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Hallway Lighting Ideas

Hallway Lighting Ideas

When it comes to the lighting in your home, it’s important to give confined areas (like hallways) more attention, since they often get overlooked.

If you talk to an interior decorator, restaurant owner, real estate agent, or builder, they will tell you how the lighting in a home can make or break the atmosphere.

Best Halloway Lighting Ideas For Your Home

The hallway lighting in your home is especially important if you’re wanting your home to feel welcoming rather than an unattractive, claustrophobic environment.

When it comes to modern interior lighting ideas, a single lamp in your hallway just won’t cut it. A hallway needs to be well lit or it isn’t going to be a place where people want to walk through.

Why You Need Good Lighting in Your Hallway

Why You Need Good Lighting in Your HallwaySometimes hallways can appear too narrow, making you feel slightly claustrophobic. There’s often only a small amount of flooring in a hallway. This can make your guests feel confined, which I’m sure is the last thing you’re wanting them to feel.

However, with the right hallway lighting, you can really open up the area. Adding in the right lighting can make your hallway appear and feel bigger than it actually is.

When selecting the right hallway lights to brighten up the atmosphere, you want to make sure you select lighting that’s mounted. Here we will cover the top hallway lighting options.

Different Hallway Lighting Ideas:

● Pendant lighting
● Wall sconces
● Can lighting
● Recessed lighting
● Track lighting
● Variety lighting

1. Pendant Hallway Lighting

Pendant Hallway LightingIf you’re looking for something that’s remarkable or something to make a statement, then pendant lighting is the best option for your hallway.

These lights look their very best if you have a relatively tall ceiling since they hang down a bit. However, they can work with an average ceiling too. LED Edison bulbs are excellent to pair with pendant hallway lighting as they add a unique warmth to the room.

Pendant lights vary in their size, length, and width. However, if your hallway is too narrow it could potentially do the opposite effect that you’re hoping for and end up making your hallway look too confined.

Just be sure to use a tape measure to map out your space before selecting the right light.

Do you have really tall ceilings?

Using a modern chandelier will be your best option to add depth to your hallway. Plus, the right chandelier can be used as a unique statement piece to any room.

2. Wall Hallway Sconces

Wall Hallway SconcesWall hallway sconces are great if your hallway is a bit wider and you’re wanting to make changing the light bulb as easy as possible.

They are most optimal when they’re at least 5 feet from the floor. This will ensure that your hallway’s getting enough light.

However, keep in mind that wall sconces can also take some space away from your walking area and could be an issue if you’re tall and the hallways are very narrow.

3. Can Hallway Lighting

Can lighting work in pretty much any area in your home since it isn’t too distracting.

The great thing about this type of lighting is that it can light up a hallway nicely. Can lighting is very common for hallways since they often go unnoticed but can create a good atmosphere.

4. Recessed Hallway Lighting

Recessed Hallway LightingOftentimes, newer homes will come equipped with recessed lighting, especially in the hallways.

Recessed lighting is most ideal for hallways that have a lower ceiling. They have a lean look to them. They’re simple and are able to keep any room looking uncluttered and fresh.

You could use recessed lighting to fully illuminate your hallway or you could use it as a statement piece to complement artwork or another hallway decor.

Since recessed lighting often lacks the hardware that most other lighting options have, it can help your space appear larger.

To make sure you’re using recessed lighting in the best way possible, keep them evenly spaced. This will make sure they don’t look too commercialized. By placing them neatly around the ceiling, you’ll create a warm ambiance.

5. Track Hallway Lighting

Track Hallway LightingTrack lighting is often used in art studios to shine a light directly onto the artwork. So if you’re someone that enjoys modern industrial styled lighting then this might be for you. Track lighting brings an alternative feel to your home that could be the creative touch you’re looking for.

Mix & Match Your Hallway Lighting

If you don’t seem to like any of these single options, you might like to mix two of the types of lighting together.

Sometimes having two different types of hallway lights can create a unique statement and add to the distinctive atmosphere that you’re wanting.

Tips on Placing Your Hallway Lights the Right Way

Tips on Placing Your Hallway Lights the Right WayFor average-sized hallway lights, it’s good to space them roughly 8-9 feet apart. However, if your lights are smaller than most you’ll need to place them a little bit closer together.

When using sconce lights, make sure that you place them relatively high up on your hallway wall. This will make your hallway feel bigger and more open when you’re walking down it.

By having it higher up it will also prevent people from bumping the lights as they walk through your hallway. This will also make your eye look up and help to prevent your home from looking like an old dungeon with fire torch lighting down the hallway.

If you’re able to have a few lights closer together towards the end of the hallway you’ll be able to create an illusion that the hallways longer than it actually is. This effect helps to draw your eyes toward the end of the hallway

Now that you know which lights you want and where to put them, make sure that you assess the way the lights look from both ends of the hallway. Remember to look for dark spots to prevent the lighting from looking inconsistent or patchy between the lights.

This will also prevent the hallway from looking too narrow and will keep it bright and spacious.


ConclusionHallways are one of the most difficult spaces in the home to illuminate. Unfortunately, hallways are often forgotten or seen as an afterthought when it comes to design and lighting decor.

These often-cramped spaces are too often dimly lit and feel closed in. Taking advantage of these hallway lighting tips is a perfect opportunity for you to create a beautiful atmosphere throughout your whole home.

By making a few adjustments, many of your guests will notice the detail you put into your hallway lighting since hallways connect the rooms we reside in.

Plus, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your guests aren’t trekking through an unattractive, dingy hall. You can also be reassured knowing that you created the ideal hallway atmosphere that feels like another spacious and inviting room in your home.

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