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Summer evenings are a special time. Whether you spend them relaxing in the garden while your kids play until late or have some friends over for beers and a lot of delicious barbecued food. What better to set the evening than with the atmosphere and ambiance of outdoor fairy lights or maybe some vintage backyard patio lights to brighten up your evening?

It doesn’t really matter how you are spending that time, a simple series of outdoor string lights or garden lights can turn your rather ordinary yard into something altogether more extraordinary.

If you don’t have time to read the full post, here’s the top 3 most popular and best outdoor string light picks:

Brightown 25 ft G40 Globe LED Patio String Lights

  • 450+ Reviews
  • Indoor & Outdoor Use
  • Cozy Warm Glow
  • 25-100ft Length

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Brightown Globe LED String Lights (25ft)

  • An Amazons Choice
  • 100+ 5* Reviews
  • Warm White Glow
  • 25 LED Bulbs

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Solar Powered Outdoor String Lights (72ft)

  • Solar Powered
  • 800+ 5* Reviews
  • Pack of 2
  • 8 Different Modes

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Do you want the space outside your home to feel like every other property on your street or do you want to have an area where people really want to come and hang out?

With the combination of LED outdoor patio string lights and solar path lights, you can make your outdoor area or pergola and patio look absolutely gorgeous.

These types of outdoor patio lights may be the ideal choice because, above all else, they are incredibly versatile and available in various colors, styles, and even power sources. Learn more about how solar panels work.

Whatever you are looking for, whatever the type of outdoor patio lighting, mood and feel you want to achieve, you will find a set of outdoor lights to suit your property and outdoor areas. If you’re stuck for inspiration, check out our big list of outdoor lighting ideas.

Our Top Picks for Best Outdoor String Lights

To help make your decision a lot easier though, we have sifted through a lot of what is available right now, sourced the best outdoor patio lighting options and have created a guide to what we believe are the top 9 best outdoor string lights to help you transform your home, garden, backyard or just the small balcony, with a range of outdoor lights.

We’ve also covered how to hang string lights in a separate post, which includes some great string light ideas for your garden.

1. Brightown 25 ft G40 Globe LED Patio String Lights

Brightown 25 ft G40 Globe LED Patio String Lights

First on our list is this quality set from Brightown. These LED outdoor globes are both incredibly simple and minimalist in design and style, but also capable of adding a touch of sophistication to your outdoor space.

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The great thing about this particular set, and much like others available, with 25 LED bulbs are lined up along the 25 feet length and if that is not enough to cover where you want to illuminate with the soft white glow, you can add more and safely connect up to 16 strands together making it a great choice for the outdoor light string.

When you consider their reasonable price and the high rating they have received from customers, it’s not hard to see that these could be a wise investment for your garden or outdoor space lighting. and could be a great addition to garden path lights.

What We Loved

  • Versatile, lightweight and easy to use
  • Connectable
  • An attractive warm white glow

2. Brightech Ambiance Outdoor String of Lights with Vintage Edison Bulbs

2. Brightech Ambiance Outdoor String of Lights with Vintage Edison Bulbs

Next up is intriguing and has a vintage-looking filament bulb. It is a set of backyard string lights outdoor from Brightech, using the vintage Edison bulb design. Brightech formed their company to provide lighting solutions for people everywhere that were not only beautiful but innovative and highly creative.

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Longer than a lot of outdoor LED patio string lights, this strand from Brightech is 48 ft. and with the 15 individual incandescent bulbs set 3 feet apart they can go the distance without flooding you with too much light. They each have an output of 11 watts and as an added bonus, they are compatible with a dimmer (not included), enabling you to alter the level of lighting you have at the touch of a button.

