Best LED Under Cabinet Lighting

Top 10 Best LED Under Cabinet Lighting Kits

Kitchens, even with enough light coming down from the ceiling fixtures, often have those parts that are darker than you’d perhaps like. This is when you should consider the benefits of investing in modern under cabinet lighting.

As well as providing a solution to much-needed light below cabinets so your visibility is the same whether it is night or day, LED lighting kits can also add additional accents and a great finishing touch to a room.

If you don’t have time to read the article, here’s the top 3 most popular choices:

EShine LED Dimmable Under Cabinet Lighting

  • Hand Wave Activated
  • Dimmable
  • Super Easy Install
  • No Hard Wiring

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Lux Light 12-48 Inch Luxury Cabinet Lighting

  • 12/24/36/48 Inches
  • An Amazon Choice
  • 700+ 5* Reviews
  • Quality Build

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LED Concepts Under Cabinet Linkables

  • Under $15 Each
  • 1200+ 5* Reviews
  • Linkable Design
  • Cool White Color

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We’re going to highlight 10 of the best LED under cabinet lighting solutions for your kitchen, man cave or any other room that needs a bit more ‘glow’. We’ll also look at some of the important considerations you need to factor into your decision over which is the best LED kit for your room and individual options.

First things first, here is our pick of the best LED cabinet lighting kits available online.

Top 10 Best Under Cabinet Lighting Kits

EShine LED Dimmable Hands Free LEDUnder Cabinet Lighting

1. EShine LED Dimmable Hands-Free Under Cabinet Lighting

Bulb Type LED
No. of Lights 45 Per Strip
Color Temperature 3,000 Kelvin (Warm White)
Brightness 430 Lumens
Power Source 12v DC
Dimensions 19.7 in x 1.1 in x 0.4 in

The first product on our list is from the company EShine, who specialize in under counter lighting for kitchens that has the rather neat and practical feature that it is motion activated by the wave of your hand.

More than just a gimmicky novelty product, their dimmable and low voltage under cabinet LED lighting is a great choice if you are looking to add extra illumination to your kitchen. It is not just switching the light on and off that can be achieved with a hand wave though, as you can adjust the dimming controls using hand movements too.

Aside from these great functions and features though, there is a lot more still to like about these lights. They provide 3000 Kelvins of warm white light that is 450 lumens bright. Although that may not seem particularly high, it is adequate brightness for the application.

What’s more, thanks to the choice of two different installation options, including a 3M sticker you can set these lights up in minutes.

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  • Easy to install and use
  • Dimmer helps to give adjustable lighting
  • Bright enough to illuminate those darker corners and areas of the kitchen
  • Can also be used in wardrobes and other places throughout the house


  • Some customers have had difficulty turning the light on and off, though this is a rare occurrence
  • Individual lights can be seen if the light is reflected off the counter

2. LXG-LED 12 Inch Dimmable LED Lighting (4 Pack)

2. LXG-LED 12 Inch Dimmable LED Lighting (4 Pack)

Bulb Type LED
Supplied In Packs of 4
Color Temperature 5,000 Kelvin (Daylight)
Brightness 1000 Lumens
Power Source 12v DC
Dimensions 11.8 in x 0.4 in x 1.3 in

Next on our list is the LXG-LED pack of 4 x 12 inch dimmable under cabinet LED lighting. Unlike the above though, this doesn’t benefit from wave activation and you have to make do with a remote control. Which is more or less standard for these types of lights.

Thanks to the 5000 to 5,500 Kelvin (learn more about understanding LED color temperatures) that this light is capable of producing, you are treated to a more natural daylight toned light, that is enhanced by the 1,000 lumens brightness.

Similarly to the above, there are fixings that can be used to attach this; but if you don’t want to mess up your kitchen you can just use 3M tape.

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  • Very inexpensive considering it’s a pack of 4
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to control with remote


  • Some have commented that the light actually has a yellow coloring to it around the perimeter of the white.

3. Keyola Full Set 10 ft 60 LEDs White Under Cabinet Lighting

3. Keyola Full Set 10 ft 60 LEDs White Under Counter Lighting

Bulb Type LED
No. Of Lights 20 x 3 LED Pucks
Color Temperature 7,000 Kelvin (White)
Brightness 2400 Lumens (40 Lumens per LED)
Power Source 12v DC
Overall Length 8 Foot

The third choice of under cabinet LED lighting on our list is this great pack of 60 dimmable lights from Keyola. While we don’t know a great deal about the brand, judging by what customers had to say about this product, it seems like a pretty good value choice of illumination for the price.

Similarly to the others we have featured on this list, you don’t need to drill or anything to install these lights, as they make use of 3M sticky backed tape.

