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Top 10 Best Solar Flood Lights Reviews

Top 10 Best Solar Flood Lights Reviews

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Whether around your home or commercial premises, solar flood lights can help you see and can also help deter crime. Solar powered flood lights are becoming increasingly popular in all kinds of populated and rural areas. Just like LED shed lights, they come in super handy when you’re in and out of the backyard.

People breaking into properties or committing other crime do not like to be seen, and coupled with CCTV, solar flood lights outdoors can help identify anyone involved in criminal activity, making solar flood lighting outdoor options a great choice to prevent your home from criminal activity.

Pssst – If you don’t have time to read the full post, here’s our top 3 best outdoor solar flood lights reviews:

Litom 24 Led Solar Outdoor Flood Light

  • 8000+ 5* Reviews
  • Industry Leader
  • Packs of 1, 2 & 4
  • Motion Detection

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Zookki Solar Motion Sensor Flood Lights

  • 800+ 5* Reviews
  • Pack of 4
  • 26ft Motion Detection
  • All in One Units

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Sunforce Motion Sensor Flood Light

  • 180 LEDs
  • 180 Degree Angle
  • Fully Directional
  • 1200 Lumens

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Lights are available for a wide range of outdoor uses, and in many different designs and with varying power levels, and motion sensors lights are undoubtedly the most attractive and useful (read our full list of outdoor lighting tips). But when it comes to flood lights, solar powered floodlights take the lead in preference.

The current most popular choice for outdoor lighting is that of solar-powered LED lights. Solar powered flood lights can cover very large areas and are surprisingly effective, as well as affordable. There is no additional cost of electricity from the grid as it all comes from the solar cells built in. Learn: How do solar panels work?

With the only expense being the purchase and installation – and a minimum of occasional maintenance, solar flood lights are the way to go, so let’s have a look at the top 10 models on the market to help you make a decision.

Our 10 Best Outdoor Solar Flood Lights Reviews

1. Litom 24 Led Solar Outdoor Flood Light

1. Litom 24 Led Solar Outdoor Solar Flood Lights

Litom makes a claim to the ‘leader of the solar light industry’ and they do offer quite an extensive range of outdoor solar light options.

This one is a 24 LED sloar floodlight designed to mount on a wall, and comes with all the fittings to get the job done. Equipped with the best LED’s and upgraded chips, and it can provide you with light across 50% more area than a standard light, due to its special wide-angle design. It uses Photovoltaic cells, which is the most common type of solar power in homes across the US.

It’s an all in one design, with the motion and light sensor in the same unit as the lamp. This has its advantages in that it is easy to fit and there are no cables, but as a downside, it means you cannot mount the light where it will not be in sunlight during the day.

Completely waterproof and effective, and with 1000’s of positive reviews, these solar powered flood lights are available as a single, as a pair or as a pack of four, and is a sensible price for a quality product.

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Key Features

  • 24 LED
  • Market Leading brand
  • Wide-angle design
  • All in one unit
  • Motion detector
  • Available as one, two or four

2. Avaspot 2-Pack 30 LED Security Flood Light

2. Avaspot 2-Pack 30 LED Solar Flood Lights

This interesting model offers 30 LED’s, positioned in blocks of 15 either side of the lamp, that gives a good amount of brightness. The lamp itself is designed to be mounted on a wall and casts light downwards and out, and is easy to fit as a single lamp and panel in one unit. You do, however, have to mount these solar flood lights outdoors where there is sunlight, so it’s no good indoors – for that you need one with a separate solar panel and connecting cable.

As with many outdoor security lights, this one has a motion detector that will sense movement over 120-degrees at up to 26 feet, and also has a darkness sensor if you want it on permanently at night. It is fully waterproof and well-made, and the side-mounting of the LED’s is a clever touch that provides a wide spread of light when in use.

As you get two of these solar powered flood lights in this pack it is worth a closer look, and in fact,  there are few flood lights on the market that could match this deal for the price.

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Key Features

  • 30 LED
  • Special design for wide angle light
  • Motion detector
  • All in one unit
  • Two pack

3. Zookki Solar Motion Sensor Flood Lights

3. Zookki Solar LED Flood Lights

Designed to mount on the wall, and can be used as simple lights or for security. Each of these solar flood lights is equipped with 28 LED’s and the light and sensor is one unit, so there is no need for untidy cables.

