Top 6 Best Lighted Makeup Mirrors

When applying makeup, you’ll get the best results if you use natural lighting, right?

Unfortunately, some homes or apartments don’t have large windows so natural light is generally restricted. So how do you get the ideal light from the best makeup mirror?

Even if you have the best beauty products in the world, you’ll likely make plenty of blunders if you applying makeup in a dark environment. That’s why you should invest in a lighted makeup mirror.

If you don’t have time to read the full review, here are our 3 best Lighted makeup mirror picks;

Simple Human Stainless Steel Sensor Mirror

  • Tru-Lux Light System
  • Touch Control Brightness
  • Sensor Control On/Off
  • 5x Magnification

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Chende Hollywood Lighted Makeup Mirror

  • 14 Dimmable LED Bulbs
  • Table Top Design
  • Can be Wall Mounted
  • Rotary Dimmer Switch

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iHome Vanity Mirror with Bluetooth Audio

  • Wireless Bluetooth
  • Siri & Google Compat.
  • Smartphone Charging
  • Handsfree Speakerphone

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Without an LED vanity mirror, you are likely to make errors like having a foundation ring on your jawline, applying excessive bronzer on your skin or failing to attain a perfect blend of the two.

Lighted makeup mirrors are becoming more and more popular and for good reason. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why lighted vanity mirrors are a popular choice and some of the top picks currently on the market.

Top 6 Best Lighted Makeup Mirror Picks (Mirrors with LEDs)

Using lighted mirrors is the solution if you are unable to access natural light when applying makeup. And we’ve already done the heavy lifting for you to pick our top 10 best lighted makeup mirrors you should consider.

1. Teresa Vanity Lighted Travel Makeup Mirror

1. Teresa Vanity Lighted Travel Makeup Mirror

Teresa vanity is a top lighted makeup mirror worth your consideration because of its design and functionality. The mirror comes in round shape and is double-sided. If you want to eliminate the possibility of having to deal with lousy selfies, smudges or botched eye-liner, this is the product you should consider purchasing.

This vanity mirror with lights can easily be carried by hand or placed on top of the table. Meaning it’s the ideal choice should you require to do makeup on the go.

Plus, the LED makeup mirror with lights comes with x7 magnification quality that can help you spot mistakes you wouldn’t see with an ordinary mirror. Aside from applying makeup on your face, this mirror is a great accessory when applying an eye-liner.

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  • Bright LED light, which enables you to wear makeup comfortably in dim rooms
  • Double-sided feature that enables you to view your face in all angles
  • Portable, which means you, can carry the mirror whenever you’re traveling
  • Built with sturdy materials
  • Great for applying eye-liner, eyelashes as well as tweezing
  • The mirror can be lit by built LED lights (battery powered)

2. Chende White with Dimmer, Tabletop or Wall Mounted

Chende White Dimmer Tabletop Mirror

This is the perfect lighted makeup mirror for people who love the life of glitz and glamour. If you adore the celebrity lifestyles, then this is a must-have mirror you should own. The mirror works great in a dark or lit environment and comes with dimmable LED light.

Plus, the direct light of this vanity mirror with lights doesn’t produce any shadow so it’s great for taking the perfect selfie or two.

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  • Dimmable LED lights that enable you to control the brightness
  • Elegant design that can be likened to Hollywood standards
  • Comes in many colors
  • Comes with energy efficient LED light bulbs

3. BESTOPE Lighted Makeup Mirror – Tabletop

3. BESTOPE Lighted Makeup Vanity Mirror

Bestop lighted makeup mirror is another option to consider if you want to apply flawless makeup anytime. The mirror is made from quality materials and comes with 3-panel glass for a clear and detailed view. If you want to have the best experience while applying makeup this light up mirror is an option you might want to consider.

And the good thing about this vanity mirror with lights is that you can detach the trifold, meaning you it’s easy to carry around. Plus this LED makeup mirror with lights doesn’t take up a lot of space, so you can store it well even if you have limited shelf space.

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  • Comes with a double power source (AAA batteries and USB ports)
  • Have 8 different brightness settings to enable you select the brightness you require
  • Built with a glass covered in a premium coating
  • 3 panels with differing magnification for enhanced views and angles
  • Lights made with 21 LED bulbs
  • Can be adjusted up to 180 degrees
  • The trifold can be detached, so it’s easy to carry it around when traveling
  • Modern touch sensor for selecting lighting brightness

4. Simplehuman 8 Inch Mirror – LED Ring Lit

4. Simplehuman 8 Inch Mirror - LED Ring Lit

The Simplehuman 8 inch LED lighted makeup mirror enables you to see what you’re doing with ease. It comes with Tru-lux lighting technology which stimulates natural light. This ensures when you are applying makeup you can view your face clearly in great detail.

