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Eshine LED Dimmable Under Cabinet Lighting Review

eShine Under Cabinet Lighting Review

Under cabinet lighting is a simple addition to your interior but can make any space so much more functional. Be it your kitchen, workspace or closet, this subtle type of lighting offers that extra ease of use that you have been looking for.

Buying the best under cabinet lighting is a great option for smaller dark spaces where you don’t have much room to install a light. Under cabinet lighting tends to be flatter than many other lighting fixture types which fits nicely in most kitchen spaces.

A common design for under cabinet lighting is flat panels or LED strip lights. Such a design lets you create an illuminating lining along counter tops, kitchen island lighting, cabinets, arches, steps and any other flat surface.

eShine Lighting Strips

There is a wide variety of under cabinet lighting available but there is one that stands out. The Eshine LED dimmable under cabinet lighting panel has an edge on the other products available.

This product review will show you why the Eshine LED dimmable under cabinet lighting has deserved its high rating. We look into how easy the panel is to install, how it blends into your space and how functional it is.

eShine LED Lighting

Introducing the Eshine LED Dimmable Under Cabinet Lighting Panel

Bulb Type LED
No. of Lights 45 LEDs per strip
Color Temperature 6,000 Kelvin (cool white)
Brightness 430 Lumens
Power Source 12V DC
Dimensions 20 x 1.1 x 0.4 inches

Eshine is a company that is specialized in under cabinet lighting and their expertise is apparent in this very easy to use LED dimmable under cabinet lighting panel.

The lighting fixture consists of 45 individual LEDs in a narrow strip measuring only 0.38 inches in height and 1.13 inches in width. Available in four different lengths, the 20-inch version is suitable for most applications.

The LEDs give off a cool white tone at a brightness of 430 lumens. But how much kitchen lighting do you need? This is plenty for extra lighting on your kitchen countertop and lining your pantry shelves, especially if you consider that the recommended lumens for overhead kitchen lighting is 600 lumens.

You will need to connect the LED panel to an electrical outlet with the provided cable. The standard kit comes with a 4.9 feet long electrical cable but you can separately order a longer cable if needed.

Intuitive Motion Sensor for Dimming and Switching On/Off

What makes the Eshine LED dimmable under cabinet lighting panels stand out is its motion sensor.

The panel is installed with an IR sensor which detects hand movements for dimming and switching on and off. Thanks to this technology there are no switches or buttons to fumble with.

The light is turned on and off with a quick swipe of the hand. The sensor only responds to hand waves that are about 8cm away from the panel to prevent reacting to accidental swipes that were not intended to turn the light on or off.

To adjust the brightness of the lights, simply keep your hand still directly under the panel. Once you’ve removed your hand, that particular light setting will be used as the default setting for the next time you switch on the light.

There is also a way to bypass the sensor. This could be useful for spaces where your hands are constantly moving in very close proximity to the sensor like on a workbench.

The plug can be connected on both sides of the panel. By connecting on the opposite side of where it’s marked ‘connect power here’ you can override the sensor and keep the light at its current setting.

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Installment as Easy as 1-2-3

The second feature which puts this under cabinet lighting panel above other LED lighting panels is how simple it is to install anywhere.

Under Cabinet 3M Tape Example

Each kit comes with all the tools you need to install the panel in two different ways. You can either stick the LED panel to a flat surface with the attached 3M sticker or use the provided screws and screw caps to attach the panel.

The 3M sticker is already fitted unto the panel so all you need to do is remove the paper strip to reveal the adhesive. If the surface is not flat or if you prefer screwing the LED panel into place, that is possible too.

As mentioned, this under cabinet lighting does have to be connected to a power source using the included electrical cable. To keep the area neat, the kit includes 3 wire clips, also with a 3M sticker for easy installment.

The Downside

Some users of the Eshine LED dimmable under cabinet lighting panel have complained that the on/off sensor can be faulty. Although Eshine was quick to send them a replacement, reviewers still recommend using the plug as the on/off switch instead.

Here’s a video from eShine themselves to help you see the product in full:

Eshine LED Dimmable Under Cabinet Lighting Review Summary

TThe Eshine LED dimmable under cabinet lighting is definitely worth adding to your interior lighting list. It offers a quick and simple solution to the small dark spots inside your home without costing you a fortune.

The combination of the sensor and double-sided 3M sticker are a genius way to save space and time. Installing under cabinet lighting with extensive wiring can be difficult because of the angle of the placement but this Eshine product lets you avoid the hassle.

Also, being able to dim the light is an attractive feature for in the kitchen where you’ll want a different brightness depending on the time of day and activity. For example, you can set it to a soft light when you are making your early morning coffee and increase the brightness during dinner prep.

In conclusion, if you are looking for how to install under cabinet lighting and easy to use under cabinet light, then the Eshine LED dimmable under cabinet lighting panel is a great affordable option to consider.

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