware of that, but we thought as this was a well-priced item that provided excellent value for money that we just couldn’t avoid mentioning it.

Portable and compact, it is a lightweight addition that does a similar job to a light therapy acne mask without making you look like a psychopath in a horror film.

It is also worth noting that you have the option of using it with the power cord, USB or battery, so it is very versatile.

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10. Neutrogena Acne Face Mask LED Therapy

10. Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Mask

Neutrogena are a company that knows a thing or two about face care and treating acne, so we felt we had to highlight their entry into the LED mask market.

It has full clearance and approval by the FDA so is completely safe and is battery operated and hands-free so you are not burdened to a power outlet or sitting or lying in a specific position.

As this LED face mask utilizes gentle low-level light it can be incorporated safely into your everyday face routine. The extremely low price of some LED masks will also appeal to you if you have a tight budget or are skeptical and don’t want to spend too much on a light therapy ance mask solution.

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Why Choose LED Masks for Light Therapy

If you have had troublesome skin most of your life and are looking for a solution to your problems, maybe it’s time to consider LED light therapy masks and ultimately investing in an LED mask. A light mask for face is the up and coming choice of light therapy, and if you’re not convinced just look at these led face mask before and after images.

Inflammation, wrinkles, acne and other skin conditions can not only cause problems for your skin’s health, but they can affect your self-esteem and confidence. It’s possible you have tried everything else in the past, from topical creams to cleansers, serums and everything else. You may even have considered cosmetic surgery and other painful treatments.

The great thing about an LED mask is that it is less invasive, far more practical and affordable and completely user-friendly. what’s more, even though some of the masks we looked at above are more expensive than bottles of cleanser and serums, they will last longer.

Don’t you hate the mess it causes when you are applying those facial cream treatments? You don’t have that with a light therapy acne mask and because the vast majority of LED masks are designed to fit on your face.

Most LED face masks have holes for your eyes, mouth and even nose in some cases, you can still do things to keep your preoccupied while the LED lights do their thing, like catch up with your favorite show, read a book or whatever else you need to do.

Another upshot in the mess department is that there is no annoying and time-consuming clean-up, you simply turn off you LED mask and put it away.

What to Look for when Choosing an LED Mask

It is fair to say, and we sure you realize from our selection above even if this is the first time you’ve looked at these LED masks, that not all light therapy acne masks are the same.

There are, therefore, things you need to think about. Most women (and men) tend to prefer the masks that have holes for mouths at the very least. Particularly for the devices that have longer treatment times (that can vary from 8 to 20 minutes).

You may, for instance, want to be able to have a drink during your treatment or speak to a friend to keep yourself occupied. Similarly, you may want to consider investing in an LED mask that has eye holes so you can watch television or read a book.

Understandably, not everyone has time to sit around wearing an LED mask for a long time. Fortunately, there are some that only take around 8 minutes to complete an effective treatment. Even if you have the time to sit and chill, you may not like being stuck in one place for too long, so you will want to find wireless LED light masks, rather than one that needs to be plugged into a mains outlet for the entirety of the treatment time. An LED acne mask treatment while you binge-watch your favorite programmes – what more could you ask for?

An LED mask with a remote control is obviously very useful too as it means you will be able to alter the settings or change the type of light you are using without moving from a comfortable position.

While you should never base a buying decision on the price alone, it is still something you should consider when looking at LED masks as there is quite a wide range available and specify for certain issues such as a light therapy acne mask. If you don’t need an all-singing, all-dancing LED face mask though, there are many inexpensive masks to choose from (a couple of which we have featured above).

Best LED Mask Review Summary

In conclusion, if you are looking for a great addition to your skincare regime and are interested in trying an LED Mask, we are sure you will find the right light therapy acne mask for you from the choices highlighted above. An LED acne mask has so many benefits and will leave your skin glowing, as well as your confidence.

LED light therapy masks are a great alternative to messy and ineffective creams and other more invasive treatments you may have considered from cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists, LED face masks are the thing of the future!

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