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Best Stadium Lights

Best Stadium Lights

When you are organizing a venue for sports events, you need to give special consideration to the lighting. Particularly if there will be events happening in the evening. It’s not just important for the fans to be able to see all the action, but the players and participants, as well as any officials and coaches or managers too.

Whereas in the past, HID and metal halide lighting sources were always used for stadiums. But just as LED lights present major benefits in other providing better illumination in other parts of life, so too is the same with modern stadium lighting. Stadium lights are very similar to warehouse lights.

So if you are looking at the best type of flood light to keep everything lit up while the big match or other event is taking place, you should give serious consideration to LED alternatives. Where do you start though, as there are so many available these days? You let us be your guide.

Top 5 Best Stadium Lights

In the following post, we have done most of the heavy lifting in terms of research, so you don’t have to. We have selected what we believe are the top 5 stadium lights available right now.

After we’ve looked at the top products, we also have a handy guide that helps you understand what you should be looking for when choosing LED stadium lights. Here are the Top 5 Stadium Lights review for you:

1. Hyperikon LED Stadium Light 200W

Hyperikon LED Stadium Light 200W

  • Bulb Type: LED
  • Brightness: 32,000 Lumens
  • Color Temperature: 5000K
  • Lifespan: 45,000 hours

First, we want to highlight from Hyperikon, this LED stadium flood light. Hyperikon have a reputation for high quality and well-designed lighting rigs and products and this fixture is no different. It has been designed and built using aluminum that has been cold forged that helps it not overheat.

Thanks to some ingenious patented tech, Hyperikon can assure that their stadium lights will last a long time, at least 45,000 hours, and possibly more depending on usage and conditions.

With a maximum brightness level of 32,000 lumens and color temperature of 5000K, it will provide enough light in the right places, without being a distraction to spectators and participants.

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As you’d hope and expect with any lighting source designed for outdoor use it features a waterproof rating of IP67 which means it has been sealed dust-tight and is fully protected against immersion in water.

So, no matter what the weather is like, it will withstand a lot of use and abuse. Although play may be off when the rain is on, it doesn’t mean you necessarily have to take the lighting rigs down.

The other key feature we especially love about this lighting option is the 60-degree angle it is set at. This gives you a more focused and sharper beam of light, so that no action is missed by anyone, wherever they are sat in the stadium.

2. LEDMO 240W LED Flood Light

LEDMO 240W LED Flood Light

  • Bulb Type: LED
  • Brightness: 31,200 Lumens
  • Color Temperature: 5000K
  • Lifespan: 50,000 hours

The next LED stadium lights we want to highlight are from LEDMO. LEDMO, if you are unaware, are a successful company that despite only being in business since 2013 has steadily become a leading name in LED lighting manufacturing and sales.

They have the lofty ambition of bringing the best in standard and efficiency level they can to the industry. It’s worth noting, that, like the above model, this has been awarded an IP65 rating, which means it is fully protected against oil, moisture, and dust.

Thanks to it’s aluminum die-casting construction it is also shatterproof and extremely durable while offering high-level heat dissipation. Therefore, even when it has been used for a prolonged period, it won’t burn out easily.

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In terms of lighting, it produces a brightness of 31,500 lumens a color temperature of 5000 Kelvin, making it perfect for most sporting applications.

The yoke-style bracket the lighting rig sits on can be positioned at virtually any angle, allowing you to provide the best and most focused illumination for the big match. With a lifespan of 50,000 hours, it’s a sound investment that you will benefit from the returns on soon into using it.

3. AntLux LED Flood Light, 200W

AntLux LED Flood Light, 200W

  • Bulb Type: LED
  • Brightness: 20,000 Lumens
  • Color Temperature: 5000K
  • Lifespan: 50,000 hours

Now we have the AntLux LED stadium light to discuss. This offers a 200W illumination that’s capable of 26,000 lumens and provides light with a super bright and clear color temperature of 5000K.

As is the case with all the fixtures we’ve highlighted in this guide, it has been made from die-casted aluminum to prevent overheating, even when used for long periods of time.

The die-casting also protects the driver in the long run. While the IP66 waterproof rating helps to protect the unit as a whole from the elements. Come rain or shine, your stadium or sports venue won’t be without the lighting it needs with this fixture.

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At the higher end of the lifespan scale, it will last for a maximum of 50,000 hours and in many situations even more. It all depends on how well you maintain it and how often it is used.

Again, this model features a yoke-style bracket which means it can be set to any position (through a full 180-degrees), so there is plenty of room for flexibility and customization. There is also room for versatility to where it is installed because it can be set up on a ceiling, pedestal or even mounted to a wall.

4. Hyperikon LED Stadium Light, 1000W

Hyperikon LED Stadium Light, 1000W

  • Bulb Type: LED
  • Brightness: 160,000 Lumens
  • Color Temperature: 5000K
  • Lifespan: 45,000 hours

Back with Hyperikon again, we have another great LED stadium lighting fixture. This time it’s a 1000W model. This offers an impressive brightness level of 160,000 lumens and provides bright, but not blindingly so, 5000 Kelvin light.

