How to Put Lights on a Christmas Tree

How to Put Lights on a Christmas Tree

Holiday décor is not complete without LED Christmas tree lights. Whether you are decorating a traditional tree or need the best palm tree Christmas lights, the twinkling strings are where it all starts.

LED holiday lights come in many different shapes and colors so get creative and experiment with different ideas and color schemes. You can choose cooler tones with blue LED Christmas lights or add warmth with reds and gold.

No matter what kind of string lighting you decide on, you need to know how to make them look beautiful. Here are our top tips and steps on how to put lights on a Christmas tree.

Step 1: How Many Lights for a Christmas Tree

How Many Lights for a Christmas Tree

When it comes to hanging Christmas lights, the rule of the more the merrier absolutely applies to Christmas tree lighting. If you run short of lights your tree can look a little bare.

But, how do you know how much lighting a Christmas tree needs? There is a simple rule of thumb for this: multiply the height of the tree by 150 to get the number of light bulbs that you need.

Step 2: Envision the Other Decorations

Christmas Tree Decorations and Lights

Before putting any lights around the tree, think about the other holiday decoration. Do you want more LED lights on Christmas tree or more of the other Christmas ornaments?

Having somewhat of an idea will help you decide on how to spread the Christmas lights for a tree. If twinkle lights are the main attraction you need to group them closer together but if other ornaments are equally important the string lights can be more sparse.

Step 3: Connect Later

How to hang LED Christmas Tree Lights

If you calculated the number of tree lights correctly, you should have enough length to cover the entire tree. You don’t have to test this theory by connecting all the string lights before wrapping them around the tree.

It is better to leave the strand disconnected from any extensions and add more length as you go. You might find that you don’t need as many lights and it helps to prevent you from tripping over string lights.

Step 4: Start at the Top

Start at the Top Christmas Lights

When putting up lights on the Christmas tree, you start at the top, not at the bottom. If you were to start at the bottom of the tree you would have a harder time to plug in the power cord because you would need more length.

Make sure you are standing on a stable ladder while you are decorating the higher parts of the tree. Have someone in your family keep a close watch and hold the ladder.

Step 5: Move in a Zig-Zag Pattern

Move in a Zig-Zag Pattern Xmas Tree Lights

One common mistake is simply laying Christmas lights on top of branches and swirling the strand around the tree. This is not how to put lights on a Christmas tree if you want maximum impact.

The best way to put lights on a Christmas tree is by moving up and down in a zig-zag pattern, or in a triangular shape. This not only helps to keep the lights in their place but it also makes adding extra layers of Christmas lights easier.

Step 6: Work with the Branches

Putting Up Christmas Tree Lights

The exact pattern of Christmas lights will depend on the type of tree that you have. An artificial Christmas tree is more symmetrical so you can create a more even pattern but on a real tree, you have to follow the branch pattern.

The advantage of the tree branches on a real tree is that the final placement will look more natural. You can create a similar natural appearance on artificial Christmas trees by skipping a few branches, every once in a while.

Step 7: Hide the Extension Cord

Hide the Christmas Tree Extension Cord

People don’t want to see the plug or the extension cord on a Christmas tree so make sure you can hide them away at the bottom of the tree. You can hide it behind presents or place a fleece blanket at the bottom.

If you have extra length without any lights because of connections, you can hide the excess string towards the inner layers of the tree. Choosing light bulbs on green strings will also make it less noticeable.

Frequently Asked Questions about Putting Christmas Tree Lights

Do you start at the top or bottom when putting lights on a Christmas tree?

You start at the top of a Christmas tree when putting the lights on. This makes it easier to plug in the power cord and hide the excess length.

What lights look best on a Christmas tree?

Holiday decorating is an expression of your own style. The most popular lights for Christmas decorations include string lights, globe bulbs, icicle lights, and season-themed Christmas lights.

What lights up on a Christmas tree?

LEDs are the most convenient Christmas lights because they are sturdy, don’t build up heat, and last longer. As for style, many different designs are for sale during the holidays.

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