These are heavy-duty commercial grade, weatherproof and so very durable, but, with the classic exposed filament retro look and the warm glow that emits from them, this string light will give a warm nostalgic feel for a wonderful ambiance – perfect for those late nights spent under the stars. Unbeatable quality

What We Loved

  • Classic Edison bulb look
  • 11 Watts bulbs
  • Dimmer compatible

3. Twinkle Star 12 Stars Curtain Indoor String Lights

Twinkle Star 12 Stars Curtain Indoor String Lights

Brighten up you evening with this beautiful set of outdoor or string lighting. If you are looking for something a bit more dazzling and different from the average globe or bulb-shaped light, you should consider this attractive set of LED lights from Twinkle Star for your ideal decorative lighting solution.

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Along with the 6.7 feet worth of wiring are 12 stars, 6 large ones and 6 small ones with 138 bright lights. Not only are they perfect for adding a more seasonal touch during the wintertime, but the attractive star shapes also make for a more interesting focal point than normal lighting arrangements.

You could even use them to set a more romantic tone if you are planning a special meal under the stars for an occasion such as your wedding anniversary or engagement.

They are equipped with a waterproofing IP44 rating, but please note the power and controller units are not. As if the aesthetically pleasing design wasn’t enough of a selling point in itself, this set comes with 8 different modes – steady-on, flash/twinkle, slow fade, flash/chasing, slo glo, sequential, in waves and combination.

This gives you plenty of options to switch and change the level and style of illumination you have, depending on the situation and event.

What We Loved

  • 8 different lighting patterns to choose from
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to use

4. Lalapao Solar Powered Patio String Lights Outdoor (72 feet)

Lalapao Solar Powered Patio String Lights Outdoor (72 feet)

The next strand of lights we want to look at is a real bargain because with this Lalapao set you get not just one set of 200 LED lights, but two for the same price as many other sets that do not have the features! A great investment in to brighten up your garden!

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Although they are very small, there is a sizable amount to make an attractive and illuminating display in your backyard, around your porch or even if you are decorating a venue for a special occasion.

The fact is, that these nifty and small lights are incredibly versatile and as the lights are solar-powered, they are more cost-effective than having to buy batteries or electric plug models for your lighting solutions.

Simply charge up the solar panel during the daylight hours and then you have glowing little stars for when the sun goes down. To give you some versatility with the type of lighting arrangement you desire and there are 8 different working modes and can turn on automatically as they have a Dusk to Dawn sensor.

What We Loved

  • Solar powered
  • 2 sets of 200 lights
  • Dusk to Dawn
  • 8 different lighting settings

5. Enbrighten LED Warm White & Color Changing Outdoor Lights

Enbrighten LED Warm White & Color Changing Outdoor Lights

This next strand of string lights is great, however, they are at the higher end of the price range, but worth considering if you are looking for a high-quality lighting solution that offers a lot of versatility and flexibility. They are some of the best outdoor string lights available.

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From Enbrighten, a product line made and supplied by Jasco comes these cool remote-controlled color-changing bulbs.

Visually pleasing and adding ambiance and atmosphere to any outdoor area. This set really comes into its own when it comes to the subject of colors. It has as a standard-setting that emits a relaxing and bright warm white light but also offers the option to change the colors and lighting effects.

With 16 different colors to choose from and can create more than 120 different combinations. There are even preset effect and color modes, timers that can be set to go off after 2 or 4 hours and a dimmer function that works with the remote.

You get 24 impact-resistant acrylics, durable LED bulbs styled to look like the classic Edison bulb shape. They are UL listed and made from commercial grade materials to handle serious levels of use and abuse. As if that wasn’t enough, this set can even be controlled using your smartphone.

What We Loved

  • Easy to use
  • Waterproof
  • Highly customizable, with various color, dimmer and lighting pattern options

6. TaoTronics 33ft Starry LED String Fairy Lights

TaoTronics 33ft Starry LED String Fairy Lights

Don’t let the fact that they are not from a top brand name put you off these great string lights, they have a high customer rating and considering the number of lights you get they are a bargain and the best patio string lights are not always big.

