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Best Neon Signs (for Bars & Home)

Neon signs are returning to popularity, especially for interior design at home and fresh looking bars. There are so many designs available online that we have rounded up our favorite neon signs to make your shopping easier.

Our list includes neon signs made with glass and neon signs using LED lighting. The effect is essentially the same, only the setup is slightly different.

Pssst… Don’t have time to read our full review? Here are the top 3 best selling neon signs;

Neon Light Paradise Sign White Sign

  • High-Quality Light
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Hanging Fixture
  • Cool White Neons

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LDGJ Cocktails and Dreams Neon Light Sign

  • Ideal for a Bar
  • Hang Chain Install
  • Large Metal Frame
  • Bright Colors

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Isaac Jacobs LED Neon Pink Rose Flower

  • Rose LED Sign
  • Perfect For Home Décor
  • Powered by USB
  • Giftable Light

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TOP 10 Best Neon Signs for Bars & Home

Scroll down to take a look at the different designs and pick out the one that fits your space the best.

1. Channeling Jeff Koons: Gritcol Pink Balloon Dog Neon Sign

Gritcol Pink Balloon Dog Neon Sign

SIZE 11 x 11 inches
POWER SOURCE Electrical cable

Most people cannot afford an original Jeff Koons balloon statue but this neon sign by Gritcol lets channel that fun vibe. This pink balloon dog neon sign pops out against a white wall.

Liven up your hallways or place it in an entertainment room. This pink dog will always put a smile on your face.

It is made of glass tubes suspended on a glass plate that you can hang on the walls so setup is simple. It works with both a 110 volt and 240-volt transformer so the electrical connection should not be a problem.

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2. To Inspire Fun: Kukuu Neon Sign ‘Let’s Get Weird

Kukuu Neon Sign ‘Let’s Get Weird

SIZE 7.9 x 10.6 inches
POWER SOURCE Electrical cable
COLOR Green 

Great for attracting an artsy crowd and to inspire your guests to express themselves freely. This bright green neon sign by Kukuu reminds you to let your guard down and let it all out.

We think this sign works perfectly in a late night bar. The message would also be a good reminder in a creative space like your home studio or the office of a creative business.

The letters are made of neon glass tubes. The package includes a 110 volt – 240-volt transformer.

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3. The Best Tropical Bar Sign: Urby ‘It’s 5:00 Somewhere’ Parrot

Urby Its 5 00 Somewhere Parrot

SIZE 20 x 16 inches
POWER SOURCE Electrical cable
COLOR Multiple colors

This sign was made for a tiki bar and outdoor bars. The message gives your guests the excuse to have fun right now instead of waiting for the sun to go down.

This handcrafted glass tube design features the text ‘It’s 5:00 Somewhere’, a parrot, palm tree and cocktail. All the ingredients for a tropical vibe.

The glass tubes are suspended on a metal frame that you hang on the wall. It also uses low voltage to ensure that it does not overheat.

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4. For the Sweet Tooth: Vasten Handmade LED Neon Sign Ice Cream Cone

Vasten Handmade LED Neon Sign Ice Cream Cone

SIZE 25cm/9.84″ wide x 50cm/19.68″ high 
POWER SOURCE Electrical cable
COLOR Cool White, Yellow

This super cute ice cream cone brightens up any ice cream parlor. It is also a fun surprise in a modern kitchen or kids room.

This handmade design is made of soft LED tubes instead of glass which makes them less fragile. Another unique feature is that it has a remote control with on/off switch and dimmer.

The neon LED tubes are installed on a clear acrylic backboard so you cannot see a background frame. The sign plugs into a regular wall outlet and includes a 1.5-meter clear cable.

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5. The Coolest Table Top Neon Light: Neonetics Cactus Neon Sculpture

Neonetics Cactus Neon Sculpture

SIZE 17 x 7 x 6 inches
POWER SOURCE Electrical cable
COLOR Green & yellow

Don’t feel like putting up a frame and drilling into your walls? There is no need with this neon light sculpture shaped like a cactus.

You can place the cactus on any table or nightstand thanks to its simple black base. And if you really are looking for a wall light then you can install the light on a wall using the same base.

The Neonetics neon cactus light is made of glass neon tubes. It plugs in like any regular stand-on-own light.

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6. Best Sign with an Inspirational Message: Flydoo ‘Be Brave’ Neon Sign

Flydoo Be Brave Neon Sign

SIZE 17 x 7 inches
POWER SOURCE Electrical cable
COLOR Yellow

Sometimes you need little positive reminders on a bad day. Place this yellow neon sign that spells out ‘be brave’ in your home for your daily dose of positivity.

We recommend placing this Flydoo neon sign right by your front door to help you face the day. Or, hang it in your bedroom as a decorative light to calm you down before you go to sleep.

The letters are shaped out of neon glass tubes and suspended on a clear acrylic board. The package includes a low voltage transformer and cable to plug into your regular wall outlet.

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7. For the Coffee Addicts and Coffee Shops: Vasten Neon Sign Coffee Cup

Vasten Neon Sign Coffee Cup

SIZE 9.8 x 8.6 inches
POWER SOURCE Electrical cable

Make your mornings brighter with this coffee cup neon sign by Vasten. Unlike most neon signs, this light is white which makes it a more subtle design but none the less bright.

Hang this neon coffee cup in your kitchen to guide you to your first cup of joe in the morning. It is also a classic interior design element for coffee shops.

