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6 Best Indoor Solar Lights

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When it comes to creating a warm, inviting ambiance for your home, few things are as important as lighting. The wrong set-up can turn a cozy little nest into a harsh, bleached out office cubicle.

The options for indoor lighting are nearly endless and it can become a labyrinth of styles, specifications, and prices. Even more, if you are looking to be environmentally conscious, solar indoor lighting adds a completely new dimension.

Solar power is one of the best ways of going green with your indoor lighting and there is no better way to start than by using solar indoor lights for your lighting. That said, while they are easy to get the hang of, indoor solar-powered lights come with their own set of variables that should influence your decision.

Every manufacturer approaches solar lighting indoors differently. Prices can be all over the place and style does not always mean substance. This article narrows down some of the best choices for indoor solar lighting.

Best Indoor Solar Powered Lights

We have found these items to not only be the best bang for your buck but also perfect for illuminating your personal space in a way that feels like home.

1. AMIR Upgraded Solar Power String Lights

What would a warm, cozy nest be without a twinkling string of fairy lights? AMIR is one of the best lighting companies out there and their string solar inside lights are renowned for their durability and versatility.

The Upgraded String solar powered indoor lights can be used both inside and outside and are perfect for a relaxing mood. This indoor solar lighting kit is a great starter pack with 100 bright, warm white LED bulbs that are encased in a weatherproof clear string.

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The materials are high quality and the indoor solar light is connected via 33 feet of flexible copper wire that makes it easy to mold around your space. Once it gets dark, the wire is nearly invisible and does not detract from the glow.

Thanks to the fact that these are both LEDs and solar powered lights, they are incredibly energy efficient, low heat, and long-lasting. They have two modes, steady and flashing for when things get more festive.

Charging them is incredibly easy. Simply stake the panel in the ground in a place that receives continuous sunlight. Once it gets dark, the ambient light sensor will either turn them on or you can do it manually.

At just under $9.99 these are an incredible deal for a well-made and durable piece of lighting. It is a wonderful place to start if you are looking to light up your home in a way that is both green and whimsical.

2. Sunlitec Solar String Lights

If you are in the market for string lights but need something more substantial and eye-catching, then look no further than Sunlitec. Rather than make yet another version of delicate fairy string, Sunlitec modeled their light off of a hardier, large bulb style.

Each string comes with 25 individual spherical bulbs connected by 27 feet of thick black wire. The bulbs are weather-resistant and sturdy. The bright white LEDs have a projected lifespan of 50,000 hours so you will never have to worry about burnout.

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The panel comes with a sensor, so it turns on automictically at night but does not have an on-switch. For daytime use, simply cover the panel.

As a thoughtful bonus, Sunlitec makes the lighting even simpler by including two different forms of charging. Because the bulbs will only turn with a full battery, Sunlitec created a failsafe for when an overcast day does not do the trick.

After getting the most out of the daylight, you can hook up the panel via USB port and finish it off.

Even better, the USB port makes indoor lighting easier when you cannot keep the bulbs and the panel easily connected. After 8 hours of sun or 4 hours of USB charging, the bulbs will stay on for 8 bright hours.

Furthermore, the Sunlitec String bulbs come with multiple lighting modes that include steady, flashing, slow flashing, and pulsating for either a relaxing night with a book or a dance party with friends.

They can also be connected with multiple strings to form one long line to cover any space.

At $34.99, the Sunlitec String bulbs are significantly more expensive than the AMIR String Lights. However, the higher price pays for significant upgrades in features, materials, and options.

The failsafe of a USB charger for stormy days or inconvenient distances between sunlight and string means you never have to worry about being left in the dark.

3. Kyson LED Shed Light

Kyson has created a versatile indoor solar light with a truly classic look. With a long, 3-meter chord connecting the light to the panel, the Shed Light is easily hung up on the ceiling with the wire connecting to the panel outside.

The single white bulb contains 3 bright LEDs and is covered by a retro-looking black saucer.

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Kyson designed their solar indoor lights to last through any ordeal. Though it is lightweight and easy to move, it is made with stainless steel, resisting shocks, and vibrations.

The Shed light is fantastic for anyone who wants utility with a touch of class. It will illuminate any room without drawing attention to itself and is perfect as a utility light in a garden shed or just keeping the kitchen bright.

After 6 to 8 hours of charging time, the Shed Light should stay on for up to 10 to 12 hours.

With an eye for tradition, Kyson included a pull string to switch the Shed Light on or off. However, it also comes with a remote for those who prefer a more modern, convenient way of lighting up their spaces.

Each Shed light costs $37.99. Though this is expensive for just one light, it is designed for maximum efficiency between charging, illuminating and lasting through the years. You will likely never have to replace the Shed Light even when it gets knocked around.

4. Kyson Indoor Solar Barn Light

4. Kyson Indoor Solar Barn Light

The team at Kyson are masters of fusing throwback lighting designs with modern technology. Perhaps solar lights indoors do not appeal because it just lacks that vintage glow and style that you can only get with old fashioned bulbs.