The 10 ft stretch of lighting is made up of 60 LEDs in total and altogether they produce light that has a color temperature of 7,000 to 8,000 kelvin with a brightness of 2,400 lumens.

The great thing about these lights is because of the way they are assembled, they can be arranged in any shape and can even be shortened to fit better wherever you intend to use them.

They have a touch sensor that makes them very easy to use and you can adjust them very easily using the dimmer function.

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  • Great value for money
  • Very bright illumination
  • Easy to use


  • Some customers have commented that the sticky tape is not as effective as it could be, while others have commented that the lights are a little too bright.

4. Litever Under Cabinet LED Lighting Kit

4. Litever Under Cabinet LED Lighting Kit

Bulb Type LED
No. Of Lights 6 x LED Bar Kit
Color Temperature 3,000 Kelvin (Warm White)
Brightness 2000 Lumens
Power Source 12v DC
Bar Length 12 Inch Per Bar

Litever are the manufacturers of the next set of under cabinet lights. Rather than having individual LEDs, these are different in that the 6 bars you get consist of just one full LED per bar. This prevents the problem that often occurs with individual lights being visible that can make the light emitted look dotted.

As is standard with many of the best under cabinet lighting LEDs, these come with a variety of installation options, though using the sticky back tape is the easiest and quickest way to set them up.

The light provides 3,000 K in color temperature making it glow a warm white color that is 2,000 Lumens bright. This can be fully adjusted using the dimmer rotary switch.

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  • Company have great customer service track record
  • Bright and beautiful lighting solution
  • Dimming function works well


  • There could be issues if you are trying to connect a series of lights over a long distance

5. Aglaia Dimmable LED Under Cabinet Lighting

5. Aglaia LED Below Cabinet Glow Lighting

Bulb Type LED
No. Of Lights 3 x LED Bar Kit
Color Temperature 6000 Kelvin (Warm White)
Brightness 427 Lumens
Power Source 12v DC
Bar Length 12 Inch Per Bar

Aglaia are a company that makes use of the most current technology to enable them to design and construct reliable and solid lighting accessories. This LED under cabinet set of lights is a good addition.

These bars are incredibly easy to install and connect and best of all, are dimmable. They can either be used separately or connected together by wiring or the plastic connectors.

They have been designed sensitively to not produce too much damaging bright light, so the 437 lumens will not cause glaring. Furthermore, the 6,000 kelvin light is a perfect not just for kitchen use, but elsewhere too.

You can easily adjust the brightness if it is too much, by switching through 3 different levels. Considering the quality, the brand name and the fact you get a total of 3 bars in a pack, it provides you with good value for money.

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  • Dimmable cabinet lighting LED solution
  • Easy and efficient connection system
  • Versatile use beyond the kitchen
  • lightweight
  • Nice and bright


  • Some customers have experienced issues with there being a buzzing noise when the dimmer is set to specific brightness levels

6. Ustellar Dimmable LED Light Strip Kit

6. Ustellar Dimmable Under Counter LED Lights Strip Kit

Bulb Type LED
No. Of Lights 300 LEDs (16.5ft Length)
Color Temperature 6000 Kelvin (White)
Dimmable Yes
Lifespan 50,000 Hours
Power Source 12v DC
Bar Length 12 Inch Per Bar

Ustellar is a brand that focuses on smart home lighting solutions with a view to making them functional and enjoyable for people of all ages. This set differs slightly from the others on the list so far, as it is a string set of lights. It consists of 300 individual LEDs and is like a more robust and effective version of what you might hang on your Christmas tree.

At 16.4 feet it stretches a reasonable distance meaning that you can use just one string of lights to illuminate underneath a lot of the cabinets in your kitchen.

With a nice color temperature of 6,000 Kelvin, it provides a daylight white glow that looks reasonable natural. Again, like a lot of the lights listed on this page, these are easy to install thanks to the sticky tape and the light level can be controlled by the included dimmer.

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  • Good length
  • Sticky tape is very sticky
  • Dimmer works well


  • Some comments have been made about issues with connectors

7. LED Concepts Under Cabinet & Closet Linkable LED T5 Light Bar

7. LED Concepts Under Cabinet & Closet Linkable LED T5 Light Bar

Bulb Type LED
No. Of Lights 1 (Linkable Kit, Different Sizes Sold Seperately)
Dimmable No
On/Off Switch Yes
Power Source 120v Mains
Bar Length 12″, 22″, 34″ and 45″ Lengths Available

LED Concepts is a manufacturer focused on producing energy-efficient solutions for a range of different types of lighting, though in this case, we’re looking at their under cabinet lighting solution. The LEC Concepts cabinet and closet linkable T5 light bar is as powerful as it is flexible and versatile.

