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Best Lighting for Makeup

Best Lighting for Makeup

Ever wonder why makeup artists use mirrors with such bright natural-looking lights all around the frame?

That is because the angles and type of lighting are key in a flawless makeup application.

Natural daylight is the best for when you want correct coloring but unfortunately, we don’t always have access to it in our bathrooms or vanities. You can still avoid missing spots, overdoing it with blush or bronzer and other mishaps with an LED illuminated beauty mirror.

These products help ensure you never experience these unfortunate situations. Find out the most common mistakes in mirror lighting and how to fix them so your makeup look is always on point.

1. Best Overall: Hykolite 24-Inch Integrated LED Wall Sconce

1. Best Overall- Hykolite 24-Inch Integrated LED Wall Sconce

This dimmable vanity light has a frosted layer so that the brightness is more comfortable on your eyes. You can set it to 100% brightness for when you are doing your makeup or turn it down to as low as 5% for a softer light at night.

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You can install these both vertically and horizontally for the perfect angles. The chrome finish gives it a modern sleek look.

Type LED tube light
Power Source Wall outlet, 25 watts
Color Temperature 4000 kelvin
Dimmable Yes

2. Best Adjustable Side Mirror: Ovente Cordless LED Ring Light

2. Best Adjustable Side Mirror- Ovente Cordless LED Ring Light

Mount this two-sided mirror next to your regular bathroom mirror for extra precision using the 1x and 10x magnification on either side. It has an extending arm so you can position it whichever way is most comfortable to you.

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It runs on batteries but can be plugged into the wall outlet using the included USB adapter, as well. This is an excellent versatile and energy efficient choice.

Type Adjustable arm magnifying ring light
Power Source Battery-powered
Color Temperature Bright white
Dimmable Yes

3. Best for Vanity Table: Wayking Table Top Mirror

3. Best for Vanity Table- Wayking Table Top Mirror

Creating a luxurious space for your beauty routine? Then complete your vanity with this large Hollywood lighted mirror with adjustable color temperature and brightness.

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At 22.8 x 17.3 inches it is quite large so it fits best in larger bathrooms. It also has to be placed on a flat surface.

Type Table top mirror
Power Source USB port
Color Temperature 2700 – 6500 kelvin
Dimmable Yes

4. Best Wide Light: LEDMO Rotating Vanity Light

4. Best Wide Light- LEDMO Rotating Vanity Light

More narrow but longer lighting fixtures make it easier to cover all the angles. This retractable and rotating wall mounted LED gives you even better angles with a wide coverage.

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The fixture is made of stainless steel and is IP44 waterproof so they are perfect in a moist environment. It does require some time for installation because there is no switch on the product itself.

Type Wall mounted LED
Power Source Wall outlet, 14 watts
Color Temperature 6000 kelvin
Dimmable No

5. Most Versatile: Bestcan Portable Cordless Makeup Light

5. Most Versatile- Bestcan Portable Cordless Makeup Light

Take the perfect makeup light with you anywhere with this compact light that affixes unto mirrors using suction cups. There are four brightness settings and the color temperature perfectly mimics daylight.

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Built into the design is a rechargeable battery that you can charge via a wall outlet using the included USB port. This means you never have to deal with bad lighting, no matter where you are.

Type Portable mirror mounted LED tube
Power Source Battery powered
Color Temperature Daylight
Dimmable Yes

6. Easiest Installation: Chende Hollywood Vanity Bulbs

6. Easiest Installation- Chende Hollywood Vanity Bulbs

Want to transform your mirror with a flair of Hollywood glamor has one of your vanity lights blown out? These LED bulbs are the perfect replacement and super easy to install since they stick right on to your mirror.

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Each package comes with 10 bulbs on a 11.5 foot long cord which is enough for most bathroom lights. You can plug this right into a regular wall outlet so no wiring is needed.

Type LED bulbs
Power Source Wall outlet, 30 watts
Color Temperature Daylight
Dimmable Yes

Most Common Mistakes with Bathroom Lighting

Mistake #1: Not Installing Task Lighting

Performing your beauty routine without task lighting makes it more difficult to see the details and shades, plus it is uncomfortable for your eyes. Like in any other room of the house, you need extra lighting for more precise purposes.

Solution: Install Extra Light Bulbs or Buy a Beauty Mirror

Whichever room you normally do your makeup in is the room where you need a mirror with accurate lighting. Light bulbs fixed on the actual mirror is best because it gives you the highest luminous flux and you can even move it or travel with it.

Mistake #2: Using Colored Lighting

A soft pink hue or fun color-changing bulbs may set the mood but it does nothing for your precision. This mistake can lead to failed contouring, overpowering blush and other less than flattering color matches.

Solution: Use Daylight Color LEDs

One of the benefits of LEDs is that their CRi, or color rendering index, is generally quite high when you use the correct color temperature. This means that by choosing LEDs with a rating of 5000 kelvin or higher (daylight rating), you see colors as accurately as possible.

Mistake #3: Wrong Angles

A single light bulb above the bathroom mirror or by its side is not a good angle because this creates shadows. Just like colored lighting, this creates an inaccurate reflection – if you can see at all, that is.

Solution: Place Lighting All Around

The reason why beauty mirrors are outlined with light is to provide an even distribution without any shadows.

You can mimic this with your own bathroom mirror by placing at least four light bulbs, one above, one below and one on each side.

If you have a larger mirror, place the sidelight bulbs at eye level because this is where your gaze will concentrate. You can even choose to install light bulbs with a higher lumen value at this level for extra precision.

What shape fixtures you use is up to personal preference. Both the Hollywood vanity style round bulbs and long tubular lights are suitable as long as you place them correctly.

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