Front Door Christmas Decorations (Ideas & Inspiration)

Front Door Christmas Decorations

Why settle for just a Christmas tree and indoor decorations this festive season. Brighten up your home and welcome your holiday guests with wonderful Christmas door decorations and outdoor holiday light displays.

From a traditional wreath or simple garland to more creative DIY Christmas door decorations, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite themes and ornaments for Christmas door decor this holiday season. So, go on, add a little festive cheer for all to see.

8 Ideas for Front Door Christmas Decorations

Whether it be Readymade or DIY Christmas door decorations, it’s a great way to add a little holiday cheer to your home. But are you in need of some inspiration and looking for something different for your front door Christmas decorations this year? Then you have come to the right place, here are my top 8 favorite holiday door ideas.

1. Icy Winter Decorations

Icy Winter Decorations for Front Door

Let everybody entering your home know that you are the original ice queen, the majestic kind of course. With some simple greenery covered with a mesmerizing layer of snow and ice. As far as Christmas front door decorations go, this is the chicest.

The silvery-white Christmas decorations are readily available in-store so your chic ice winter porch is only a quick online order away. But, if you are the type that prefers DIY (the artsy ice queen) then you can get to work with a can of artificial snow.

Budget estimate: $40-$80

2. Dramatic Corner Detailing

Dramatic Corner Detailing Front Door Christmas Decorations

Looking for Christmas door decorations with a wow factor, but without being too maximalist or blocking your entrance? Then take a lesson from this luscious door decoration and just hang a garland on one corner of the door frame.

Make the corner as eye-catching as possible with a Christmas garland full of lights, pine cones, colorful ribbons, or even small figurines such as snowmen and reindeer. This is your chance to go crazy without being tacky.

Take inspiration from your indoor decorating ideas and give guests and neighbors a peek into what lays inside by carrying your theme into your holiday door corner garland.

Budget estimate: $50-$60

3. Let There Be Light

Let There Be Light Front Door Christmas Decor

The holiday season becomes cozier with a stellar presentation of Christmas lights on your front porch. Add a pop of color with an arrangement of Christmas LED lights that will add brightness, whimsy, and joy to your front door Christmas decorations ideas.

Stock up on the LED lights because they are your secret weapon to transforming a simple wreath or old ornaments into something fresh and exciting year after year.

Just by rearranging the Christmas lights, you can create an entirely new look for your house. A smart choice for anyone that wants to be more sustainable and doesn’t want to blow their budget on decorations each Christmas.

Budget estimate: $45-$55

4. As Pretty as a Present

As Pretty as a Present Front Door Xmas Decorations

Let ribbons and pretty bows be the star of the show if you are looking for simple front door Christmas decorations ideas. This wonderful DIY door decor doesn’t require much expertise other than knowing how to place it on the front door without it damaging the wood finishing.

The bows and ribbons are also a fun way to reuse leftover fabric and paper materials that you have lying around in the house. Fabric scraps from sewing projects, old clothes, faded bed sheets, used Christmas gift wrapping, etc. And, you won’t have to spend a penny if you can rework that too small Breton shirt into a striped ribbon.

Budget estimate: $0-$20

5. Gliding Through Christmas

Gliding Through Christmas Door Decorations

Here’s another holiday door decoration idea that only requires a quick trip to the attic to create a festive sign, ice skates! If you live in an area blessed with a white Christmas every year and sub-zero temperatures that let you go ice skating then you probably have a few old pairs hidden in a box.

Let the ice skates replace the Christmas wreath or hang it in front of the wreath to make it look more original. Bring the colors of the skates back in the other Christmas decorations you are placing around your porch for a cohesive look.

Budget estimate: $0-$20

6. Keeping it Natural

Keeping it Natural with Door Decorations

Nothing is as refreshing as the sight and smell of pine trees. And a front door covered in fresh greenery will take your guests to a magical Christmas forest with a single breath. Take a look at the website of your favorite florist to see if they offer any wonderful greenery. Or, make your own Christmas wreath or garland by using trimmings from your own garden.

If you are all about staying natural then you can leave the decorations as is, but, if you want to add a bit of sparkle you can vine through some string lights. Keep your home classy and the Christmas door decorations subtle by choosing simple white LED string lights with a green string to blend in.

Budget estimate: $0-$65

7. Bright Red Winter Berries

Front Door with Bright Red Winter Berries

On your Christmas dinner plate, the color red often comes from the many red berries. After all, they are in abundance during the winter months. But your food isn’t the only place they can shine. Decorate your front door with sweet berries all around – from the garland to the wreaths and any other festive door decorations that are on your porch.

You can buy a pack of DIY berry stems to spruce up any Christmas door decorations that you already have or make your very own starting from scratch. Go heavy on the red berries if you want to have a very fun-looking front door or combine them with other natural decorations such as pine cones and greenery for a more sophisticated feel.

Budget estimate: $30-$70

8. Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland Christmas Front Door

We can have a long discussion about whether Alice in Wonderland is a Christmas movie or not. But I think we can agree that it offers plenty of inspiration for magical Christmas door decorations. Think about the theatrical characters with quirky fashion and translate them into a unique tapestry of patterns.

From polka dots and checkers to stripes in all colors and varieties – there is no such thing as clashing colors and patterns within this fairytale Christmas theme. Up the ante by also adding in a few figurines and items that look like they walked straight out of the book such as Alice herself, mushrooms, or a grandfather clock.

Budget estimate: $60 – $120


Spread the Christmas spirit this year by decorating your front door and porch. You will be giving a little spark of joy to anyone that comes in or passes your home with these Christmas door decoration ideas.

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