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Best Recessed Garage Lights

Best Recessed Garage Lights

A garage is not just a place to park your car. It can be a workshop, a storage facility, and an extra room for the house. It’s important to take its lighting seriously. Having some garage door lights installed on the outside of your garage is useful for both security and parking purposes.

But what about lighting inside your garage?

A single incandescent bulb hanging from the ceiling may be classic, but it’s inefficient and dangerous. If you’re looking to get the most out of your lighting system, then it is worth checking out recessed LED lights.

Top 5 Recessed Garage Lights

This article lists 5 of our favorite recessed garage lights currently on the market. All of them offer different styles and strengths so be sure to honestly assess your needs before narrowing down the choices. Here are the top 5 Recessed garage lights for you to buy.

1. TORCHSTAR 12W 6-Inch Ultra-Thin Recessed Ceiling Light

TORCHSTAR 12W 6-Inch Ultra-Thin Recessed Ceiling Light with Junction BoxEach Torchstar Ulta-Thin light only needs 2-inches of clearance, making it very useful for a garage with only a narrow ceiling space. The LED wafer lights only consume 12 watts of power while producing 850 lumens of brightness.
Furthermore, the dimming function runs between 5% to 100% and is compatible with most standard dimmer switches. The frosted lens of each light is anti-glare, scratch-resistant, and durable. The lights are IC rated and can contact ceiling insulation safely.
Torchstar lights are incredibly easy to install. One only needs to connect the provided junction-box to the light and then use the spring clip to fix it to the ceiling hole.

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Thanks to the amazing lifespan of LED lights, you will not have to frequently uninstall or replace the lights. The system is made from a corrosion and rust-resistant aluminum and is equipped with a sponge gasket to better seal and fit into the roof or ceiling.

A set of 12 is available for just over $100 dollars in four distinct shades that include daylight, cool white, warm white, and soft white. Cheap, efficient, durable and bright, Torchlight is easily one of the best options for illuminating an especially large garage.

2. Globe Electric Swivel Round Trim Recessed Lighting Kit

Globe Electric Swivel Round Trim Recessed Lighting Kit
The Globe Electric Lighting Kit is perfect for those who intend to use their garage for more than just storage and parking. Combined with 7W LED bulbs (sold separately), the directional swivel gimbal allows each light to highlight a specific area. This means a workshop or art-space can have illuminated focus points that can be used for utility, display, or simple atmosphere.

The Globe Electric Lights are designed with patented Push-N-Click clips that make installation easy. With a hole size of least 3.88 inches (the trim is around 4.5 inches), the extra-wide grips are able to latch onto uneven surfaces without trouble.

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Furthermore, each light is constructed with quality materials. They are made with a galvanized steel shaft connected to the one-piece spun aluminum housing can. The electrical box comes with removable side panels and tempered steel clips. They are IC rated with an LED bulb and have an integrated cut-off switch to protect against overheating.

For just under $100 dollars, you can purchase a ten-pack of swivel lights. When equipped with LED bulbs they can turn your garage space into a professionally lit workspace or gallery.

3. TORCHSTAR 12W 4-Inch Slim Recessed Ceiling Light

TORCHSTAR 12W 4-Inch Slim Recessed Ceiling Light With Junction Box
For those who want a more robustly constructed version of the previous Torchlight option, then check out their 4-inch Slim Kit. The high-quality LED lights consume only 12 watts while illuminating with up to 769 lumens. These lights come with even more safety features with an IC rating that also includes fire-free flexible pipes, die-casted aluminum housing, and an airtight structure to prevent any shock or fire risks.

Like its sibling kit, these lights only require 2-inches of clearance and are compatible with standard dimmers with a range of 5% to 100% brightness. The trim itself is specially designed to direct well-balanced light downwards without glare or flickering.

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This kit is perfect for those who don’t want to invest in a massive lighting kit but still want durable, energy and space-efficient LED lights for their garage.

Furthermore, they are a better choice for those who want assurance that their lights are safely constructed and tough. At just around $65, they are an absolute steal in a 4-pack. Colors include daylight and warm white.

4. TORCHSTAR New Generation LED Panel Wafer Light TORCHSTAR New Generation 4-Inch Ultra Slim LED Panel Wafer Light with Junction Box

If you need something that is both a little more stylish and/or protected against damper environments, then the New Generation is an ideal choice. The New Generation comes with LED bulbs that produce 750 lumens while only consuming 10.5 watts of electricity.

Like it’s other Torchstar siblings, it has a frosted lens that is resistant to glare and scratching. It is IC rated with a thermally protected junction box and corrosion and rust-resistant aluminum housings. It only requires 2-inches of clearance to fit and requires minimal effort for installation.

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That said, the New Generation is also waterproof which makes it very durable in the rainiest and wettest of environments. This is important for a garage space which is much more likely to face the elements than the rest of the home.

Moreover, their sturdy construction does not come at the cost of their looks. The trim comes in either oil-rubbed bronze or satin nickel. Either choice will look sophisticated and handsome while illuminating your garage.

At just under $100, a 6 pack of New Generation lights is available in the distinct colors of daylight, warm white, and cool white. Additionally, it is compatible with most standard dimmers. Their hardy build and lovely appearance mean they will fit into rugged and polished garages alike.

5. SAYHON 11-Inch Ultra-Thin Square Recessed Lighting

SAYHON 11-Inch Ultra-Thin Square Recessed Lighting with Junction Box

The Sayhon Square lights are for those who want something other than the typical bucket-style recessed lights. The Sayhon design is a flat panel that only needs a 1-inch clearance for installation. The LED light consumes about 24 watts while producing 2400 to 2500 lumens across a broad, flat panel. It is the brightest light on this list and will easily illuminate the darkest of garage spaces.

Installation is incredibly easy with Quick Connect wiring connectors, an unbelievably thin and lightweight body, and up to 50,000 hours of life in the LED chips.

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The frame is made from corrosion-resistant die-cast aluminum and comes with an aluminum heat sink for optimal heat dissipation. Furthermore, it is designed to be easy on the eyes with reduced glare, no flickering, UV and IR-free light.

Though not compatible with dimmers, the incredible lumen capacity and efficiency of design make these a steal at just under $25 each. This light is perfect for those dealing with very limited space and who need to bring near daylight to a particularly dark garage.


Regardless of what you choose, LED recessed lights are the perfect lighting solution for your garage. Not only are each designed to be used in rugged spaces, but they are leaps and bounds ahead of other lights in terms of energy efficiency.

LED bulbs can last a lifetime without needing replacement, they produce little heat and consume significantly less energy. Not only will your garage be brightly lit, but you have a much smaller carbon footprint to boot.

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