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Best Solar Powered Fairy Lights

Top 5 Best Solar Powered Fairy Lights

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It’s 2019 and we are, at last, in a time where our concern for the environment and our need for whimsy and delight have crossed over.

Gone are the days where our only options for solar light were awkward, weak, and dull. A simple search on amazon will now yield a plethora of options for interesting, solar light options.

Psssst…. Don’t have time to read the full post? Don’t worry! Here are our top 3 solar powered fairy light picks;

AMIR Upgraded Solar Powered String Lights

  • 100 LED Lights
  • Waterproof
  • Warm White
  • Great Decoration

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TomCare Solar Lights Outdoor Solar Spotlights

  • Flickering Flames
  • Landscape Decoration
  • Dusk to Dawn Lighting
  • Weather Resistance

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GIGALUMI Hanging Solar Mason Jar Lid Lights

  • 6 Pack
  • Multiple Uses
  • Perfect for Decoration
  • 15 LED String Lights

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5 Best Solar Powered Fairy Lights

Not only can you indulge in a classic multi-colored string lights, but there are now LED strips, torch imitators, and shapes-galore. It would be all too easy to get lost in page after page of choices. To break down the options, there are few things worth considering.

1. GIGALUMI Hanging Solar Mason Jar Lid Lights

1. GIGALUMI Hanging Solar Mason Jar Lid Lights.

The charm and efficiency of these lights might be unmatched. Imitating one of the most delightful and traditional forms of light, these mason jars are weatherproof and can be hung around the garden or brought in side for a rustic effect.

The design harks back to summer nights catching fireflies without having to actually imprison and kill a beautiful living thing. Environmentalism at its finest.

The solar panel is cleverly installed on the lid of the jar so each light charges individually and does not need to be hooked up or chained together in order to absorb sunlight.

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The pack we feature here comes with six individual jars filled with fairy lights without additional wiring. With a full charge they work for up to 8 hours and will automatically turn on at night.

They are completely weatherproof and can withstand everything from harsh sunny days, heavy rain, and even light snow.

The six pack of jars comes at current price of $35.99 which is not bad for such a charming and efficient little device. GIGALUMI offers smaller packs for cheaper prices if you are only looking for a small table or desk piece.

2. TomCare Solar Flickering Flame Torches

2. TomCare Solar Flickering Flame Torches

Much like the firefly mason jars, these torches offer a modern, environmentally friendly way of enjoying something traditional. These torch-like solar lights use LED technology to imitate the effect of the dancing flames of an old fashioned torch.

The solar panel is located, and almost hidden at the top of each torch. These lights are perfect for outdoor use and can be staked into the ground and left to charge all day. When it’s time for use, simply turn them on with a button and enjoy the lovely mood lighting.

With a detachable steak, they can be driven into soil of the garden or placed in a holder for use at a table or between the slats of a deck. Being weather-resistant, they can be left out for use all year.

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The featured pack comes with 4 torches for $76.99. The high price is due to to their large size, at around 43 inches, as well as that beautiful fire effect. They are also more efficient than the average solar light. After 8 hours of charging, one can expect up to 12 hours of light.

If you’re looking to create a specific, rustic mood then the high price might very well be worth it.

3. Lemontec Water Drop Fairy Lights

3. Lemontec Water Drop Fairy Lights

Let’s say you’re looking for something classic in the realm of fairy lights. The jars and torches were interesting but here we have a lovely take on an old design.

The Lemontec water drops are beautiful and eye-catching.. The slim, long, and multicolored lights create a magical rainy effect with several vibrant colors shining through a textured water drop shape.

The set comes with a solar panel and mounting spike so you can easily charge and hang the lights inside or out.

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While they are most well known for their multicolor effect, the water drops can be put into multiple settings. These include white, warm white, and straight blue. The versatility of these lights is hard to find and it means they can be used for anything from basic illumination to vibrant party lights.

They also come equipped with an inbuilt sensor so they automatically switch on at night. Additionally, they are perfect for indoor and outdoor use since they are equipped with waterproofing.

The set featured here comes with 20 feet of string and 30 individual bulbs for $24.99. For a unique take on fairy lights with multiple light settings, easy solar charging ability, and versatility the cost is beyond worth it.

4. AMIR Solar Powered String Lights

4. AMIR Solar Powered String LightsDespite all the cool effects and psychedelic colors, you may be looking for something standard and simple. Look no further then AMIR’s solar string lights. With 100 LED lights on 33 feet of wire at $9.99 they are by far the best deal listed here.

The solar panel is a simple stake to be placed in the ground and hooked up to the lights where they can charge throughout the day for hours of warm, white light. Easy to hang and waterproof, they are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

The lights run along a thin and highly flexible copper wire making them easy to bend and form to whatever shape you may need. Furthermore, the wire is designed to be nearly invisible so that only the bright glow of the LED lights can be seen.