With Kyson that is no longer an excuse to not go green. The Barn Light features an industrial design and classic Edison bulb to create the perfect atmosphere.

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Like the Shed light, the Barn Light connects to its panel via 3 meters of black cord. This gives you plenty of space to install the light indoors and the panel outside to catch the sun.

The vintage Edison bulb burns with warm white light and is easily replaceable. The stainless-steel cage around the bulb is lightweight and is great for utility.

However, it also creates a specific, old fashioned ambiance that is cozy in living rooms and workspaces alike.

Additionally, like its sibling, the Barn Light comes equipped with a pull cord as well as a remote control so you can pick your style of on-switches.

However, unlike the Shed Light, the Edison bulb requires at least an entire days-worth of sunlight to last for 8 hours. This is because for what the Edison bulb has in style, it lacks inefficiency.

At $42.99, the Kyson Indoor Barn Light is one of our more expensive options. However, it is definitely one of the coolest.

With all the sturdiness of the Shed Light and with respect for the good old days of warm-colored lightbulbs, the Barn Light is a must for people with both green and vintage sensibilities.

5. AMWGIMI Hanging Wind Chime Lights

If you are not looking to light up a whole room but instead just want an accented glow, then consider AMWGIMI’s Hanging Wind Chime Lights.

Designed to imitate the looks of a garden wind chime, the AMGIMI’s solar-powered lamp is an eye-catching piece for your personal space.

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With the panel located on the top, the Hanging Wind Chime simply needs to be taken down and placed in the sunlight for at least 30 minutes. Then it is switched on for up to 6 to 8 hours (with a full charge) of dazzling, colorful light.

The LED bulb will automatically turn on at night and features 4 distinct colors to cycle through. As it naturally spins, the bubble textured LED bulb shifts from golden yellow, to red, blue and green.

The Hanging Wind Chime is not meant to illuminate an entire room or balcony, but rather to add a vivid touch of color and style wherever needed.

Durable, waterproof, and easy to hang up, you can keep it inside with a full charge or take it out to the garden without fear of damage. The structure is lightweight but made from stainless steel and the bulb is well protected.

Lastly, the Hanging Wind Chime Light is a steal at just $19.99. If you are searching for a cheap, well-built solar lamp to spice up the home then look no further.

6. GVSHINE Solar Panel Lighting Kit

The GVSHINE Solar Panel Lighting Kit is for people who are serious about investing in a solar-powered electrical system. The high-quality solar panel and DC system mean this kit is the first step going completely off the grid.

Weighing a total of only 9.9 lbs., the Solar Panel Lighting Kit comes with a 30W flexible panel, a DC system, 2 2W LED bulbs, 2 3W LED bulbs, 2 iPhone adaptors, and 3 cords.

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This Effectively means you can illuminate your home, charge your smartphones, and power any electrical item that pairs with the provided cords.

After placing the large solar panel in bright sunshine, it will charge the water-proof DC system which comes with indicator lamps and a meter for an exact measurement of charge.

From the solar DC system, the lights can be plugged in via their USB cords with all 4 illuminating at once. These same ports can be used to charge your digital devices.

The Lights themselves come in simple white and have long cords for easy installation. They will light up multiple rooms and provide all the basic light you need.

After a being fully charged, the 2W bulbs will last 13 to 14 hours while the 3 W bulbs burn for 10 to 12. When all 4 are combined, you can still expect a solid 8 to 9 hours of light.

Incredibly durable and intuitive to use, the Panel Lighting Kit is perfect for emergencies or just completely disconnecting from non-solar power altogether.

The kit is our most expensive option at $157.99. However, the reason should be obvious. For less than the price of a Nintendo Switch, you can have your own miniature power station and lighting set up.

How Do Solar Lights Work?

All solar lights operate in the same way. Essentially, when sunlight hits certain semi-conductor materials, it excites the outermost electrons of their atoms. This burst of energy comes in the form of electricity which can be converted and utilized for our use.

The panels are lined with silicon which is an excellent semiconductor. The cells of silicon are made with glassy, dark material to better absorb light.

When the sun shines on the panels throughout the day, the electrons are in constant motion and electricity is quickly converted and stored in rechargeable batteries for later use.

When it is time to use your lights, you simply turn them on. What results is several hours of clean light created without a significant carbon footprint. The process repeats itself over and over in a guilt-free cycle of clean energy.

Knowing the basics of how the technology works, it is much easier to understand what you are getting with every indoor solar light on this list.

Review Conclusion

Years ago, solar-powered lighting was either extremely limited or prohibitively expensive. Now, as the green energy revolution is beginning to spark, options for solar lights are constantly growing.

You no longer have to be limited by your sense of style or desire for simplicity in dealing with solar technology. Moreover, for every piece of lighting that you install in your home, you significantly reduce your carbon footprint and help to fight the advancement of climate change.

The options on this list are all ideal for getting you started on the path towards living a fully eco-friendly and well-lit life.

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