Output for each of these solar powered flood lights is 400 lumens, which is perfectly adequate when you have all four working together.

The motion sensor, which sits above the lamp itself, covers a 120-degree area at up to 26ft, which is a useful range for detecting intruders, and the flood light stays on for 30 seconds after no movement is detected.

It can also be set to come on automatically as darkness falls. The battery recharges in sunlight during the day and gives at least 8 hours of solid use, and of course, these units are waterproof.

This is a really good flood light package if you are on a budget and need multiple LED solar lights placed around your property.

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Key Features

  • 4 lamps
  • All in one unit
  • 400 lumens each
  • 28 LED’s
  • Motion sensor 26 feet
  • Cheap

4. Sunforce 82183 Motion Sensor Flood Light

4. Sunforce 82183 Motion Sensor Flood Light

This impressive solar LED flood lights from Sunforce, who have a wide variety of such products across their range. This one, the 82183 Motion Light, comes with no fewer than 180 LED’s as the light source.

Each unit has triple-head light panels for the very best range of coverage, and you get an impressive 1200 lumens – that’s the brightness level – on full use. The motion sensor for this set of LED solar lights covers 180-degrees across a range of 30 feet, and is fully adjustable so you can choose where you want it to detect.

These solar powered flood lights are designed to be fully weather resistant and come complete with the rechargeable batteries that are revitalized during the sunlight hours, although this type of solar cell does not require direct sunlight.

You can adjust the amount of time the light stays on for, and all the mounting and fitting parts are supplied.

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Key Features

  • 1200 lumens
  • 180 degree, 30 foot motion sensor
  • 180 LED
  • 3 panel design
  • Rechargeable batteries included

5. SunBonar 120 LED Outdoor Solar Flood Light

5. SunBonar 120 LED Outdoor Solar Flood Lights

These solar powered flood lights are what may be described as the ‘standard’ design among those listed, and there are a few on this list that resembles these very much indeed.

You get a solar panel that is of the latest type, plus a light that can be mounted in three ways: on a wall, on the ground with a spike, or on a pole, where it would make a great patio or driveway light. This is a quite versatile if basic design.

The 120 LED’s provide you with a decent maximum of 1000 lumens, and fully charged they give you at least 8 hours of use.

These are fully waterproof and come with everything you need for fitting and lighting. The lights are easy to fit – the solar cell too as it is a separate unit – and it’s perfect as a security light or as general outdoor lighting.

There is, however, no motion sensor, so you will find these are on all the time when dark, and as such it is quite expensive in comparison.

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Key Features

  • 120 LED
  • 1000 lumens on full brightness
  • 3 mounting options
  • NO motion sensor
  • Auto on/off with fading light

LEPOWER Adjustable Head Flood Lights

6. LEPOWER Adjustable Head Flood Lights

These solar powered flood lights by LEPOWER are great for security lighting around the house or for offices. The head of this light is adjustable so you can get the angles of the sensor exactly where you want them.

The sensor has a very wide angle of 180° and can sense movement from a maximum distance of 49 feet. Control how you want the sensors to react by choosing between the 3 different modes with a simple switch.

The 3 different modes are Normal mode, Auto mode, and Test mode. On Normal mode, the floodlight stays on for maximum when it detects movement and with Auto mode, you can set the timer for either 30 seconds, 60 seconds or 120 seconds.

A unique aspect of this solar flood light is that the solar panel is amorphous which means that it does not need direct sunlight to draw energy. This makes the model especially suitable for wet climates and outdoor areas that are often in the shade.

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Key Features

  • IP65 waterproof
  • Adjustable head
  • 50,000 hours lifespan
  • 180° wide sensing angle and range of 49 feet.
  • Amorphous silicon solar panel


7. HiJi Solar 120 LED Solar Powered Flood Light

7. HiJi Solar 120 LED Solar Powered Flood Light

This solar powered dusk to dawn light is, once again, very similar to a few solar LED flood lights, but that’s really to be expected.

There is only so much one can do with the basic design of a solar light and panel set – this is another where they are separate – and these solar powered flood lights are designed for function rather than looks, we don’t expect them to be particularly pretty.

Nevertheless, this is a decent solar floodlight at a sensible price.

The 120 LED’s provide you with more than adequate brightness – 800 lumens, so not the brightest solar lights here but far from the least bright – and the units are easy to mount and come with all the fixtures and fittings, plus a good length of cable for if you want the LED solar lights to go indoors.

