Philips Xtreme Vision LED Fog Lamps Review

Philips X-Treme Vision LED Headlights Review

Although halogen bulbs are still very much used, particularly in cars, we have seen a considerable decrease in their popularity. We understand completely why people still like them and use them – they’re cost-effective for one thing and easy to use.

However, compared to the competition, do they really hold up? Take HID lights for instance. HID or high-density discharge lights outclass halogen lights with regards to their illumination.

What really sets HID lights apart from traditional halogen bulbs is not just how powerful and bright they can be, but also how white their light can be. HID lights when compared to halogen, have a more realistic and natural sunlight color. Whereas halogen often has that yellow glow. This is why people are always raving about high-density discharge bulbs.

Philips X-TremeVision Fog Lamp

As great as HID headlights are, they are not the only alternatives to halogen bulbs on the market that provide high performance and truer white light. LED headlights are just as powerful and depending on who you speak to about it, they are often considered to be the best.

It’s not surprising really, since LED lighting as continued to gain popularity over the last couple of decades and is now found everywhere. So, it makes sense that it would start to become more commonplace in automotive lighting.

Although Audi and Lexus really opened up the doors for LED use in headlights, it was the mod industry that helped to push things forward, with companies like OPT7 really flourishing. However, in this review, we are going to look at the Philips X-Treme Vision LED Fog Lights.

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About Philips – The Brand

Philips Logo

Philips is arguably one of the most successful and longest-running lighting companies in the world.

Since their inception in 1891, they’ve spent more than 120 years pushing innovation in the lighting and electrical goods fields.

It’s not particularly surprising that they’d release some of the best LED headlights. And the Philips Xtreme Vision H11 LED kit is a great example of the Dutch company’s history and experience at work.

They really are some of the leading experts when it comes to the manufacturing of Philips headlight bulbs.

Introducing the Philips Xtreme Vision H11 Fog Light Bulbs

There’s a lot to love about the Philips Xtreme Vision h11 headlights. For one, they are a plug’n’play installation and direct replacement for H16, H11, and H8 halogen bulbs, meaning that they are incredibly easy to install. Due to their size and weight, they only take a few minutes to install and slip right into place.

This makes buying Philips headlight bulbs a must for all car owners, whether you know how to do a lot of technical things with your vehicle or not.

Philips Xtreme Vision Fog Lamp Review

When it comes to lighting fixtures, particularly those in your car, a crucial aspect you need to consider is the lifespan. LED lights are known for having a longer life than the alternatives and these Philips X-Treme Vision Fog lights are no different.

The company claims that these Philips headlight bulbs have a lifespan of around 12 years. Whether this is actually the case or not, remains to be seen, but if they do actually last that long, that makes them one of the best-in-class with regards to lifespan.

Brand Philips
Model Number 12834UNIX2
Bulb Type LED
Voltage 12 Volts
Color Temperature 6000 Kelvin (Learn more about LED color temperatures)
Brightness 840 Lumens per Bulb
Lifespan 12 Years

Part of what makes this possible is, aside from the LED technology itself, the AirFlux tech used in the bulbs. This helps to ensure the LEDs in the bulbs are constantly kept cool. As well as helping to prolong their lifespan, this also helps to produce the best quality and color of light too.

Talking of light color…this is another area where Philips appears to have hit the nail on the head perfectly. The X-Treme Vision Fog lights generate a very bright 6000K light with a brightness of 840 lumens per bulb.

Philips LED Fog Lamp Review Comparison

Because these bulbs are incredibly bright, Philips have used their own patented SafeBeam technology in the bulbs that produce beams with a pattern very similar to the standard halogen fog lights but directs the light away from oncoming traffic and towards the road. So, if you are wondering if they are street legal or if they are likely to get you into trouble, now you know.

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What about Cost of Philips Xtreme Vision Headlights?

Philips X-Treme Vision Fog Light Packaging

Well, we are not going to beat around the bush or lie and tell you this Philip set is cheap. It’s not. That being said, if you are looking for great quality with lots of awesome features, then sometimes you have to pay a little more to get what you want.

As an additional bonus to all we have already spoken about, Philips provide a limited 3 years warranty on the lights, which doesn’t sound like much but is more than enough to provide you with a safety net when you first start using them, should you decide to purchase them.

You also have to consider that yes, there are cheaper lights of a similar kind on the market. However, many of them are cheaper for a reason. Be it because of their design, the materials used or the fact they are made by a less reputable company than Philips.

We are not saying don’t take cost into consideration, just that there’s more to buying them than just the price tag.

Potential Downsides to Philips X-Treme Vision Headlights

Perfect products that have no flaws or downsides are very rare if they even exist at all. The main downside that many customers have cited about these Philips fog lights is that the beam pattern could be better and optimized. However, it’s worth pointing out that these are rarities in among a whole host of positive comments.

Although the Philips X-Treme Vision h11 headlights are easy to install some other customers have also suggested that it can feel as if they are not slotting in to place quite right.

Again, compared to the number of positive reviews where people experienced little to no issues, these problems are rare. We would suggest that you always ensure that light fittings are compatible with those in your car before you purchase them.

Philips Xtreme Vision Review Summary

The one question you probably have left is – Should you buy the Philips Xtreme Vision h11 Fog Lights? Well, we think you should definitely invest in some of the Philips X-treme Vision fog lamps for your car.

The fact is, you can have long-lasting lights from a company with an esteemed reputation and over 120 years’ experience in the industry that take a few minutes to set up, or you can look for something more budget-friendly.

We think that the Philips Xtreme Vision H11 headlights are a great buy and offer real value for money. For more information on fog lights, here’s an interesting post about when you should use fog lights.

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