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Best Solar Porch Lights

Best Solar Porch Lights

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So you’ve chosen to pick LED solar powered lights to illuminate your outdoor entrance and solar porch lamps are an amazing energy-efficient way to bring down sky-high electricity bills for your outdoor lighting.

You want to save your wonderful landscaped backyard or the stunning front yard manicured to perfection from the ugly bulbs or lighting that ruin the aesthetics, there will be a style of solar porch lighting is sure to suit you, and these outdoor solar porch lights hit the trifecta – economical, efficient, and eco-friendly.

If the thought of how to maintain your outdoor lighting is creeping up, stop right there, as once your solar wall lamps are installed they can be easily taken care of with little or no maintenance required in fact, apart from an occasional wipe they won’t need anything, just some sun for the power source.

An outdoor light even makes a good addition to your security lighting. There is a variety of fixtures that are either equipped with motion sensors, that are triggered when motion is detected or come ON automatically when the light starts to fade and OFF when the sun rises again, this type is usually referred to as dusk to dawn.

Top 7 Solar Porch Lighting Reviews

Using solar path lights to light the pathway to your front door is also a good idea, but when you reach the door it is nice to have the illumination to see the lock and just to make you feel safer. But there are many things for you to think of before you can actually decide on the LED solar wall lamp for you.

It’s not just LED porch lighting but outdoor solar lights for gardens in general that are becoming the norm and brands are competing to gain the outdoor lighting market share. We’ve listed here some of the best solar porch lights that money can buy.

This list consists of not just entranceway lights but also wall and patio outdoor lights and lanterns, some are similar to solar floodlights in terms of the intensity they provide to help keep your home and family secure at night. Here are our Top 7 Solar Porch Light reviews for fixtures you can use in any location or position.

1. GYMAOYI Solar Porch Outdoor Garden Lighting

GYMAOYI Solar Porch Lights, Outdoor Garden Decorative Fence Post Lighting

Lighting up your deck with patio lights, but without ruining the ambiance can be difficult, with this solar lighting for garden use and decoration you can provide more than enough lighting while being cost-effective and they are full of features.

GYMAOYI porch lights come with an automated switch and a built-in sensor, these will switch ON automatically when the sun sets and switch OFF at dawn with the built-in sensor that ensures that you and your family will no longer have to fumble in the dark for a light switch.

These can also serve as decorative garden solar lights and will rotate between 7 different colors. The ABS plastic provides better insulating powers, and higher impact resistance even at lower temperatures.

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While some solar lights for garden will require 8 hours of sunlight these outdoor lights require up to 5 hours of exposure for the battery to be fully charged.

This is so the larger photovoltaic cell panel increases the surface area available for absorbing the suns’ rays. So this choice is great for regions where the sun shines for only a few hours.

Easy installation with just a screwdriver and some screws and what we like best about this product are that they come in a pack of 6 to really transform your whole backyard.

2. iThird LED Solar Powered Security Light

iThird Solar Porch Lights Outdoor Motion Sensor

If you are looking for economical LED outdoor lighting that delivers the more intense brightness of security lights then this iThird’s sort of outdoor lighting with motion sensor option is for you and the three settings make them a delight to use.

The different modes are always ON mode will ensure that they are operating but dimmed throughout the night, while with the sensor and dim light mode they will stay dimly lit and will only burn bright upon detecting movement. Although you will find that the sensor mode where they stay off in the absence of movement is fairly common it is also extremely helpful to have them on dim when not needed.

These motion sensor lights have a range of up to 16.4 feet, perfect not only for the entrance of your home but the pool area, driveway, even for use as your garage lighting, they will ensure that unwelcome guests are deterred and that you are welcomed.

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It features the IP44-rated connector and stainless steel that makes these waterproof, long-lasting, and capable of withstanding the weather without becoming fragile. iThird’s outdoor lighting LED fittings are not just waterproof but also rustproof.