For many, 1 bar of 12 inches, would be enough to light up one or more of the hard to reach, darker corners in their kitchen. However, if you need to use more than one, the great thing about this particular led light bar is that it can easily be linked with more of the same.

In fact, a total of 75 bars can be linked together, It has an easy to install design and an on and off button for quick use. The lights never emit too much heat, so there is no risk of injury as they are incredibly cool to touch.

Considering the price and the flexibility, they are an ideal solution to all those darkened areas of your home, not just in your kitchen.

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  • Flexible
  • Easy to connect more than one
  • Bright and even color


  • Only linkable within 7 inches of each bar, unless you create a long power cord.

8. Lighting Ever Under Cabinet Lighting Kit, Puck Lights

8. Lighting Ever Counter Puck Lighting Kit

Bulb Type LED
No. Of Lights Available in Packs of 3 or 6 Light Pucks
Dimmable No
Brightness 510 Lumens
Power Source 120v Mains (Supplied with 12v Power Adapter)
Lifespan 50,000 Hours

Lighting Ever or LE for short state that they only adopt high end and high quality LED designs. Therefore, they are a brand to look to when you want a truly efficient way of adding illumination to darker parts of your home.

These particular lights differ somewhat from the others listed because they are puck-shaped LED lights. As you’d expect from modern under the cabinet style lights, they are very easy to install and include everything in the package to do so.

They are also easy to use and produce a nice amount of light. Not excessive levels, but just enough.

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  • Look even better in person, according to some customers, than they do in the pictures
  • Affordable
  • Easy to install


  • Could benefit with something to conceal the wiring better

9. TorchStar LED Safe Lighting Kit

9. TorchStar LED Safe Kitchen Lighting Kit

Bulb Type LED
No. Of Lights 6 x 12″ Light Bars
Dimmable No
Brightness 150 Lumens Per Light Bar
Power Source 120v Mains (Supplied with 12v Power Adapter)
Lifespan 30,000 Hours

Established in 2009 with the aim of becoming leaders within the LED lighting industry, TorchStar has gone from strength to strength since. Their goal is always to create and supply products that have superb quality long lifespans and outstanding designs and these light bars are a great testimony to that goal.

This is an incredibly easy lighting kit to install (using 3M backed adhesive strips to simply ‘stick on’) and consists of 6 12 in LED bars that produce 5,000 kelvins of light with a brightness of 900 lumens from the whole set. Energy-efficient, stylish, practical and very versatile.

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  • Versatile & easy to install using supplied 3M backed adhesive strips.
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Good quality light


  • A few customers have commented on the distance apart you can install each bar not being sufficient

10. Lux Light 36 inches Under Cabinet Lighting

10. Lux Light 36 Inch Under Cabinet Lighting

Bulb Type LED
No. Of Lights 1 x LED Light Bar
Dimmable No
Length 12″, 24″, 36″ & 48″ Light Bars Available
Power Source Supplied with 12v Mains Power Adapter
Color Temperature Warm White (3000K) and Daylight White Available (4000K)

The last product on our list is this excellent 36 inches light bar from Lux Light. Not only is it great because it is relatively easy to install using either screws or the less messy and quicker self-adhesive tape; but it also is touch activated, so you don’t need to struggle with turning on switches or twisting dials.

With a color temperature of between 3,000 Kelvin and brightness of 1,800 Lumens this light produces more than enough illumination for the intended application, without being too bright. Furthermore, as it has a nice silver-toned chrome finish, it will fit in with the rest of your decor and color schemes and be a smart and sophisticated addition.

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Important Factors To Consider When Choosing LED Under Cabinet Lighting

Color Temperature (in Kelvins)

The overall appearance of a room will be significantly affected by the color temperature of the LED lights you use so it is best to choose LED lighting that is right for the room it is going to be used in. For instance, a kitchen where you are working with recipe books and preparing/cooking food a lot, the cabinet lighting will be mainly used as task lighting.

Understanding LED Color Temperatures

It is often best to choose a cooler color temperatures for under cabinet lighting LEDs because it is actually brighter and will aid your visibility.

If you’re unsure about what color temperature would be best for you, check out our handy guide on understanding LED color temperatures.

Type of Surfaces/Countertops

LED Coutertop Lighting

The effectiveness of any kitchen cabinet lighting you buy is determined to an extent by what type of countertops you have.

  • Matte finished countertops, for example, smoothly reflect light and therefore, do not produce as much glare giving you the flexibility to choose a wide variety of lights styles.
  • On the other hand, though, glossier finished countertops produce a lot of glare, especially those made from granite and other stones, if the light chosen is too bright. To prevent glare from being too much of a problem, choose lighting with a lower amount of lumens.
  • As lighter colored countertops reflect light well, you don’t need to have lights with too high a Lumens count.
  • Darker countertops, as you might have guessed, absorb greater amounts of light, so it is best to choose a higher Lumens count when looking at your lighting options in this situation.