Plus this vanity mirror with lights is made of sturdy materials and the glass coating makes this light up mirror even more durable and comfortable.

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  • HD mirror with a reflective coating
  • Tru-lux technology to ensure you view everything you are doing with greater detail
  • Comes with multi-sensor technology that automatically detects your face when you get close to the mirror
  • The mirror switches itself off the moment you are done doing makeup
  • Exceptional magnification
  • Rechargeable mirror (Can last up to 5 weeks after charge)
  • X5 magnification to ensure you apply makeup with great detail
  • 180 degrees rotation, which ensures you, can easily adjust the mirror the way you wish

5. Miusco Portable Vanity Mirror

5. Miusco Portable Vanity Mirror

Miusco Portable Vanity Mirror with lights is another classy alternative if you’re in the market for a reliable lighted makeup mirror.

This lighted vanity mirror comes with a 9-inch surface meaning this LED vanity mirror is large enough for you to see your face clearly. Plus, its ultra-bright light from LED bulbs ensures you can see your face in great detail when touching up.


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  • Easy to use and assemble
  • Comes with a detachable stand, meaning you can disassemble when traveling
  • Has front touch sensor for turning the lights on and off
  • Bright LED lights that create no shadows
  • Adjustable up to 360 degrees
  • 9 inch widescreen and X7 magnification

6. iHome All-in-One with Handsfree Bluetooth Enabled Charging Mirror

iHome All-in-One with Handsfree Bluetooth Enabled Charging Mirror

The iHome lighted makeup mirror is not only designed to help you apply your makeup, but it’s also compatible with Bluetooth so you can play music and have fun when pimping yourself. In addition, it comes with a USB charging port which enables to charge your phone in the process.

This vanity mirror with lights is a great product for hi-tech users who want to have fun while touching up their looks on the go.

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  • Comes with a USB port so you can charge your mirror when touching up
  • X7 magnification to enable you to see hidden spots
  • Bright LED lights are adjustable according to your needs
  • Bluetooth capability so you can play music while applying makeup


  • Measures 7.7 inches
  • It has battery operated LED lights
  • 10 x magnification

Buying Guide: Vanity Makeup Lighted Mirror

If you’re unsure what your exact needs are when looking for a vanity mirror with lights, here are some tips on finding the best lighted makeup mirror for your needs.

Perfect Mirror Size

Size of your light up makeup mirror is the first factor to consider when purchasing lighted make up mirror. Remember, you are solely responsible for deciding the size of mirror you prefer. Like most people, your preference on size will be determined by a myriad of reasons, but it’s important not to confuse size with magnification when it comes to picking a lighted vanity mirror.

Magnification essentially means curvature of the glass and it’s measured from X1 to X10. When considering size, you have to consider your needs before making a decision. For example if you are looking to buy a portable make up mirror, it only makes sense that you would go for an option that’s lesser in size.

On the other hand, if you intend to mount a mirror on the wall, then a bigger size would be more suitable to your needs.

Power Source – To Move Or Not To Move

Even though a standard magnifying mirror doesn’t essentially need a power source to work well, the majority of options in the market have a power source. Most of them are fitted with LEDs now, which are used for lighting the mirrors.

The main reasons LEDs are used is because they last longer than ordinary bulbs and they produce white light that doesn’t produce shadows when applying makeup.

If you plan to keep your mirror at home in one place, look for a mirror which is powered from an outlet. If it’s portable you will, of course, want to opt for a battery powered model.

Magnification Consideration

The magnification of any given mirror is highly dependent on two factors namely: distance and the curvature of the glass. Having a lighted magnifying mirror is the best way to apply your makeup.

The further you are from the mirror the large your image becomes and vice versa. The degree of magnification depends on how large the mirror makes objects to appear. For instance, a normal mirror has 1X magnification, whereas a makeup mirror can have up to 10x magnification depending on the model. Click here to learn more about how mirror magnification works.

In addition, the surface of a lighted magnifying mirror is usually tough than regular plastic mirrors.

Review Conclusion

Ultimately, your purchase decision of light up makeup mirror will be decided by your budget, style, and needs. If you tend to travel a lot, then you should certainly choose a portable and lightweight model that’s easy to carry around.

On the other hand, if you’ll mostly be applying makeup in your house, then a large lighted makeup mirror would be suitable. Either way, we hope you’ll find the best makeup mirror choice after checking all the handpicked options above.

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