Best RV Interior Lights

Finding the right RV lighting takes more time than interior lights for in your home. You have to think about scale, how it is mounted, how the light spreads through the space and whether it is too bright for such a small area.

Here are 6 of the best LED lighting options for an RV, varying from wall mounted dome lights to designs with a lamp shade. Each one is easily installed, does not take up too much space and emits a comfortable glow.

Need more help in deciding on the best choice for you? Then scroll down to our quick buying guide for RV LED lighting.

Top 6 RV lights:

1. Best Overall: Hamilton Hills Dimmable Circular Wall Mounts

Hamilton-Hills-Dimmable-Circular-Wall-MountsThis modern thin circular design comes in 3 different colors; oiled bronze, silver and white. The center is a milky white material that gives off a comfortable warm glow with accurate CRi, creating a cozy mood inside the RV.

This has a flush mount installation with the driver pre-intstalled into the back of the fixture. Hamilton Hills is proud of their product quality and ensures the materials used in this design make it damp proof so you can also install it in the RV bathroom.

This is an individually dimmable design without any flickering, no UV radiation and free of mercury. The LED energy consumption is 12 watts and they last for an impressive 50,000 hours of run time.

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Key Features

  • Very thin model, versatile and modern
  • Individually dimmable
  • Damp proof
  • Available in 2700 – 4000 kelvin and 5.5” – 16” diameter

2. Classiest Look: Genuine Marine Teak and Brass Wide Berth Directional Lamp

Genuine-Marine-Teak-and-Brass-Wide-Berth-Directional-Lamp.The elegant colors of a brass fixture and teak-like lamp shade make this the most stylish design on our list. It has a retro feel thanks to the glass lamp shade with the energy efficiency of a modern day LED.

Each dimmable bulb has a total wattage of only 3 watts making this an extremely low energy option. It also has a long lifespan of up to 30,000 hours of use.

The color temperature is a gentle white glow which is perfectly comfortable for a cozy night inside or as a reading light. You can also make use of the alternative blue night light which you can switch on like a regular button.

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Key features

  • Each fixture has a touch button so no additional switch needed
  • Very low energy consumption
  • Package includes all installation tools
  • Dimmable with additional blue night light

3. Best Precision: Leisure LED Double Dome Ceiling Light 5-Pack

Leisure-LED-Double-Dome-Ceiling-Light-5-PackThese are not just regular dome lights – this design features two separate halves that you can switch on and off individually or at the same time. This makes it more versatile and precise giving you more flexibility in how you want to illuminate the space.

This version gives a natural white glow at 4000 – 4500 kelvin using 48 individual SMD LEDs. Despite having so many LEDs, it still has a low energy consumption of just 6 watts with a maximum luminous flux of 620.

The fixture is installed on the walls so it takes a few minutes of work but once that job is finished you can enjoy them for decades to come. The expected lifespan of this product is over 60,000 hours and it comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of 1 year.

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Key Features

  • 60,000 hours run time
  • Built-in-3-way switch
  • Also available in warm white and cool white color temperatures
  • 5-packs making this a budget friendly option

4. Best Replacement Light: Kohree Interior Ceiling Dome for Trailers

Kohree-Interior-Ceiling-Dome-for-TrailersThis product by Kohree is another example of a dome light with a built-in-3-way switch but this model is even easier to install, making it the perfect quick fix for replacement lights.

Each one comes with 2 wires without polarity plus all the screws and bolts that you need for wall installation.

As always, these are low energy LEDs taking up only 6 watts in total despite using 48 individual 5050SMD LED bulbs. The package is delivered as a 2-pack but you can also opt for singles which are slightly more expensive.

This product is made of top quality with an expected lifespan of 60,000 hours including a 1-year warranty. It is also heat-resistant and anti-corrosive so you can be sure that the casing stays a clear white material over the years.

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Key Features

  • 60,000 hours lifespan incl. warranty
  • Built-in-3-way switch
  • Surface mounting incl. necessary nuts and screws
  • Low power consumption

5. Most Comfortable Brightness: BlueFire Super Bright 4-Pack

BlueFire-Super-Bright-4-PackThere is a fine balance between color temperature, brightness and eye health and this LED lighting fixture has found the sweet spot. With a color temperature of 4000 – 4500 kelvin, the natural white light is soft on the eyes while still being very bright with a high luminous flux.

If you are looking for lighting fixtures that can illuminate large spaces inside your RV then this is the model to choose. It has a screw-type wiring cap for quick installation and last up to 60,000 hours so you can forget about them for decades.

Each fixture comes with an individual switch so no extra wiring is required after installation. The switch also lets you choose between full brightness and half brightness so you have some more control without having to install a dimmer.

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Key Features

  • 60,000 hours lifespan
  • Very bright with high lumen
  • Switch option between full brightness and half brightness
  • Surface mounted with nuts, screws and no polarity wires included

6. Best Design: Obeaming Aluminium Brushed Bedside Lamp

Obeaming-Aluminium-Brushed-Bedside-LampA metallic silver lamp shade fits into nearly every design aesthetic making this a safe choice for nearly everyone’s RV. It has the shape of a traditional wall-mounted bedside lamp with the cool sleek look of brushed aluminium.

Each item is individually dimmable with a simple touch mechanism. Also, both the head and neck pivot, 90° and 360° respectively, giving you full control of the lighting direction.

An interesting design detail is that the touch button is multifunctional – it also acts as a blue night light. This calm color lets you see just enough to not knock over anything on your bathroom break in the middle of the night but it is still subtle enough to no disturb you in your sleep.

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Key Features

  • Screw bracket installation design
  • Pivoting head and neck
  • Dimmable with touch control switch
  • Built-in blue night light

RV Lights Buying Guide

There are a few additional things to consider when looking for replacement lighting in your RV, things that you might not think about for most regular home lighting. Read through these tips to help you make a smart purchase.

Individual Switch over Central Switch

Since an RV is a much more confined space, having lights with individual switches is even more important, especially when you are on a family trip.

In your home, there is enough room to adjust the lighting to each person’s preference but in a trailer or RV the light spills over much more easily.

Having an individual switch on each lighting fixture gives you more control over how the light spreads. This way, you can keep a comfortable reading light while your bed partner snoozes away.

Also, individual switches are easier to install. There is no need for any additional wiring that leads to a central switch which significantly cuts down the installation time.

Lower Lumen

Though you might prefer higher lumens at home, the available options for RV lighting are usually less bright. A standard luminous flux for RV lighting is around 500 – 700 lumen.

This is preferable for the same reason why you want individual switches. Brighter lighting easily floods through the space which you want to avoid when there is little personal space.

If you still prefer higher lumens, consider getting a dimmable version so that you can easily adjust it at anytime. This way you can increase the brightness for certain tasks like cooking or reading but lower it again for when you are simply watching TV or having dinner.


Again, space is limited so think about the size of the lighting fixture. The more popular models are either flatter wall-mounted designs of a flexible design so that you can adjust the shape when needed.

For ceiling lights the flat dome lights are popular because they do not jut out too much, leaving you without any obstacles in your head space.

For atmospheric lighting and task lighting, the bedside lamps are popular because they usually come with a flexible head.

The best course is to make use of both designs. Just like in your home, you have overhead lighting for the entire room and atmospheric or task lighting for illuminating smaller spaces or creating a cozier environment.


For aesthetic purposes, use the same lighting fixtures; whenever possible, go for the multipacks or buy several of the same design, even when you only need 1 replacement. This is because different designs are more noticeable inside an RV.

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