Foldio 3 Product Photography Light Box

Orange Monkie Foldio 3 Review | A Foldable Photography Light Box

With sites like eBay, Amazon, and Etsy making it easier for people to sell all manner of things online, the online retail marketplace has really opened wide. However, one of the biggest issues facing many sellers is having high-quality photographs of their products that help to do a lot of the actual selling for them.

Introducing the Foldio 3 Photography Light Box

Foldio 3 Light Box Review

What began life as a Kickstarter campaign is now a hugely successful business enterprise that has seen Orange Monkie sell over 1,000,000 Foldio’s over the last few years, not just throughout the US, but across the world.

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Whether you are completely new to the world of Foldio Light Boxes or have heard about them but have been reluctant to invest in one just yet, we hope to give you a clearer picture of why it might be time to up your product photography game and buy one.

The Foldio 3 was recently featured #1 in our Best Photography Light Box Reviews and really caught our attention, so we wanted to expand on our review and take a much closer look.

What Exactly Is The Foldio Light Box?

Foldio is the very first portable, mini studio consisting of a foldable design that allows you to take professional standard images with just your smartphone. As the name cleverly hints at – it’s a portable, foldable photography light box.

Although that might sound off a few alarm bells in your ear about just how effective can something like this be, let me help by telling you that it works like a dream. It has magnets in its structure that mean each part opens up and sticks together in seconds.

It comes with an LED strip light and three matte foam backdrops in black, gray and white. There are currently three different versions available, that have been released by Orange Monkie over the last few years since 2014, along with a plethora of useful upgrades and accessories to enhance your small object and product photography even further.

Foldio3 – Even Bigger and More Sophisticated

Is the Foldio Light Box Any Good

What You Actually Get In The Box

Investing in the Foldio3 will get you a box that contains everything you need to start taking product photography and other subjects, including:

  • The Foldio3 studio body
  • LED Lighting System, consisting of 3 LEDs
  • Dimming controller
  • Matte Foam Backdrops x 2 (Black and White)
  • Power Adapter Kit to enable use internationally, in EU, AU, UK and US
  • Instruction manual

So… What’s New?

Folio 3 Upgrade Specifications

The Foldio3 is the follow-up and much bigger and greatly enhanced to the Foldio1 and Foldio2. Again, rather than seeing this as a straightforward upgrade to the previous two, it is better to see it as the best Foldio Light Box Studio, for those who can afford it.

Although it still folds down and up with ease and is easy to carry, it’s structure has been altered somewhat to accommodate the bigger size. So how big is the Foldio 3? The Foldio3 measures 25 x 25 x 22 inches, and incredible 15 inches bigger almost allover than the original Foldio. When it is closed it is just 25 x 15 x 2.6 inches.

The other major change is the addition of a third LED strip to create what the company refers to as a triple LED lighting system. This essentially gives you a brighter and much more effective lighting solution for your subjects. A diffuser cover has been installed to house the LEDs, giving the light produced a more professional and slick look and feel, while the dimming controller helps you to adjust the light levels more precisely than ever before.

As we stated for the other two variations, while the Foldio3 is definitely bigger and better – it is not completely necessary for someone to invest in it if it is outside their budget. However, our advice would be to get as big a Foldio as you can afford, because the more space you have to play around with the lighting setup and positioning of the items you wish to photograph, the better the end results will be.

Exciting Accessories and Additional Products Available

Available Sizes of Foldio Light Box

If you think the Foldio in its three guises was all Orange Monkie had to offer you and your attempts to take better pictures, you are wrong. It is worth highlighting some of the ingenious accessories you can buy to further enhance the Foldio photography experience.

The Halo Bar – Additional Lighting System To Further Enhance The Foldio3 Experience

The Halo Bar is a lighting accessory that consists of magnets designed to work in conjunction with the Foldio2. It can be attached to the bottom or the side of the Foldio3 and adds extra definition and clarity to your pictures by flooding additional light onto the subjects.

The lighting can be controlled and dimmed via the Foldio3 dimmer and can either be used in conjunction with the Foldio3 lighting system or on its own to produce dramatically different atmospheres for your images.

Foldio360 – The Smart Platform For 360 Degree Images Of Your Subjects

Foldio 360 Platform

Orange Monkie, with every new release from the company, keep on pushing things forward and opening a whole world of opportunity for great shots to both professional and amateur photographers.

Created to work in conjunction with the Foldio3 light box, the Foldio360 is a smart 360 turntable that measures 10 x 10 x 1.7 inches and is made from white durable plastic.