These also come with the option of replacing bulbs, which might sound obvious, but because LED bulbs have such a long life you will find that some in some models are not replaceable. Being able to change them means that you can opt for 10W led bulbs or 60W incandescent bulbs, but of course, you will lose the energy efficiency.

The charging time ranges from 4 to 6 hours and will last for up to 12 hours on a full charge. The maximum radiance you can expect is 330 lumens of 6000 – 6500 kelvin. Setting up these fixtures is hassle-free and they are covered with a one year warranty.

3. Maggift Solar Porch Lantern Lights

Maggift 15 Lumens Solar Wall Lantern Outdoor Solar Porch Lights

If you’re looking for money and energy-saving type of fitting that will also add a vintage look to your entrance and last from summer to winter.

The use of plastic makes this unit resistant to damage and being classic black means that your wall lantern will go with any furniture set.

You can opt for a pack of 2 or a pack of 4 depending on how big your entranceway or patio is. Each unit includes 2 LED bulbs with an expected radiance of 15 lumens per bulb.

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The warm light that the bulbs emit will lend an elegant hue to whichever area you install them. What’s more, you can even adjust the light direction! The waterproof nature of these is what will make them last for years.

This Maggfit fixture is the sort that has a dusk to dawn setting and will come ON automatically so you will never be left in the dark if you return home late or leave early morning.

They need exposure to direct sunlight for the usual 6 to 8 hours to receive a full charge. As with all garden lights solar powered they are quick and easy to install because of the lack of wires.

4. Gama Sonic GS-105FPW-BW Baytown II

Gama Sonic GS 105FPW BW Baytown II Outdoor Solar Porch Light

Gama Sonic is one of the market leaders when it comes to this type of lighting. GS-105FPW-BW Baytown II is all set to impress your neighbors with the most number of features.

Though these are a little more expensive, we think that they’re worth it. Equipped with an internal lithium-ion battery pack that charges when the panel is exposed to sunshine.

They are low maintenance and the use of Li-ion batteries will eliminate all worries about battery performance as the batteries will normally last between two and three years.

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The monocrystalline panel is secured by weather-resistant and cleanable tempered glass, that just needs to be wiped down every now and then and these are some of the brightest emitting up to 130 lumens of bright-white light.

The Gama Sonic GS-105FPW-BW Baytown II will shine for almost 10 hours once the battery is fully charged and with what has become the industry norm, they feature a photocell sensor which means that they will turn ON at dusk and OFF at dawn without you having to do a thing.

Gama Sonic provides you with the option to use these units either as an outdoor wall sconce or on the top of lamp posts. As always installation is simple and doesn’t involve working with any wires.

5. Awanber Solar Powered LED Pendant Porch Lights

Awanber Solar Powered Pendant Porch Lights, Awanber 12 LED

If you want to light up your garage but don’t want higher bills with electric lights, then maybe the Awanber pendant design is the best option for you.

While most of the options on our list come with the photovoltaic panel attached with the bulb, the Awanber’s pendant light comes with a separate panel that can be placed wherever you want.

You could install the light on a balcony, in your gazebo, or in your tool shed as the solar panel can be connected to the fitting using a 9.9 feet cord.

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Furthermore, the Awanber fixtures are smart lights and the brightness can be adjusted depending on the natural light. If there’s maximum sunshine, the emitted brightness is equivalent to what you would get from a 50W lamp.

Even if there’s cloud cover or rain, the batteries will continue to charge. Although, the lights won’t function at 100% capacity and the brightness would be equal what you get from a 20W lamp.

Apart from being light-weight, these are also water-resistant (IP65 certified). The usage of 18650 4400mAh battery will prevent them from becoming dim for at least the next 3 years.

6. Globe Electric 44127 Charlie Solar Porch Light

Charlie Outdoor Indoor Wall Porch Sconce

Another fantastic option, Globe 44127 checks all the boxes you’re looking for. With a compatible dimmer switch, please note this is not supplied with the wall sconce, you can adjust the brightness for the perfect ambiance that matches your mood.

