Different Types of LEDs

Different Types Of LED Lights

Nowadays, there are various different types, shapes, sizes and colors of LEDs available. This is a direct and positive result of all the effort that has been put into the …

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Best Photo Light Box

Top 10 Best Photo Light Boxes

Lighting is very important in photography – it can be used to create a more dramatic looking scene or to make it seem as if the image has not actually …

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How LEDs work

How LEDs Work & How They’re Made

The majority of people know how incandescent bulbs work and the warm glow they provide that cuts through the darkness and brings light into our life. But what about modern …

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Las Vegas Feature Photo

Las Vegas: The City Of Lights

The City of Light or in French, la Ville Lumiere, is the nickname most commonly associated with Paris. The main reasons it was given this name were that the city …

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Best LED Antique Candelabra Lights

Top 10 Best LED Candelabra Lights

Lighting is an important consideration, whatever the location. When you are choosing the right type of lighting for your home though, you need to give a lot of consideration to …

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Best LED Tube Reviews

Best 8 Foot LED Light Tubes

LED Lighting can be a very expensive thing to budget for – whether you are purchasing lighting for your home or the place where you work, such as with office lighting. …

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Best LED Camping Lanterns

5 Best LED Camping Lanterns

Camping is undoubtedly seen by all that enjoy it as a great way to escape from the trappings of modern life. However, we are sure you will agree, there are …

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