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Best Solar Deck Lights

Best Solar Deck Lights

Solar deck lights are a great subtle way to illuminate your front porch or backyard patio. Many models fit nicely into the wooden structure so that they become an integral part of the design.

Top 10 Best Solar Deck Lights

Looking for innovative and modern lighting for your deck? Here are ten of the best solar powered models available online today.

1. Copper Color Solar Step Light XTF2015

Brightest Option

XTF2015 Copper Color Solar Step Light Review

These rich copper colored lamps are a modern touch to the steps leading up to your house. They don’t have a motion sensor but they do automatically switch on at dusk and charge themselves during the daylight.

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Installation is super easy because each package comes with 3M double-sided tape that you can affix to almost any surface. Alternatively, use the screws and stopples that are also included for a more secure attachment.

The solar panels are on the top so make sure that there is no surface covering it there. The SMD LEDs need about 4.5 hours of sunshine to reach the full 8 hours of run time.

2. KMC Lighting Fence Post Industrial Style Black Lanterns

Coolest Design

KMC Lighting Fence Post Industrial Style Black Lanterns

Want to incorporate a nod to industrial design while still using current technology? Then consider these cool fence post lanterns that look like they fit perfectly in a Charles Dickens story were it not for the solar technology.

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The casing is made of waterproof ABS with a 4-inch fitter base. Inside is an LED lamp with a brightness of 15 lumens per individual LED bulb.

The beauty of this design is that there is no need for any wiring which saves you a lot of installation time.

Simply mount them on a fence post and they will turn on and off automatically during dusk and dawn.

3. Sunface Color Changing Mounted LED Deck Lamp

Best Color Changing Option

Sunface Color Changing Mounted LED Deck Lamp

These lamps by Sunface feature a design that is somewhat similar to a traditional European window but then in a miniature form. It is a wall-mounted lamp that you can affix to the patio wall or your deck’s fence post.

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What makes this a unique option is that there are two lighting modes; one a warm white and the second mode a continuous transition between seven different colors. This gives you the choice between a traditional outdoor light and an unexpected fun outdoor lamp.

You will need to screw these patio lights into place and once you have the ABS plastic is strong enough to be resistant to most cold and hot weather conditions. Sunface promises a 60-day cash back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with their product and a 12-month general warranty.

4. Othway Multipack Wall-Mounted Deck Lights

Smallest Dimensions

Othway Multipack Wall-Mounted Deck Lights

Looking for a compact solar-powered outdoor light? This design by Othway is so small that its dimensions are compared to an iPhone X, with the mobile phone only being smaller in thickness.

This simple but interesting model has a honeycomb pattern on its lampshade which also gives off a fun pattern of light on the ground. They meant to be mounted on a fence or other flat surface with the included screws and anchors.

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Each individual lamp has a motion sensor with an automatic start at night and charging during the day. The required time for a full charge is about 6 hours with the same amount of working time.

5. DaVinci Lighting Solar Power Caps

Best Fence Post Lighting

DaVinci Lighting Solar Power Caps

These short outdoor lamps by Davinci Lighting are meant for fence posts but the design is so smart that it can fit on top of two different dimensions; 4×4 and 6×6. This is thanks to what the manufacturer calls a ‘fuzzy fit’.

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This is a solid quality solar lamp made of UV resistant IP44 weatherproof materials with LED bulbs that last for an impressive 100,000 hours. Davinci Lighting worked directly with homeowners to come up with a model that is both beautiful and dependable.

You secure the lamps on top of a post or pillar using the 4 included screws. Other than that, there is no need for any wiring or difficult installation process which is the beauty of using solar lighting.

6. Davinci Lighting Slate Black Outdoor Step Illuminator

Strongest Design

Davinci Lighting Slate Black Outdoor Step Illuminator

These subtle black step lighting nicely blends into the landscape while making sure that there is enough illumination to avoid missteps and dangerous tripping on stairs.

Each one gives 12 lumen of light which is just enough to see where you are walking without creating an uncomfortable glare or bothering the neighbors.

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As expected from Davinci Lighting, these too are made of top notch quality that is so strong you can stand on them without a worry. The outer casing is UV protected anti-fade ABS plastic that has a waterproof rating of IP44 and LEDs that last up to 100,000 hours.

The form is L-shaped which slides perfectly over a flat surface so that it hangs on the edge of steps. The light is emitted from the bottom for up to 8 hours on a full charge.

7. Xlux Silver Triangular Surface-Mounted Lamps

Most Modern

7. Xlux Silver Triangular Surface-Mounted Lamps

These stair lights by XLUX have a futuristic look that creates an interesting contrast against a wooden backdrop like your patio. The edgy triangular shape actually sets the solar panels at an improved angle to catch more of the sun’s rays so it is not only a decorative but also a functional design.

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Each package contains 6 individual lamp shades with each one giving off a pretty good brightness of 20 lumen. At full charge, the LEDs provide light for up to 9 hours which is longer than many other outdoor solar light models.