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These tiny, but durable LED light strands are set on an attractive and high quality copper wire. Although they are very small do not be fooled as they are also very capable, when working together, of lighting a whole room or outdoor space with a nice warm yellow white-hued illumination that would be ideal for those late evenings spent just relaxing, reading or socializing with friends and family in the garden.

The strand they are set on is made from copper, they are extremely flexible and versatile and can be bent, carefully, into any shape or arrangement you require. Not just for outdoors, how about an arrangement for the top table at a wedding, or, in the bedroom for a little romantic lighting. There is only the imagination that will hinder the use of these lights in the home or out.

A 33-foot strand with 100 mini LEDs and IP65 waterproofing with a 3 year warranty, you can’t easily dismiss these.

What We Loved

  • Bright and powerful, despite their size
  • Copper wire can be bent and adjusted
  • Backed by a full 3 year’s warranty

7. ETTP LED Bedroom Indoor Set of String Lights

ETTP LED Bedroom Indoor Lights

Although this ETTP LED indoor -outdoor strand of lights is marketed for bedrooms, they also will work perfectly as patio lights.

They emit a warm blue glow and each light comes with a clip that means you can attach photographs, artwork or let’s face it, anything your imagination can come up with as long as the clip will hold it.

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This might not sound like the best lighting solution for your backyard, but if you are looking for something a bit different, maybe for a special occasion- then this is it!

12 feet of string houses the 30 different lights and clips and although it is powered by a USB connection which might not be the best setup for outside your property, you can invest in a relatively inexpensive power bank to use it outside with more freedom.

A quirkier twist on the usual lighting product, we thought this was worth highlighting as a nice contrast to some of the other products.

What We Loved

  • The 30 lights each feature 30 little clips so you can transform your lighting arrangement into a decorative piece with photographs and artwork.
  • Easy to use

8. Impress Life LED Dragonfly Bedroom Decoration Lights

Impress Life LED Dragonfly Bedroom Decoration Lights

The last product we have chosen for our top 9 best outdoor LED outdoor string lights is this set from Impress Life, which consists of 30 dragonfly LED lights.

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Perfect for nature lovers, people looking for something a bit kitsch or children of all ages, these attractive dragonflies will add an additional layer of interest to your garden and as patio lights.

They are lightweight, easy to use and, battery operated (3 AA batteries required). There are even dimming and flicker options if you want to lower the brightness from time to time or change the ambiance depending on the situation or occasion you are using them and a built-in timer.

What We Loved

  • Dimming feature
  • Easy to use
  • Remote controlled

9. Semintech Solar String Lights 20 LED Honey Bees

Semintech Solar String Lights 20 LED Honey Bees

The first of our string lights for patios using the sun as its power source is this beautiful honey bee strand.

Maybe you have young children, just love bees or have a quirky sense of humor you’d like to express in your garden with your fairy lights outdoor, well, this just has to be the best. From Semintech it is just what you need.

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It is a set of 20 LED lights with one major difference that sets it apart from other products on our list – the solar LED lights are encased in honey bee decoration.

So why not add some illuminating honey bees to your bushes and other areas to not only provide you with a little illumination but a wonderful decoration for your outside space.

One of the best things about these LED string lights is that it is powered by solar energy. Therefore, it spends the day charging up, saving you energy and then when night falls they switch on and you have a feast for the eyes in the form of swarming bees, just watch out in case they sting you!

What We Loved

  • Quirky bee design, fun for kids and adults alike
  • Solar-powered, so perfect for eco-conscious individuals
  • Bright considering their size and the novelty factor

Now that we have discussed our choices for the top 10 outdoor string lights available, to further help you find the right set for you; we have put together a guide to some of the most important considerations you need to make when buying yours.

Additionally, we have also provided some handy tips for using them effectively.

Outdoor String Lights Buyers Guide

Are Incandescent or LED Bulbs Better?