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AMIR’s selection also comes in a bright white and a deeper amber tone. They are also available in a set of 200 LED lights and, for less than double the price, can be equipped with 8 different modes which include fireflies, waves, fading, chasing/flashing, slow fade, twinkle, steady, and combinations.

While other selections on this list provide a more unique character, the AMIR string lights are the perfect choice for utility and price and can also be used for outdoor umbrella lighting.

5. Solar Bee Fairy Lights

5. Solar Bee Fairy LightsSo now that we’ve looked at the ultimate in utility lights, it’s time to step back into whimsical territory. These fairy lights come in the shape of bees. It’s that simple and as delightful as it sounds.

The design of the bee casings is detailed and thoughtful, with clear white wings and an amber casing to create a warm honey-like glow. Ideal for the garden, they are weatherproof and can resist rain and snow with ease. The solar panel comes as a steak to placed in the ground.

During the day it is hooked up to the strand and efficiently charges. After a full day of sunlight, the bees should shine bright for up to 8 hours at a time. Like the AMIR lights, they also come with 8 different modes including fireflies, waves, fades, flash-chasing, slow fade, twinkle, steady, and combinations.

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They also feature an automatic switch for when night falls and day breaks. For just $19.99 you buy a double pack of 30 bee lights that feature much of the utility and versatility of AMIR’s standard string lights but with the simple added charm of the bee design.

There you have it. All of these fairy and torch lights are not only delightful and sturdy enough to withstand harsh weather, they are guilt-free. It would be all too easy to throw money at your typical electric light strand.

However, for just the simple added effort of plugging your lights up to a solar panel you can significantly reduce your carbon footprint. Also, depending on the type of lights you choose, you might not even have to do that much.

The cost of solar technology is rapidly decreasing and it versatility for unique and fun use is skyrocketing. The 5 options we listed here are just some of our favorites found on Amazon. As mentioned earlier, the options are almost limitless.

If you like those unique bee and water-drop shapes, be prepared to find luminous solar flowers and shimmering cherry blossoms. If you wanted utility, AMIR is just the tip of the iceberg. Those unique flame torches and firefly jars can be found dozens of different forms and styles.

This is only the beginning of what solar power can do for you. Happy Hunting!

Buying Solar Powered Fairy Lights

Perhaps most importantly is understanding how these wonderful, earth-loving lights work. Most, if not all, are equipped with a small, black solar panel. These panels absorb sunlight and convert it into electricity using the photovoltaic effect that was originally discovered in the 19th century.

Photovoltaic technology operates under the principle that particles of light, known as photons, can create energy by interacting with certain materials.

A semiconductor material like silicon is perfect for this. When sunlight hits a panel made of silicon, it excites the outermost electrons of the silicon atoms. This sudden displacement creates energy that is converted to electricity in the form of alternating current.

This is then converted within the solar panel into direct current which in turn makes the electricity viable for use.

Every string light then relies on how much time it is allowed to absorb sunlight and charge. The more time and light it receives the longer and more vibrant your lights will shine.

It’s important then to leave your lights out charging throughout the day when you don’t have them in use that they will last through the night or however long you plan to use them. All this is done without the use of fossil fuels or traditional energy sources.

It is completely renewable and guilt-free for anyone looking to lessen their carbon footprint. Considering the current state of climate change, that should really be everyone.

Knowing the basics of how these lights work is only the first step. Next, you’ll want to figure out your budget for whimsical, tree-hugging fairy lights.

There is a wide variety of types and prices out there. Prices change based on several factors. The amount of bulbs, the quality of the solar panel, strength or lumen level of the lights, the effects possible, and whether the lights are meant for indoor or outdoor use.

What Else Do I Need To Consider?

Next, and perhaps most vital, you need to consider how much sunlight you actual get where you live. There’s going to be a big difference in effectiveness between lights used on the rainy Oregon coast and the brutal desert sun of Arizona.

Regardless of where you live, the solar lights will work but the amount of sunlight available will certainly effect how often you can use your lights and how bright and long-lasting they will be.

If you live in a place of near constant cloud cover, you may want to search for products that claim the ability to retain energy longer and with less light. It will likely be more expensive but the investment will be worth it.

Fairy Light Review Summary

LED String Lighting in Garden

Finally, what do you want? Stop worrying about all the variables and sciencey fuss for a moment and look at the space you want to responsibly illuminate. If all you want is a ten-foot string to frame your window or desk, then that will narrow things down significantly.

The same goes for someone looking to create a firelight effect across an entire garden patio. Keep your confusion and indecision at a minimum and know what you want before everything available on the internet overwhelms you.

Knowing all this and considering the variables it’s time to begin the hunt. To help narrow this down, here are 5 of our favorite choices that are easily found on Amazon.

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