It has been designed to cover a wider and greater area with a flood light of the highest quality. Made with the same tech other models feature, means that this can last a respectable 45,000 hours or even more, depending on how well it is looked after.

That means that it can really save you a decent amount of money, even if it is used regularly week in and week out for many hours at a time.

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As expected, and much like others from the company it benefits from an IP rating of 66 to keep it safe from water immersion and dust, among many other things that could damage it and cause it to break down much quicker.

Like many of the other options, this larger model still offers a concentrated and practical 60-degrees beam angle, which means nothing is left to chance and no-one around the stadium is left in the dark.

Hyperikon’s reputation as a manufacturer of high performance, durable and very practically designed lighting fixtures proceeds it and this product does nothing to diminish their place as one of the leading names in the industry.

5. Viugreum LED Flood Light, 400W

Viugreum LED Flood Light, 400W

  • Bulb Type: LED
  • Brightness: 40,000 Lumens
  • Color Temperature: 6000K
  • Lifespan: 30,000 hours

Last but certainly not least in our guide to some of the best LED stadium lights is the Viugreum 400W LED Flood Light. The company have been in business and had their own Amazon store since 2016 and have steadily become a go-to for many people looking for cost-effective, high-performance lighting solutions for various applications.

The three principles guiding their lighting manufacturing is always passion, innovation and integrity and this is evident in this product. The lighting rig is designed with a highly durable and robust aluminum casing. As is the case with all the stadium lights we’ve selected, aluminum is used as it offers greater heat dissipation than other materials.

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Other safety features the stadium light from Viugreum benefits from includes the IP65 rating, which dictates how well it is protected against water immersion, dust and other contaminants. This along with the long lifespan of 30,000 hours (and possibly more) ensures that you get a reasonable return on your investment.

A lighting fixture, whether its LED like this one or something else, should be judged on its performance and with a brightness of 40,000 lumens and the clear and crisp color temperature of 6000 Kelvins, this does the job it was designed for extremely well.

How to Choose LED Stadium Lighting

How to Choose LED Stadium Lighting

Look for the Best LED Chips

You will only find stadium lights that offer the best color temperature, luminous efficacy and brightness if you choose fixtures that use the best quality LED chips available. The better in quality they are, the less likely they are to break down and need replacing.

Color Temperature

The color temperature of stadium lights is important and depending on the sports events and governing bodies of those disciplines, there are often special requirements. Take FIH and FIFA, for instance, who have set the expected minimum for color temperature of sport fields lighting to be 4,000 Kelvins or higher. Whereas the NCAA only requires that lights have a color temperature of 3,600 Kelvins or more. The NFL, on the other hand, uses even higher, at a minimum 5,600 Kelvins or above.

The key thing to remember when choosing color temperatures for stadium lights is that while the human eye adjusts easily to different color temperatures, digital cameras and television cameras don’t. They need to be sufficiently adjusted to show the colors our eyes can see. Which is why color temperature is so important.

Beam Angle

Distribution of light is indicated by the beam angle a lighting fixture can produce. If it offers an extremely high level of light uniformity and has a wide-angle, the brightness will not be as great by the time it hits the ground.

However, if the lighting fixture you choose is narrow in angle with low light uniformity, there will be dark spots on the ground, even if the light is brighter.

It is best, therefore, to pick out lighting fixtures that produce the best angle of the beam for brightness and light uniformity.

Waterproof Rating

Waterproof RatingA huge factor that has a bearing on just how effective stadium lights will be and how long they will last for is where you install them. As stadium lights are often placed outdoors, they can be affected by external factors such as humidity and water.

Therefore, it makes sense that you need to consider the waterproof rating for lights you are choosing for a sports or events venue. It’s not just the rain, snow and sleet they need to survive. Anywhere where any volume of water can splash, drip or flow onto the lights can be a problem for the internal components.

As well as having the appropriate UL listing, they need to have an IP rating. IP66 is the minimum stadium lights should have if you want to get prolonged and extensive use out of them, no matter what the weather is like.

Heat Dissipation

Heat dissipation is an important feature that you need to consider. The material used to manufacture the lighting fixture can affect how easily it will overheat and get damaged. Most of the best LED are built with aluminum casing and heatsinks.

The rule of thumb to work from is that the higher in quality and value of aluminum used, the better its conductivity rate will be. If the stadium lights you choose, have a high-quality heat dissipation system there will also be adequate air ventilation in the fixtures too.

Each row of LED chips should have a space between them and the casing itself should be hollow to stop air resistance.

High-Level Luminous Efficacy

As has been noted briefly earlier, luminous efficacy can have a huge effect on how well LED lights to perform or not. This level is calculated as the number of lumens that are generated when one watt is pulled.

Luminous efficacy equates to the amount of visible light is produced. The current standard on the market is 100 lumens per watt, but as you will see looking at the products we’ve highlighted above, many have much higher levels than that.

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