LED String Lights

When it comes to outdoor string lights, incandescent bulbs are the more budget-friendly and traditional option. They produce a very warm and soft glow, but because they need electricity to power them they are not as eco-friendly as LEDs. They can be prone to getting hot, so they are not always the best option for indoor use.

LED bulbs, as you are probably aware, are energy efficient and so use less electricity to power them, which is why they have become increasingly popular over the last couple of decades. Not only do they work more efficiently and use less energy but, they also emit brighter light and colors. They also last a lot longer too. Furthermore, because they stay cool they are perfectly safe and the best option for use indoors.

Rope Lights Or Classic String of Lights

There are generally two main options to choose from – rope strings and the more classic string.

Rope String

Rope string options feature bulbs that are held within the color or transparent tubing. These work well when used as an outline for a specific feature such as a pathway, patio lights or doors and can be used to create interesting shapes and designs.

String Lights

These more traditional styles feature individual light bulbs that all hang from a central strand. If required, strands can be connected to other strands to former longer strands for lighting larger areas.

Indoor Use or Outdoor Use?

Generally speaking, all string lights are okay to use indoors. However, if you intend on using yours outdoors, you need to make doubly sure that they will be safe. Lights that have been cleared and rated for use outdoors are able to withstand the elements to a reasonable extent and function, even in snow and rain.

If you really want to make your outdoor area glow, check out some of this AMAZING outdoor LED furniture, it’s absolutely stunning.

Power Type

Solar Powered Lights

These lights are generally powered by three different sources – battery, mains and solar.

For mains powered versions they need to be plugged into an electrical outlet. If you are planning on using them outside, therefore, you may have to invest in an outdoor outlet or outdoor extension cord.

Battery-powered lights usually have a battery case at the end of the string. They offer more versatility and can be used virtually anywhere because they don’t need to be plugged in, but remember check that the case is waterproof before leaving out in the rain.

Solar string lights, as the name suggests, are powered by the sun and use a solar sensor so are the best for energy saving. They usually automatically switch ON and OFF from dawn to dusk but some doing have separate modes to override this. Quick and easy to set up and you don’t need an extension cord or electrical outlet nearby.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Now you have seen some of the best and most decorative lighting solutions out there you might still wonder which is the best for you. Here we have answered some of the most asked questions that we get.

Are LED string lights a fire hazard?

Led string lights are not a fire hazard as the voltage is so low and because the current running through the wires is so low. LED string lights do not generate heat as the more traditional incandescent bulbs do. They give off brilliant bright light but virtually no heat.

Can you leave string lights on all night?

Although modern string lights have greatly improved the fire risks of electrical decorations and have very high safety standards, it is never recommended to leave your string lights on overnight or prolonged periods of time when you are out and enjoying the festive spirit.

Not only because of the fire risks, but think of the energy used for your fairy string lights and other electrical decorations and you are not even getting to enjoy them.

How long do outdoor string lights Last?

How long outdoor string lights last completely depends on whether you plan on having them all year round or just for the holiday periods. 24 – 30 months is an average for permanent positioning but if you only use them occasionally then your string lights outdoors will give you a good 6- 7 years.

Don’t forget, you will also need to take into consideration the weather conditions in your area to ensure they will be ok in extreme cold or heat, etc.

Handy Tips For Using Outdoor String Lights

String Lights Around Stairs

If you do not have a lot of space available, but feel that you could benefit from more lighting in the outdoor areas of your property, you could try weaving outdoor lights around the handrails for your stairs or the railings of a balcony. Alternatively, you could consider attaching them to an umbrella to create a beautiful ambient umbrella lighting. Patio lights are also another favorite among string lights.

In addition to being used in a string, you could gather together a collection of smaller strands and put them into a mason jar, lantern or vase to make a light flower display.

If the outdoor area you are working with is large enough, you could use these lights to divide the area into different sections or zones. You can use them to add light to a darker corner of your yard for a cozy hideaway or around your table and chairs for a more intimate entertaining and socializing area.

And that summarises our top 10 LED best outdoor string lights.

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