Star Night Christmas Laser Projector Review

Star Night Christmas Laser Projector Review

Star Night Laser ReviewThe age of stringing a few lights on your house, or on a tree in your garden, for your outdoor light up Christmas decorations has long gone. These days, some people go to extreme lengths to out-do the neighbors, and with spectacular results!

We all like to get into the fun of the festive season, and there are some great ideas for outdoor decorations and lighting. The development of cheap and effective LED lights means you can afford better and more exciting lighting for in and around your home than ever before. Not only that, but LED’s are also highly energy efficient and will save you money over standard lights.

There are some great products on the market, but there’s one that really caught our eye thanks to its original and exciting performance coupled with great value for money: the Star Night Laser. For all the information you need, read on!

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About the Star Night Laser Projector

Let’s have a quick introduction to this clever little device. This particular deal we are reviewing is a pack of four, so you can light various areas of your home and improve your outdoor lighting this festive season.

What you get is a set of four good-sized Christmas laser lights that are fixed onto a heavy metal stand. The lights themselves are red and green LED’s combined in each unit, and there are several settings which we will talk about later.

Star Night Laser Projector

Take our word, these lights are very bright. They can be used indoors if you wish, but the best effect you will get from them is projecting the light show onto the wall of your house, or onto trees or across the garden. They will make an impressive sight to anyone coming along your drive or just passing by.

Now, there’s something special about these lights, in that they project a star-shaped image wherever you want it. Using advanced laser technology, you can light up your home in a way that your neighbors will want to copy, and you can do this for very little cost – in fact, we are surprised these laser lights are so cheap. Let’s have a look at what you get for your money.

What’s in the Star Night Projector Box?

You get the following in this pack:

  • 4 x StarNight Laser Lamps
  • 4 x floor stands
  • 4 x fixing stakes
  • Heavy-duty electric cord

Now, to get these to work you do need a mains power outlet. The cord is a good length, however, so you can easily place these lights away from your home for more effective displays. If you have an outdoor power outlet that’s all the better, as you then have greater range.

The light displays you can get from these units are varied, so here’s an idea of what you can expect.

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What Laser Effects Do You Get?

You can choose a variety of different combinations of red and green lights – eight variations in fact – which are as follows:

  • Static red – in this mode you get a host of still red stars projected across your selected point of focus
  • Blinking red – set your lamps to this mode and you get a constantly blinking array of red lights
  • Static green – the same, of course, as static red but with the green lights activated
  • Blinking green – as blinking red, but with green lights displaying
  • Static red and green – we like the combined colors together best as they give a great effect and cover a large area
  • Blinking red and green – both colors together, blinking on and off constantly
  • Alternate Blinking – with this setting your lamps will alternately blink in red or green
  • Combination cycle – likely to be the default setting for most users, when this mode is chosen, the StarNight Lasers will cycle through all the above at 10-secon intervals, for a truly stunning and lively display of red and green stars.

That’s a pretty impressive section of displays, so what else do you need to know?

More About Laser Projectors

First, you don’t need to limit the usage of these to Christmas, as they will make a great decoration for parties, or any other gatherings you may have at your home. An important point to remember is that while the units are water-resistant, they are not completely waterproof so are best moved out of very heavy rain – normal rainfall will not harm them.

The stand is heavy enough to keep the light stable in normal conditions. If you are using them where there may be moderate to strong winds, the stakes included will hold them in place, assuming you have them on grass or earth and not solid ground.

The lights themselves should last a long time, so you will get plenty of seasons of use out of these. The star shape is designed to be quite sharp and focused, but you may need to move your lights either further away or closer to your target area for the best effect.

Some customers have commented that the lights are more effective if you can mount them higher, away from the ground, as they will cover a larger area. Bear in mind that they come with two operating modes – you can switch them on and off manually, or you can leave them to use their light sensor and come on when light fades.

Each of the four lights comes with its own power cord, so they don’t need to be mounted close to each other.

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Star Night Laser Light Review Conclusion

For the price, the Star Night Christmas Laser projector is a very effective Christmas or party decoration idea. These are easy to set up, and you can set up these Christmas lights in less than 10 minutes – you simply mount the light where you want it, plug it in, select your model and it’s done – and as there are four you can light different areas at the same time.

If you want a spectacular light show, or just really want to geek out your Christmas lights display this year, these are the laser lights for you!!

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