As with quite a few here, there is only a light sensor – so no motion sensor. That makes these the ideal choice for a solar dusk to dawn light.

A fully charged battery can provide up to 10 hours of light, and you can also switch it on and off manually.

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Key Features

  • 120 LED’s
  • 800 Lumens
  • Separate light and panel
  • 10 hours
  • NO motion sensor

8. Awanber Remote Controlled Solar Powered Flood Lights

8. Awanber Remote Controlled Solar Dusk to Dawn Lights

This model is another of the standard solar powered flood lights in that it does not have a motion sensor and is a simple design with two boxes, one for light and one for the panel.But, it does offer something slightly different in that you get a remote control, so can switch in on and off without going near it.

Being a dusk to dawn solar light it also has a light sensor, so it will switch itself on when it is getting dark, and off again in the morning when the light returns.

This light offers a 120-degree beam and has a power of 800 Lumens, so again it’s not the most impressive but will be perfectly adequate for most uses. It is fully waterproof and usable both indoors or out with a lengthy cable.

It’s a very nice unit and can also be charged from a USB port, comes with all the fittings and is easy to fit, and is reasonably priced in this company.

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Key Features

  • Remote control
  • 120 degree beam
  • 800 lumens
  • NO motion sensor
  • Light sensor
  • Easy to fit

Westinghouse Solar Motion Sensor FloodLights

9. Westinghouse Solar Motion Sensor Floodlights

Looking for a solar flood light that is durable? Then consider this model by Westinghouse which uses high-quality materials that make it resistant to different weather conditions including high heat, frost, and rain.

Each head is fitted with 80 LEDs which produce a total of 2000 lumen. The sensor is sensitive enough to detect movement at a maximum long distance of 39 feet.

Another high-quality aspect of this model is its solar panel that has a high storage capacity. The design has a 4000 mAh rechargeable battery fitted on the amorphous solar panel.

Using the simple switch you can change between different modes. On auto mode you have the choice of 3 different intervals for the light to stay on; 30 seconds, 60 seconds and 120 seconds.

A few downsides to this design is that it does not automatically turn on at night and turn off at dawn which means it is less energy saving. It also requires a long charging time of 16 hours to reach its full charge.

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Key Features

  • 39 feet detection distance
  • Made of durable aluminum
  • Amorphous solar panel
  • Bright at 2000 lumen
  • Large energy storage capacity

10. Anko 3-Panel 1000 Lumen Solar Flood Light

10. Anko 3-Panel 1000 Lumen Solar Flood Lights

Our final solar powered flood lights are very similar in design to the first one on the list, in that it has a 3-panel light for a wide beam coverage.

It gives a total of 1000 lumens from its total of 182 LED’s and is very effective in covering 180 degrees spread at 30 feet distance for motion detection. In all of this, it is a very neat solar floodlight indeed, and one that deserves looking at closely if you want a security light.

The light head is adjustable for angle and reach, it is fully waterproof and comes with all the necessary fixings to mount it on a wall or roof, and it’s easy to put up. A 3.5-meter cable also means you can mount the lamp a distance from the panel if you need to.

It comes with three further adjustments: you can set the level of light you want it to come on at automatically, the range of motion detection you want to cover, and the time it stays on when it detects movement.

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Key Features

  • 1000 lumens
  • 3 panel design
  • 182 LED’s
  • 180 degree, 30 foot motion sensor
  • Adjustable settings for time and brightness

That’s our list of the top 10 solar powered flood lights, so which is for you? Let’s have a look!

Our Conclusion of Solar Powered Flood Lights

If you want the best outdoor solar flood lights with a motion sensor, we recommend you check out number 1 and 10, both of which have a wealth of features, are some of the brightest solar lights, and full motion sensing at a sensible price.

If you don’t need motion sensing, the PowerAdd model at number 4 would make a good solar dusk to dawn light, and if you need a genuine streetlight, the 3000 lumens provided by number 8 is an unbeatable solar powered flood lights option. All on this list are worth a second look, so check them out before you make your decision.

If you are thinking of maximizing your security at home or at work, there are a couple of additional things you should think of before investing in an LED solar flood light. If you are planning on DIY option, here are some tips on installing outdoor LED flood lights yourself. You may be interested to take a look at the 4 most important places to put a motion sensor light.

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