Essentially it is a smart platform for you to place items and take 360 degrees photography shots with ease, using the specially created Foldio360 app through your smartphone. It also features a Halo-Edge light system which helps give light directly behind the subject from the edge of the turntable.

In addition to the three different Foldio light boxes, the Halo Bar and the Foldio360; you can also purchase a wide range of extras from Foldio, including additional backdrops, additional LED and Foldio3 Halo bar kits.

In order to comprehensively review the Foldio 3 Photography Light Box in the best way, it makes sense to take each version individually and look at the main features and the things that make them stand out from the others. This should help you to decide which one, if any, is best for you and your specific photography needs.

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Looking At Different Sized Models? Here’s What You Need To Know

Foldio Size Comparison

Foldio Revews – Sometimes Size Really Does Matter

What You Actually Get In The Box

If you choose a Foldio1, you get a box that contains everything you need to get started, including:

  • The Foldio studio body
  • LED Light Strips x 2
  • USB Cables x 2
  • Matte Foam Backdrops x 4 (Green, Black, Gray and White)
  • Instruction manual
  • White carry pouch to hold everything in

The Lowdown

Foldio Product Photography Example
Example Product Image from a Foldio Light Box

This is the original and actually the smallest of the three available Foldio light boxes, measuring at 10.2 by 10.2 by 10.2 inches when opened and 10.2 x 10.2 x 0.6 inches when closed.

Once it is out of the box, you simply snap each section into place and it is more or less ready to go. The material the Foldio is made from is a very durable, white plastic sheeting. The LEDs are powered via the USB cables and produce daylight white colored light with a temperature of 5,700 Kelvin (Learn more about LED color temperatures).

You then are able to place items within the box and start snapping small projects or items that you need pictures of.  The backdrops are perfect for helping you choose the best way to really make your subject matter sing.

As if all that wasn’t enough, Orange Monkie have even devised a Foldio app that is completely free and aims to help you to maximize the use of your light studio.

When you are finished using the portable studio, it simply unfolds again into a compact package that is small enough to carry.

Foldio2 – A Little Bigger…

What You Actually Get In The Box

When you opt for the Foldio2, you get a box that contains everything you need to get started, much like the Foldio1, including:

  • The Foldio2 studio body, with carry handle
  • LED Light Strips x 2 (with Dimmers)
  • Matte Foam Backdrops x 4 (Green, Black, Gray and White)
  • Holder for Backdrops
  • Adapter Kit to enable use wherever you are – EU, AU, UK and US
  • Pouch for Adapter Kit
  • Instruction manual

The Lowdown

The Foldio2 as you’d imagine differs somewhat from the Foldio1. For one thing, it’s bigger measuring at 15 x 15 x 15 inches when opened and 15 by 15 by 1 inches when closed.

Another major change is with the 2 LED strips and how they are powered. Whereas in the Foldio1, they were powered by USB connections, these are powered by 9 volt power adapter, that Orange Monkie have painstakingly ensured will work virtually anywhere with the international adapter kit that is included in the package. Each LED with the Foldio2 comes with dimmer devices that enables you to adjust the brightness of your images.

Nothing has been altered in the way the Foldio2 assembles compared to the Foldio1 and it is still made from the same white plastic sheeting with magnets.

Rather than being an upgrade that makes the Foldio1 null and void, the Foldio2 is more of an upgrade for those who perhaps have a bigger budget and need a bigger light box for larger items that would not fit in the 10 inch original.

So, Is The Foldio Photography Light Box Studio Really As Good As It Sounds?

Is The Foldio Worth The Money

As we already noted, the Foldio model you choose to buy, if indeed you choose to buy any at all, should be a decision made by you and you alone. You know what you need and what you can afford.

However, even if you put all the hype generated by Orange Monkie and their success through Kickstarter, which is hard to argue anyway, the general opinion regarding their products is that they are practical, functional and just about do everything they promise.

Acclaim in the Media and From Customers

Foldio has been featured on reputable sites such as Mashable, Digital Trends, Tech Insider, GetNavi, Yanko Design and Taxi. The Foldio range have also received generally favorable reviews from impartial online customers. If you are still in doubt or need further convincing, it makes sense that you should take a look at some of those other reviews out there.

In Conclusion – The Choice Is Yours

If you are ready to take the plunge and improve how crisp, clean and professional your online store or blog images look – we feel compared to the alternatives out there; the Foldio, be it the Foldio1, Foldio2 or Foldio3 with Foldio360 that you choose is miles ahead of the rest of the pack.

Although there is a very wise saying that suggests ‘if something seems too good to be true, it probably isn’t’; we might be tempted to say that with Orange Monkie and their amazing Foldio portable studio light boxes, are one of the very few exceptions.

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