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Top 10 Best Gazebo Lights

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What better way to spend a spring or summer evening than sitting on your private gazebo, enjoying the sights, sounds and beauty of nature?

Gazebos are the perfect backyard getaway, whether you’re relaxing amidst the sounds of evening crickets and fireflies or you’re enjoying a breezy afternoon with the scent of BBQ wafting in from the patio.

However you prefer to enjoy your gazebo, one thing is for certain: lighting is integral to transforming your standard gazebo into something truly extraordinary. The following guide will help you pick among the very best top 10 best gazebo lights currently available on the market today.

Choosing Gazebo Lights

There are a lot of different types of gazebo lights available on the current marketing, and choosing what type of gazebo lights you want can be difficult. Before you take a look at the top 10 gazebo lights, you will want to consider which lights are optimum for your particular needs, whether than be parties or romantic nights.

Common type of gazebo lights

While there are a number of unique options out there that don’t fit these categories, the following are the 3 most common types of gazebo lights that you’ll find during your search.

String lights

String lights, which include well-known twinkle lights or fairy lights, are any long strings of lights. Outdoor string lights are highly versatile; some string lights contain full-sized lightbulbs or similarly sized lights, while others contain small lights, otherwise known as twinkle/fairy lights.

String lights can be draped over the top of your gazebo for a dramatic look or they can be wound along the sides of the gazebo to provide intimate and comfortable lighting, click here for tips on how to hang string lights.

String lights come in a variety of lengths, sizes and colors, so they are an excellent option when you need something highly specific. They’re also great to use as patio umbrella lights.

Hanging ceiling-style lights

Another common type of gazebo light are hanging, ceiling-style lights which include everything from fans with optional lights to candelabras to hanging ceiling lanterns and much more in between.

These lights are designed to be installed along the top interior of the gazebo, typically in a central location although they can technically be installed anywhere.

Hanging style ceiling lights are a great option when you want something more subtle than string or twinkle lights, or when you want something that provides a touch of elegance and class.

Stake lights and ground lanterns

Finally, the third most common option for gazebo lighting is stake lights and ground lanterns. These lights are not integrated into the interior of your gazebo and are instead installed in the ground surrounding and/or leading up to the gazebo via a pathway.

This type of lighting is ideal for when you don’t want to, or simply don’t have the means to, install lighting inside the gazebo itself.

This means you won’t get as much direct lighting inside the gazebo as you would with the other methods, but for some people this type of lower ambient lighting suits their needs just fine.

And of course, there is no reason why you couldn’t incorporate more than one type of lighting into your gazebo set-up.

This is especially true with ground and stake lighting, which can add a touch of classy ambiance leading up to a gazebo beautifully lit by charming twinkle lights or a dazzling chandelier.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the top 10 gazebo lights currently available on the market today. A quick note: make sure that you double-check the type of bulb required for each lighting option for making your purchase.

While some of these options are LED, others are for different types of bulbs which you will need to purchase separately.

Best Gazebo Lights for Those Summer Nights

While there are many great gazebo light options available on the market today, it is these top 10 best gazebo lights that consumers should really consider when they want to add new lighting to their outdoor gazebo.

1. HMVPL Globe Pendant Lights with Hanging Cord

HMVPL-Globe-Pendant-Lights-with-Hanging-CordThis unique hanging light is like a modern chandelier. It features an industrial inspired design that features an open light bulb surrounded by a black metallic sphere that provides a striking contrast to the rustic light-bulb contained within it.

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This particular unit is ideal for anyone who wants their gazebo to exude modernity while still retaining a classic look. The dimmer switch is an especially great feature that lets you control the brightness and overall pattern of light in the gazebo.

The light itself features an E26 socket with a dimmable trigger; this socket is compatible with a number of different Halogen and incandescent light bulbs. LED bulbs can work in this particular model if they are dimmer

2. Brightown String Lights with Round Bulbs

Brightown-String-Lights-with-Round-BulbsThis unique string light set contains full, rounded bulbs hanging from the string a style that is highly similar to evenings at quaint cafes in Paris.

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Brightown string lights are 25 feet long each, with 25 clear-based G40 bulbs on each strand; the strands are connectible, so the lighting can be extended if necessary.

The light bulbs on this strong light have candelabra socket base and are designed with at about 12″ of spaces in between each bulb for safety purposes.

This particular light is notable for its charming, rustic appearance that has many diners comparing it to old school Paris.

3. Pure Garden Hanging Coach Lanterns

Pure-Garden-Hanging-Coach-LanternsThese hanging coach lanterns are perfect for staking into the ground near the gazebo while proving it with some much-needed and subtle ambient lighting.

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The hanging coach gardens are designed to be solar powered, so you won’t have to worry about charging them up during the day manually. The light bulbs inside the lantern are LED, which means they will last for ages to come.

4. SuperDanny Outdoor String Lights

SuperDanny-Outdoor-String-LightsThese unique string lights feature a short, narrow bulb that provide a distinct classic appearance to any space decorated with them.