Installation and Mounting (Hardwired vs Battery)

Surface-mount and recessed lights are the most popular choices of hidden kitchen LED lighting. It really is down to personal taste which you choose. There is a misconception that non-recessed lights are harder or impossible to conceal. As most modern lighting fixtures are relatively thin, they are relatively easy to hide. There are two ways you can install this type of lighting, regardless of your mounting preference:

  • Hardwired Under Cabinet Lighting
  • Battery Powered Kitchen Lights

Hardwired under cabinet lights need to be installed by a professional and experienced electrician. Whereas battery and plug-in lighting take a relatively short time to install and can be done by anyone.

Different Types of Under Cabinet Lighting

There are four main types of lights that you can choose from:

Puck Lights

These are, funnily enough, lights that resemble hockey pucks. These are commonly chosen because they usually are powered by the mains or batteries and installation is as involved as sticking them where you want them to go.

LED Strip or Tape Lights

LED Strip Lighting

If your kitchen has flat or extremely shallow recesses under cabinets, strip or tape lights are a great option. These too usually have a peel and stick installation and are powered by a regular mains adapter, so they are very convenient. They will remain relatively cool, therefore lowering the amount of heat you are producing in the kitchen.

They also benefit from being dimmable, so you can easily adjust them if they are too bright and flexible too so can be used virtually anywhere.

Rope Lights

Generally speaking, rope lights tend to be very easy to install under your cabinets, requiring only a transformer and some mounting clips, and can also just as easily be removed. Although they are generally as thin as others, they are larger than tape or strip lights and can’t be bent without causing damage.

LED Strip or Bar Lights

These lights outclass tape, rope and puck in various ways. They are usually brighter than tape and rope lights and tend to be bigger than puck lights, but are excellent if you want your kitchen lighting to be task lighting.

Under Cabinet Lighting Review Conclusion

Whether you want to add some mood lighting to liven up areas in your home or are simply looking to illuminate darker areas of your kitchen, LED lighting is a great way to achieve it. They can help to make an area more comfortable and even warmer or cooler, depending on the color temperature you choose.

The most important thing though, is that you figure out the best LED under cabinet lighting kit for your own specific problems and preferences and we hope we’ve been able to point you in the right direction at the very least.

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  1. Hello David, so pleased we found you as we need advice! We are really interested in this style of lighting, it looks brilliant in our friend’s kitchen, but they have a much smaller kitchen than ours. We have cabinets on three walls – is there a kit you would recommend so we can get the best under cabinet lighting for our budget – which is not very much (maybe 150 bucks?)! Look forward to reading your reply, April and Mark D.

  2. Great place for reviews and advice, thank you! We are really into this idea of LED lighting as we’ve been looking for ideas for a kitchen reboot! What are the best for using as lights on top of cabinets? We want over head lighting so it looks cool and does the job…

    But don’t want to just fit normal lights…

  3. Hello Dave!

    I wonder if you can advise me as to the best choice – and value, for LED under bar lighting?

    Me and a buddy have taken on an old bar that we’re bringing back to life, the bar is about 45ft long with a small glass strip along the front which would look brilliant backlit. Are we looking at the right product here? Look forward to your reply, Karl T

  4. David can you shed some light on what the deal is with this dimmable LED under cabinet lighting? Mainly, is there a remote control that means you can dim it, or is it a switch stuck to the wall? Simon

  5. Thanks for so many great kitchen lighting ideas, really got me thinking! The top cabinet lighting, could I use that to light pictures? Or is it best for kitchen use? What about it as a lighting set for a glass cabinet with all my ornaments in? Or is there a better solution? Thank You so much, Priya G.

  6. David, would appreciate your advice on the best types of below cabinet lighting for a new kitchen installation. We have standard-type kick-plates. Will this be a problem? or is there a kit that will suit this sort of kitchen unit?

  7. David, great stuff, really interested in this modern under cabinet lighting, me and my girlfriend have just moved into a new place! The kitchen is small but really up to date, and we just want to know if there’s any one of these kits that would suit it best?

    The doors are a REEEEEALLY bright red, so perhaps we should keep with that theme? Or a contrasting blue maybe? Thanks 😀 Jack and Karen T

  8. What is the best type of under cabinet lighting for a kitchen that has mainly glass doors? I’m concerned of reflections, and can’t decide whether it would be best to use colored lights, or to go for an all-white look???? It is the reflection that bothers me most, perhaps you’ve had experience of this? Thanks, Patrick (Kansas)

  9. Hi David, these under the cabinet LED light kits, are they bright enough so that I can leave them on to find my way around in the evenings? Our switches are in a weird position on the wrong side of the room and this could be the answer! Cheers Danni

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