XLUX promises top quality in this metal piece with weather-resistant solar panels. There is a 1-year warranty and 60 days money back policy that you can acquire within 24 hours by contacting their customer service.’

8. DUUDO Solar Ground Illumination

Easiest to Install

DUUDO Solar Ground Illumination

Looking for the easiest installation possible? Then try these solar discs that come with 2 spikes that you can either place directly into the ground or push between fencing or brick.

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Don’t worry about any moisture build-up or other weather conditions because this is a sturdy durable design with an IPX65 waterproof rating. The outer casing is made of stainless steel and can withstand a weight of up to 100 kilograms.

These solar lights are great as pathway lighting if you want a design that you can hide away while still being bright enough. By activating the auto-mode the lights will come on at night and turn off for charging in the daylight.

9. LeiDrail Solar Deck Lights

Most Efficient

LeiDrail Solar Deck Lights

These semi-circle outdoor lamps are a sleek design that gives off a warm atmospheric light color for cozy nights spent outside. It is a simple design that seamlessly fits into any backdrop.

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What is most impressive about this LeiDrail product is how efficient it is. The battery only requires 7 hours of charging to deliver up to 24 hours of illumination which is triple the standard run time of 8 hours.

How you want to install them is up to you with each package giving you the option to use between screwing them in or hanging them with double-sided tape. Add the easy installation to their IP55 weatherproof rating and you can understand why these are a fantastic choice.

10. Greluna Solar Wall Lamp

Best for Events

Greluna Solar Wall Lamp

Greluna released a new version of their solar-powered wall illumination, this time with the option to switch to a color-changing mode. The regular mode gives a warm white color which creates a lovely ambiance on your front deck or patio.

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The black window-like design is made of IP45 weatherproof ABS plastic. The LEDs inside require 6 hours to get to full charge which is enough stored energy for 8 hours of working time.

Greluna sells the design in an 8-pack with double-sided tape and screws for each individual product. Because of this simple installation, this is a fun decorative piece for outdoor events, as well.

Solar Deck Lighting Ideas

Solar Deck Light Buying Guide

Solar energy is a great solution for outdoor lighting because it takes away all the complicated wiring (and often weatherproofing) from conventional electric lights.

On top of that, most designs are also easy to fix on a flat surface, fence post or even on stairs. They’re even perfect if you’re looking to buy solar path lighting.

So, what should you consider when looking for deck lamps? Here are a few buying tips to help you make the right choice for your front yard and back garden.

How To Install Solar Deck Lights

Check the Weather Resistance

Since solar deck lights are meant for outdoor use, you must make sure that the material and design is strong enough to resist all weather conditions, from extremely hot temperatures to ice and rain. A good indication of its weather resistance is the waterproof rating which is expressed in an IP number.

The first number after IP is the intrusion protection and the second number is the moisture protection. The intrusion scale goes from 0 to 6 with 6 being dust-tight and the moisture resistance goes from 0 to 9 with being the most resistant.

Sometimes one of the numbers is replaced with an X which means that there is no valid rating available. In general, the higher the IP numbers, the better the design.

Ensuring You Have the Right Brightness

Deck lighting usually is not as bright as indoor light bulbs. Their brightness is more comparable to path lights, solar lamp posts or patio umbrella lights.

Certain product descriptions mention the total brightness of the lamp while others refer to the brightness of each individual LED. Make sure to check which it is so that you get a clear idea of its strength.

Many models are rated at about 10 – 20 lumens which seems quite dim compared to conventional light bulbs.

However, this is enough to see where you are walking and when you install several you get plenty of atmospheric lighting.

Another illumination aspect to consider is the direction of the light. Many prefer a downward direction because this causes the least glare, won’t disturb the neighbors but still let’s you see the direct surroundings.

Solar Lights for Railings

Ease of Installation – Ain’t Nobody Got Time For Dat!

As mentioned, many models are very easy to install. The most common installation options are double-sided tape and simple screws, often already included in the package.

Consider where you are affixing the solar deck lighting and which form of installation is most suitable. Screws might be safer for spaces that catch a lot of wind while the double-sided tape offers a solution for thick surfaces.

Installing with screws may require a little bit more effort but you are assured that there is no budging. With double-sided tape you might start worrying about how the weather impacts how effective it is but the manufacturer should have thought of this first and provided the most suitable strength.

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Heizen Black May 22, 2021 at 11:13 am

Great article!
I am so happy with these SUNFACE Solar Deck Lights. I hung them on my pergola and stairs to my pool deck. They don’t look cheap at all and the light at night is soft but definitely bright enough to light the area.

Heizen Black May 27, 2021 at 10:55 am

This Sterno light is an excellent mark for our property in the night darkness! The light is excellent, it last all night.
I’m very impressed with the amount of light it produced as our street has minimal street lighting. Being so high above the end of the driveway the spread of light covered a large area of the drive.


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