For this neon sign, Vasten uses LED light technology. It comes with a hanging chain for quick installation on walls or windows.

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8. Best Living Room Neon Sign: Isaac Jacobs Pink Rose LED Neon Sign

Isaac Jacobs Pink Rose LED Neon Sign

SIZE 15 x 9 inches
POWER SOURCE Electrical cable with USB
COLOR Pink & green

Unexpected design elements can completely change the vibe of a room. Give your living room a breath of fresh air with this pink rose and green stem LED neon sign by Isaac Jacobs.

Who needs fresh flowers when you have a bright neon sign rose? It is a great hack for bringing more green into your living room without having to worry about taking care of the plants.

The plug for this neon sign is actually a USB cable so you can even plug it into your TV or use a simple USB adapter to plug it into a wall outlet. Since it is made with LED lights you know that it is energy efficient and that don’t have to worry about the light become hot to the touch.

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9. For Going to Your Happy Place: Flydoo Neon Paradise Sign

Flydoo Neon Paradise Sign

SIZE 14 x 6 inches
POWER SOURCE Electrical cable with USB

Everyone is looking for their paradise so why not take the positive approach and bring paradise to your own home. Essentially, paradise is where you feel most comfortable which for most people is home, anyway.

This white neon sign by Flydoo is a great interior design element. Hang it over your TV or create your own tranquil place in the bedroom.

The paradise sign is made of neon glass tubes and suspended on an acrylic board. The cables, transformer and hanging chain are black though, so it looks best against a dark background.

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10. Best Bar Neon Sign: LDGJ ‘Cocktails & Dreams’ Neon Sign

LDGJ Cocktails & Dreams Neon Sign

SIZE 19 x 15 inches
POWER SOURCE Electrical cable with USB
COLOR Pink and blue

Our top pick for a bar neon sign is this high-quality simple design by LDGJ. It’s a blue and pink neon sign that spells out ‘cocktails and dreams’ which is exactly what every bar should be about.

LDGJ is renowned for its neon signs that are well crafted and durable. They also have a good warranty and customer service making them a good interior design partner for professional establishments.

This ‘cocktails and dreams’ sign is made of neon glass tubes and fixed on a black metal frame. The package also comes with a hanging chain for easy wall placement in your bar.

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Neon Sign Buying Guide

Neon lights are a fun alternative to decorative lighting. However, you should look for different specs when shopping for a neon light instead of a regular lighting fixture.

There are fewer technical details that you need to know for neon lights. The final effect of the neon tubes is more important because there is a lot of variety in visual quality.

LED Neon Tubes vs. Glass Neon Tubes

Traditional neon signs are made using glass neon tubes. Neon is a type of gas, so the lifespan of a traditional neon sign depends on how much gas is inside the sign.

The alternative are neon signs that are made using LED technology, usually, SMD LED lights. LED neon signs tend to have a longer life expectancy plus the extra safety of there being no risk of leaks.

Another difference is that traditional neon signs are made of glass while LED neon tubes are usually made with flexible plastic tubes. The plastic tubes are less fragile but many people feel like the glass neon tubes are higher quality and show true craftsmanship.

Another visual difference is how the light appears to the viewer. Traditional neon signs have a gradient in the color of light that they produce while a LED neon light produces more solid colors.

This light color difference makes for traditional neon signs being softer on the eyes. Some LED neon signs might be somewhat harsh to look at.

What manufacturers do to fix this problem is to install dimmers. However, not every LED neon light is compatible with a dimmer.

Think About the Frame

Neon signs, whether they are LED neon signs or glass neon tubes, are affixed to a frame. Usually, this is either a metal frame or an acrylic board.

The metal frame is more sturdy and allows for empty spaces in between so that you can still see the wall behind it. However, the metal frame tends to be black and depending on the background color, the frame can still be visible when the neon sign is turned on.

Acrylic boards are usually clear colored so it is less visible than the metal frame. However, not all clear acrylic boards are cut to the neon light shape so there might still be an odd blurry shape behind the neon light.

This is strictly a matter of aesthetic preference. Think about how the metal frame or acrylic board will look against the wall where you are placing the light to help you decide whether it will clash.

Cable & Transformer Colors

There are battery powered neon signs but most are fitted with a transformer and cable that plugs into a wall outlet. Think about the color of the transformer and the cable and how this color looks against your wall.

Black is the most common color for the transformer and cables through some designs also feature clear colored cables. The black cable might be disturbing to your interior design, especially in bars and cafes.

The transformer is also usually black. Depending on the design of the neon light you might be able to see it even when the neon light is turned on.

Again, this is a matter of your personal preferences. The transformer and cables are basically unavoidable so it is better to think of an appropriate background for the neon light than to let it irk you.

Type of Fixture

Most neon signs are designed as hanging wall fixtures but there are also neon lights that are stand-on-own designs. The stand-on-own neon lights are a fun home interior element while the hanging neon lights work best for a public space.

Neon signs are rarely very heavy so most are fitted with a hanging metal chain. This should be enough to carry the weight but if you are worried then you can use the metal frame or acrylic board to affix it to the wall, as well.

For bars you want the sign to move as little as possible to make sure that is hanging securely on the wall.

This was our top ten of neon lights for home interiors and bar interiors. There is a wide variety and we haven’t even discussed the custom designs. Remember our little neon light buying guide for when you go shopping.

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