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LED Rope Light Ideas – 7 Ideas for Around the Home

LED Rope Light Ideas for Home

LED rope lights are great for DIY lighting in your home. There are many different thicknesses and designs so you can get creative and make the perfect illumination for dark spaces.

The advantage of these rope lights is that they are easy to install and affordable making them great for DIY projects and interior lighting ideas.

Looking for something more exciting than under cabinet lighting?

Here are 7 new ways to use LED rope lights for functional decoration in the house.

Using LED Rope Lights Under Bed with Motion Sensor

1. Motion Sensor Lights for Under Your Bed

Do you frequently wake up at night and hate the glare from any lamp?

If all you need is a soft light so you can shuffle to the bathroom then attaching motion sensor strip lighting under your bed is a quick and easy solution.

This type of LED may take more online browsing to find but they are worth the search. Plus, it gives your bedroom a cool futuristic feel that won’t disturb your partner in their sleep.

LED Rope Light Art Work

2. Neon Art But Subtler

Neon signs are very popular decorative pieces right now but, but because of how neon lights work, real neon signs made with glass are also somewhat pricey.

Take the design of a classic neon sign and make your own on a budget with LED rope lights.

You can do a funny or inspiring script for on the wall or create your tropical design for your home bar. Pro tip: use a metal frame or canvas as the backdrop for easier hanging and some support for your art piece.

Installation a Rope Light Behind Mirror

3. Glamorous Vanity Mirror

You don’t need to invest in lots and lots of light bulbs to make your vanity worthy of a celebrity. You can get the same luxurious effect by lining the frame with rope lights.

For added drama, place a line around the rest of your vanity too, i.e. the edge of the table and inside the drawers.

This idea also works with other mirrors in the house, for example, the small mirror in a dark hallway.

LED Asian Lanterns

4. Indoor Lanterns Without the Fire Hazard

Do you love the paper lanterns that are released into the sky or on rivers?

Bring a touch of Asian flair into your home by lining the inside of paper lanterns with LED lights.

This battery-powered alternative does not pose the fire hazard that the traditional candle would. It also saves you the time you would otherwise spend on wiring if you were using a regular light bulb.

LED Rope Light Path Lighting

5. Waterproof Garden Path Lighting

Find a long length of outdoor waterproof LED ropes for DIY path lighting. The great thing is that the ropes are flexible so you can follow any odd shape that your walkway takes.

And unlike most solar path light stakes, it’s super bright!

Besides being safe for outdoor use, make sure that the lighting is secured so that a cat passing by won’t drag it with him. Look for fastenings that you can press deep into the soil for the best fix.

Using Rope Lights for Patio Lighting Ideas

LED Rope Lights vs LED Strip Lights

Note that these inspiration ideas mention both rope lights and LED strip lights. These terms are often used interchangeably but they do refer to different types of LED lights.

An LED rope light is a tubular casing with a string of LEDs inside. A strip light has an adhesive back and is usually flat.

Both types of LED lights are useful in DIY home lighting and each one also has its own varieties. Check out the different types on offer and think about which qualities would best suit your home decoration project.

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