The oval shape, bottom trim, and oversized top give it a rustic feel that will enhance the overall appearance of your home.

If you’re looking for more options for colors, you can choose from black, matte black, matte black with frosted glass, oil-rubbed bronze, and satin black. Globe Electric also offers design choices.

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The LED bulb is surrounded by a seeded glass shade that protects the bulb from breakage without restricting its soft white glow.

The bulb is expected to have a 15,000-hour life and has 650 lumens of brightness. Mount the light as a sconce or use it as a pendant light, the fitting remains uncomplicated and the mounting hardware and instruction sheet are included with the unit.

7. Lamomo Wall Sconce Porch Light Fixture

Lamomo Dusk to Dawn Sensor Outdoor Porch Wall Lights

Last on this list is Lamomo’s, Wall Sconce. They come with a built-in IC sensor that detects the ambient lighting in its surroundings with this porch lights dusk to dawn setting. Automatically turning ON when the light starts to fade.

These give you an amazing value for the kind of money you’re spending. Made of cast aluminum, the components are anti-rust and anti-corrosion. Additionally, the IP23 certification verifies that the units are indeed water-resistant.

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The inclusion of a glass enclosure around the LED E26 light bulb will protect it from damage and the bulb will provide a high brightness of 100 lumens per watt and last for up to 30,000 hours. Hence, you will save your dollars.

A handful of other certificates – UL, CE, ROHS – have ascertained that these are safe for use and don’t pose any fire or electric shock hazard.

Frequently Asked Questions

Solar-powered porch lights rely on the sun for their power, and as such are a sustainable option for the future. Pick from any of these solar lights garden options to make your life easier, your home attractive and your electric power bills lower.

To help you even further on your quest to find the best for your home, we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions by people like you.

Here’s a recap of our top 3 Best Solar Porch Lights;

Lamomo Dusk to Dawn Sensor LED Porch Lights

  • Money-saving
  • Mercury-free
  • LED E26 light bulb
  • Waterproof

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Gama Sonic Outdoor LED Porch Light

  • Bright white light
  • 10 hours light time
  • 130 lumens
  • No wiring

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Sunface Solar Color Changing LED Porch Lights

  • Two mode lighting
  • 7 colour changes
  • LED
  • 12-month warranty

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What are the brightest solar lights?

The brightest form of solar lights is LED task lights, such as floodlights and security lights. The lumen count (brightness) can vary quite a lot and the higher the number the brighter the light is.

Is it safe to keep porch lights on or off?

It is perfectly safe to keep your porch lights on or off overnight, it is a good idea to leave the lights on for security as it will deter any would-be burglars and also enable you to see anyone who might approach your front door.

How much does a solar light cost?

Solar lights cost very little, especially when you take into consideration that after your initial investment has been made they run cost-free. Typically they can cost between 10 and 30 dollars but obviously varies with designs and brands.

Do solar lights need direct sunlight?

Ideally, solar devices need 8 hours or more of sunlight daily. So if you’re in Yuma or Los Angeles you will have more than enough sunlight and will function at maximum capacity.

If you do not receive a lot of sunshine then look for lights with higher quality and larger solar panels as these will still charge with bright but overcast conditions.

The cells will transfer the accumulated solar energy to your light, ensuring that the solar panels are exposed to enough sunlight or they won’t be as bright or last as long.

How Does Solar Lighting Work?

The solar lighting fixtures are fitted with photovoltaic cells on a dark solar cell panel which absorbs the suns’ rays during the day, this solar cell then converts the sunlight into a direct electrical current which in turn charges the battery enabling the light to work during the night.

Are Solar Porch Lights Waterproof?

Because solar porch lights are specifically designed for lighting outdoor spaces they are usually waterproof. But always ensure that the IP Rating is adequate for the weather conditions in your state.

If your area is prone to a torrential rain then go for the higher-rated lights with IP65 standard.

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