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How to Reset a Motion Sensor Light

How To Reset a Motion Sensor Light

Motion sensor lighting, alongside solar flood lights are one of the most crucial elements of any security system. They are designed so that they light up when something or someone is detected in a specific area they are installed.

As useful as they are though, they are only effective when installed correctly and can sometimes get stuck being always turned on. For example, if they are not very sensitive, they may not actually illuminate when required. Whereas, if they are very sensitive, you may have a problem with them lighting up too often.

You don’t really need the motion sensor to turn the lights on in your garden or yard when a small bird flies by.

You want them to come on when there is someone near your property at nightfall. Even if they are walking up the pathway to your door, or if a wild animal is rummaging through your bins.

Resetting a Motion Sensor Light

So, the sensitivity has to be balanced accurately. Another thing that will undoubtedly come up when you have a motion sensor light how to reset it.

Why Is My Motion Sensor Light Always On?

Why Is My Motion Sensor Light Always On?

If you find your motion sensor light is always on it may be because of recent power surges that have affected the supply of electricity to your property or home and have interrupted the system.

Motion sensor lights are not usually very hard to reset and by unplugging or tripping your mains electric for 10 seconds you should be able to factory reset the system.

If the sensor is set up in an area you do not frequent very often, you may not realize that it has stopped functioning altogether. By checking all the detectors and lights as part of a schedule, you can spot problems when they arise and solve them quickly.

All security systems have their occasional glitches, such as needing the motion sensors reset. Along with electrical surges, other reasons you may have to do this includes:

  • Power cuts
  • Bad bulbs
  • Faulty sensors

There are probably many other reasons why you may have to reset your motion detector lighting, that haven’t been mentioned here. Whatever the cause, it’s important that you are always on the lookout for issues and find the source, so you can correct it.

Taking the right approach to troubleshooting is the best way to figure it out, which may even involve replacing lights when they can’t be successfully reset or even repaired.

How To Reset a Motion Sensor Light

Although it may seem like a lot of work and effort, there is no need for troubleshooting the motion detecting lights in your security system to be difficult. The simplest way of testing them is often the most effective.

Turning them off and on again for more than 30 seconds can normally fix most issues. This often helps to reset the hardware. You could also switch them on and off again at the beaker, to allow it sufficient time to completely reset. Then, if that doesn’t seem to work, it could be that the bulb or sensor itself is causing the problems.

Replacing bulbs are relatively easy, whereas replacing sensors is not normally done. Another good option when troubleshooting is to cover the sensors.

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Whichever way you choose to deal with it, it’s important to make time to actually do it. As noted at the outset, motion sensor lighting is crucial to a security system, so when they are not working properly, the whole system is compromised.

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