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One of the most notable features of this set is its commitment to low power consumption; the LED bulbs used in the set consume relatively little energy compared to standard bulbs.

LED bulbs will also last much longer than traditional bulbs which require frequent replacement.

Another great benefit of the SuperDanny lights is that they can withstand even harsh weather conditions. The bulbs and strings are considered to be waterproof, windproof, heat-resistant, sun proof and even snow-proof.

For that reason, they are considered some of the hardiest lights on the planet and should be approached cautiously.

5. ZHMA Ceiling Spider Lamp

ZHMA-Ceiling-Spider-LampFor gazebo owners looking to make a statement, this is definitely the one! This particular lighting is a chandelier-style lamb that has a unique spider-like design thanks to the open light bulbs hanging from each chandelier tier.

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This combination of rustic and quaint with elegant will make for an exceptional evening.

This particular hanging light is easy to install and features adjustable length hanging line, so you can adjust the piece so suit your needs.

6. Creatgeek Plug-in Crystal Light

Creatgeek-Plug-in-Crystal-LightThis highly versatile light is perfect for just about any type of gazebo lighting, since it can easily be hung from the ceiling or on a wall or just about anywhere you might want to install it.

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The light itself can be used with LED bulbs, dimmable bulbs, incandescent bulbs and even halogen bulbs.

The light features a dimmable switch for applicable bulbs, which makes it perfect for keeping a low profile in the evenings as you enjoy our gazebo in the privacy of your own backyard.

7. Lighting EVER Gazebo Curtain Lights

Lighting-EVER-Curtain-LightsThese unique twinkle lights will definitely make for a dramatic statement in your gazebo!

These lights are comprised of LED icicle lights which provide a water-fall like effect that is perfect for anyone who loves twinkle/fairy lights and wants to add a touch of warmth and whimsy to their gazebo space.

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These lights feature 7 different moods, along with a steady-on mode for when you want to keep things on the cooler side.

These particular lights would look great hanging over the size of a gazebo or even covering the top.

8. Hudson Lighting Outdoor String Lights

Hudson-Lighting-Outdoor-String-LightsIf you’re looking to light up your gazebo using string lights, then this option for Hudson Lighting is a great one for you.

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The lighting system for each string includes 48 feet of string with  15 total hanging sockets that have an E26 base.

The bulbs themselves are 2-watt bulbs, which mean you’ll be creating a much more subtle and ambient mood compared to some of the brighter lighting options on the list.

9. Ankway Solar String Lights

Ankway-Solar-String-LightsFans of string lights will definitely enjoy these unique string lights which are powered through solar power.

Over 200 LED lights span the string’s 72 feet; and all of the lights are powered through solar power, which is absorbed through a solar power generator snake that is hooked up to the lights.

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The lights are easy to install, feature 8 different moods, and are efficiently at absorbing the solar energy from the power panel.

These are a great option for anyone who loves the look and feel of solar string lights but who doesn’t want to spend too much money on the electric bill every month.

10. Lixada Hanging Solar Pendant

Lixad- Hanging-Solar-PendantThis distinct outdoor lighting option is ideal for anyone who wants something that is simple, classic and slightly expected.

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This option from Lixada features multiple modes of light control, including the ability to control the light through a RF remote controller and an indoor cable that is easy to use and understand.

The Lixada Hanging Solar Pendant is ideal for hanging in a central area of the gazebo, since it can frequently withstand weather and other occurrences (such as landscape work, patio work, etc.) that could negatively impact anyone.

How to Decide Between LED and Incandescent Bulbs

While reading the above list, you may have wondered whether or not it is better for gazebo lights to use LED light bulbs or incandescent light bulbs.

The answer to that question is: do you like saving money? If so, then LED options are your best bet in almost every case.

LED light bulbs require very little electricity to run and will not cause you a metaphorical arm and leg when it comes time to pay the bills, both in terms of the cost of the lightbulbs themselves and the cost of paying for electricity and gas.

Another great benefit of LED lights is the wider availability in features such as color, patterns, and other characteristics that will help you tailor your LED lights to your particular needs.

However, LED lights are not perfect: they do have their disadvantages, especially if you plan on powering LED lights using solar power and you find that the days are routinely overcast or you simply can’t get enough energy to keep the lights going in the way that you want them to do.

Tips for Your Outdoor Lighting

If you plan on using outdoor lighting for your gazebo, you will want to consider the following tips that will help you the most with your outdoor lighting options.

Don’t be afraid to get creative: Try out different options for your gazebo lights, even if it takes you outside the box. For instance, consider storing twinkle lights inside mason jars or connecting your ground stake lights with a winding string of fairy lights for added ambiance. The more you try, the more likely it is that you’ll find something which works for you.

Opt for lights that can be dimmed or turned off/on easily: If you plan on entertaining a lot in your backyard, you will want to make sure that you aren’t running your lights too much; dimming the lights or turning them off when they’re not in use will help conserve your energy.

And remember: when it comes to picking out the top 10 best gazebo lights on the market today, you need look no further than the list above to find the very best gazebo lights that could adorn your gazebo this summer.

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