Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Kitchen Lighting Ideas & Inspiration

Whether you are completely renovating and redecorating your kitchen or are just looking to improve the atmosphere of it, LED light guides is here to help.

Interior lighting is a key component to a kitchen and in order to have an aesthetically pleasing kitchen that is also incredibly functional, you need to balance the lighting just right.

It is not just cooking, meal preparation and eating that happens in kitchens these days. Kids do their homework, lists are made, gossip is exchanged and wine is consumed. In 2018, the kitchen is referred to as the heart of the home.

Retro Kitchen Lighting Ideas and Inspiration

We’re going to look at some lighting ideas you can steal to get that balance in your kitchen lighting right so that your kitchen can be more functional and comfortable for you, your family and your guests.

Understanding the Main Types of Lighting used in Kitchens

For kitchens, there are three different types of lighting that are most commonly used. They are:

  • Ambient lighting
  • Task lighting
  • Accent lighting

Ambient Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Ambient Kitchen Lighting Fixtures
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Ambient lighting is generally a main source of light. It is normally used to either make the natural light flooding in from the window and door brighter, or light up the room if there is no light at all. It is best to try and flood as much light into a kitchen, as evenly as possible from the ceiling.

This can be done using various fixtures such as flush mounts, recessed lighting, pendant lights, and chandeliers lights to name a few.

Task Lighting

Although ambient lighting provides a lot of light for your kitchen, there are often areas that are missed out. This is where task lighting comes in handy.

Under Cabinet Task Lighting
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Cabinets and work surfaces can be better illuminated using under cabinet lighting or LED puck lights as a complement to ambient lighting. These are generally non-permanent installations and are relatively easy to install.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting can be seen as the finishing touches that help to accentuate areas and elements of the room. Cabinet LED strip lights, toe kick lights and many others can be used as a form of accent lighting.

Blue Kitchen Accent Lighting

Illuminate Key Areas

By illuminating key areas in your kitchen with light, you can help to add more layers to your kitchen to give it more depth. Some key areas where you can do this include:

  • Over islands
  • Under cabinets

Over Island Lighting – Pendant & Recessed

Although it depends if you have an island that is predominately used for sitting and just chilling and socializing or if it is have one that it is integrated workspace and cooking area, you will want to light that area well.

Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas

If your island is used for carrying out a lot of tasks, then it may be good to have a combination of hanging lights and recessed downlighting. However, if your islands are used for socializing and generally hanging out around is mini pendants.

Under Cabinet Lighting Fixtures

Lighting under the cabinets is useful if the ambient lighting you have is good, but still leaves darker areas. Undeer cabinet lighting can be used for cabinetry, work surfaces and as task lighting.

The most commonly used under cabinet lighting are:

  • Puck lights – These are oval and round shaped and ideal for mood lights and are ideal for adding illumination to countertops in the form of either a pool, spot or scallop of light.
  • Strip lights LED light strips are versatile and are ideal for cabinets, such as low and on the interior. Particularly, if ambient lighting doesn’t reach certain areas.

Give the Ceiling Special Attention With Lighting

Obviously, as ambient lighting will make up the biggest part of the lighting for your kitchen and that will be provided from above, that needs to have special attention.

One of your best options for your kitchen ambient lighting would be recessed downlighting, which unless you have a relatively small kitchen, is something of an essential lighting solution.

In a small kitchen you can rely on just a single big flush mount in the center of the ceiling. But, the use of recessed lights provides you with a much more refined and tailored lighting

Recessed Kitchen Lighting Fixtures

When arranging it, you want to make sure enough light is spread evenly enough around the room, with a distinct emphasis on illuminating the areas where there is high levels of traffic and use. If you’re concerned about making it too bright, incorporate dimmers into the system.

Another great idea for ambient lighting in your kitchen would be to use either semi-flush mount or flush mount lighting.

This is effective if you don’t have as much space to illuminate and there is also the benefit that using this kind of lighting can help to add an additional touch of style to the room, compared to recessed lights which are more or less hidden from sight.

Making your Kitchen Really Stand Out with Accent Lighting

Kitchen Mood Lighting Ideaas

Accent lighting can be very effective for helping to make particular parts of your kitchen stand out and give it a real individual look and feel. Some of the options you have open to you when it comes to accent lighting are:

Recessed lights – These can more or less be placed wherever you like or need. They are an especially important choice when you are looking to light glass cabinets, open shelves and other sections of your kitchen that are visually important or interesting.

Over Cabinet lighting – Over cabinet lighting, when used effectively, can add a touch of depth and even drama to the room. They work in a similar way to under cabinet lighting in that they can be used to illuminate architecture and decor.

Toe Kick Board lighting – These lights can be used to give that real individual look to your kitchen and also have the rather practical value of being useful for creating a lit-up pathway. LED tape and rope lights are the most commonly used forms of toe lighting.

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