Sunco 4ft Garage Lighting Review

Sunco 4ft Garage Lighting Review

Overhead lighting for a commercial space like a garage or workshop should use reliable high-quality materials with a long lifespan because it tends to be a reasonable investment.

This 4 foot shop light by Sunco checks all those boxes with the added benefit of easy installation and a 5-year warranty.

Read on to find out why this Sunco utility shop light is a great replacement for your fluorescent lighting.

Sunco 4 Foot Shop Lighting Review

Specs You Need To Know

Bulb Type LED
Lifespan 50,000 hours
Color Temp 4,000/5,000 Kelvin
Brightness 4,100 lumen
Mount Type Surface or suspended
Linkable Yes
Warranty 7 years

This product has a color temperature of 5,000 Kelvin which is equivalent to the color of sunlight making it very comfortable for your eyes.

On top that, it has a CRi above 80 meaning that you will be able to see true colors when working under these lights.

The rated luminous flux is 4100 with a beam angle of 120°. This means you can hang it up higher on the ceiling to cover a larger area, or install it lower above a bench for additional brightness on individual work stations.

Once installed, you can expect a lifespan of 50,000 hours, thanks to the LED technology, which is approximately 24 years with them turned on for 8 hours per day, 5 days per week.

Connecting 4 Foot Lights in a Chain

Also, you get the extra security of 7 years warranty that comes with each purchase.

Each tube light is 4 feet long with a metal casing that you can attach link chains to for hanging or have the fixtures directly attached to the ceiling. There is no additional wiring needed, each lamp comes with an electrical cord (5 feet long) for direct plugging into wall outlets.

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This product is not dimmable but each individual piece does have its own pull chain as its on/off switch. The pull chain is 18.5 inches long so remember to hang this lighting fixture low enough to be able to reach up for the pull chain without difficulty.

Sunco lights are made to the highest safety standards; it is shatter resistant, shock resistant, and vibration resistant. It is also flicker-free and damp rated.

How to Install

One of the biggest benefits of this product is the installation process which is incredibly easy for commercial-grade quality. There is no need for wiring, only affixing the structure and connecting the included cord to the power outlet.

There are two ways to install this Sunco product; ceiling-mounted using screws or hanging using the included link chains. The latter gives you more control over the height.

Main Components of the Sunco Lighting

For hanging by a chain, first, place 2 anchors in the ceiling at a distance of 47.25 inches. Hang the larger S-hook in the ceiling anchors and attach it to the lighting fixture using the smaller S-hook end on both sides.

It is also possible to create a longer row by connecting up to 4 individual Sunco tube lights together. Simply plug the cords into the next lighting fixture to let the electricity run through all 4.

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Options Available

This is a versatile design that you don’t need to have a commercial space to appreciate. Sunco sells this model in packs of 2 and 16 so a homeowner may want the smaller pack for in the garage while a work shop owner may choose to buy in bulk to cover the entire hall.

There are also 2 color temperatures available. The set also comes in 4,000 Kelvin which is a cooler white, in addition to the 5000 Kelvin option.

Besides the color temperature, the other product specs are the same.

Each one has a frosted cover, runs on just 40 watts with 120 volts and has both ETL and Energy Star certifications.


  • No extra wiring needed during installation
  • Package includes link chain, power cord and hooks
  • Very bright
  • Long warranty
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  • Pricey
  • The power cord is somewhat short for larger area so you may need an extension cord
  • Not dimmable

Who Should Use These Lights

This Sunco product is great for lighting commercial warehouses, workshops or a for home garage lighting. It delivers great visibility at a customizable height with minimal wiring and lets you customize easier with a daisy link.

The color temperature and CRi and non-flickering qualities make it a comfortable light to work under.

The low wattage and individual switches make it an energy-efficient choice and the extremely long lifespan, warranty and durable materials also make it a smart but minor investment for a commercial space.

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