LED Light Therapy

LED Light Therapy for Anti-Aging and Acne

LED Light Therapy for Anti-Aging and Acne

We have already covered the best LED masks for light therapy which is one of the many types of photofacial treatment. But when reading these reviews it is only natural to ask the question: does LED light therapy really work?

It may not be a miracle tool that answers all skincare desires but light therapy is a non-invasive alternative to treating many different kinds of skin conditions.

Using LED Light Therapy for Anti-Aging and Acne

Each wavelength, which we perceive as colors, reacts to your skin cells differently and so each LED color within light therapy serves a different purpose.

Red light is the wavelength used for anti-aging treatment and blue is used in acne treatment. Read on to learn how LED light therapy can be used for preventing the signs of aging and treating acne.

Using Red Light LEDs for Anti-Aging

Using Red Light LEDs for Anti-Aging

You see red light at a wavelength between 625 and 700 nm. When in contact with the top layer of skin, the epidermis, the light energy is absorbed and a number of things happen.

In short, red light increases skin cell activity. For example, it improves blood flow and lymph system activity, both of which soothe the skin making it more smooth and naturally glowing.

Better circulation also means more oxygen and nutrients spreading throughout your body which provides cells with energy. Skin cells use this energy to grow and repair, in other words, your skin can better heal itself.

One of the types of skin cells that regenerate is collagen. Collagen production is often linked to healthy youthful skin but it prevents lines and keeps your skin tight.

So, there are many reactions to exposure to red light. These reactions all involve boosting cell activity and skin cell regeneration which are key to keeping skin healthy and preventing several causes of wrinkles and sagging skin.

Can You Do This at Home?

LED Light therapy at home

Yes, you can buy an LED light mask for home use and incorporate it into your skincare routine and begin to reap the benefits of LED light therapy. The light therapy masks available online are safe for personal use because they are not as strong as the devices professionals use.

Overexposure is what you have to be careful with and the commercially available models prevent overexposure by only offering mild versions of the devices used by medical specialists. Still, be sure to follow the instructions carefully and don’t rush the process in the hopes of gaining faster results.

That being said, you can expect slower results when using an at-home light therapy mask. It really needs to become part of your regular skincare routine for an extended period of time to be noticeable.

Following this treatment at a specialist already takes several weeks to take effect so you can imagine the amount of time it takes when using a low dosage device.

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LED Therapy for Clearing Up Acne

LED Therapy for Clearing Up Acne

Usually, a combination of both red and blue light is used for acne treatment. Although there is still an ongoing debate on how safe this method is.

As mentioned, red light boosts cell activity with one of the results being less redness and inflammation. This takes care of some of the uncomfortable side effects of acne-prone skin.

The more tricky color is blue light. Blue light occurs at a wavelength between 440 and 500 nm and targets the oil glands in your skin.

Overproduction of oil is one of the triggers of acne so preventing this from occurring seems a legit method of preventing acne. However, there are certain risks to blue light exposure.

Blue light also exposes you to UV-light radiation. Ultraviolet radiation is present in many light sources, including your electronics so it may not seem like the most dangerous risk but again, you have to prevent overexposure to avoid the negative side effects.

Is It a Safe Home Remedy?

Safe Home Remedy of LED Light Therapy

The short answer is yes, you can use light masks to treat acne at home. However, many specialists only advice LED light therapy for severe acne cases because the treatment can cause symptoms such as dryness, and sensitivity to the sun.

Certified dermatologists and skin specialists use more precise tools than the at-home versions so they can achieve better results than you can by yourself. They are also better at monitoring any skin irritations and adjusting the treatment accordingly.

Using light therapy masks at home might be more suitable for people dealing with milder forms of acne. Again, this also needs to become a regular part of your skincare routine to notice a significant difference.

If you do not want to take acne medication or find that the acne-fighting creams, face washes, peels etc. are not working for you, then this might be a painless alternative.

Conclusion of LED Light Therapy

At-home LED masks can give you better skin when incorporated into a regular skin care routine. However, a professional will always deliver better results.

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