Best White LED Christmas Lights

Best White LED Christmas Lights

When there are so many Christmas Lights to choose from it can be challenging to know which ones might be the right fit for you.

It can be hard looking for the best LED Christmas lights, especially white ones since there seem to be endless options…

Top 5 Best White LED Christmas Lights

If you’re wanting just the right lights to create the perfect atmosphere, this list is for you. We’ve gathered the top 5 best white LED Christmas Lights for you to choose from.

Not sure how to store your Christmas lights? Make sure you check out our other Christmas light resources to make this year’s festivities as stress-free as possible whether it be outdoor Christmas lights or indoor LEDs that you are looking for.

1. MYGOTO String Christmas LEDs

MYGOTO LED String Lights, 165FT 500LED 30V Plug in White String Lights

This is the perfect led white Christmas lights string for anyone that’s looking to make their space a little more magical. They’re some of the best LED Christmas tree lights for white trees.

Since they are smaller than the average LEDs, you’re able to get a much more twinkly effect without lowering the brightness.

There’s a total of 500 LEDs that can shine with 8 different settings depending on what look you’re wanting. The different settings include a flashing sequence, waves, slogs, slow fade, twinkling, waves, sequential, and steady.

They look best with a white Tree, but if your tree is green choose a set that has a green cord since they blend best with the tree branches.

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2. Twinkle Star 66ft LED Indoor Christmas String

Twinkle Star 66ft 200 LED Indoor String Lights

These Twinkle Star LEDs are ideal if you’re wanting a cooler appearance rather than the usual white light. Choosing these LED lights over fluorescent lights will save energy and lower your electrical bill.

You might want to buy two packs since they are lower cost and have a total of 200 commercial grade LEDs. However, they do span out to 66 feet for each pack, so it just depends on how much coverage you need.

Since these are a more delicate look, you might be wondering if the light is finicky or flickers. They don’t, thankfully, as they have a durable structure.

Even though it says these are waterproof, they actually aren’t as weather-resistant as others that are comparable. It’s okay that they aren’t because these do tend to look their best indoors anyways.

They have 8 different settings and are adaptable to whatever kind of atmosphere you’re wanting to create.

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3. Ollny 330ft Christmas String With Remote Control

Ollny Christmas Lights 800 LEDs 330ft LED Outdoor String Lights

This Ollny string provides a grand total of 800 LEDs, creating 330 feet of glorious light.

You’ll be delighted to find out that these also come with remote control and have a certified UL plugin so so you don’t have to rely on batteries for this hefty amount of energy.

It can also be super convenient to be able to turn them off from the comfort of your couch or bed, instead of having to go right up to them and manually turn them on or off. However, there is a switch if you do want to get up and control them without the remote.

The reassuring safety of these can be a deciding factor for many people. These Ollny LED Xmas lights don’t heat up and continue to stay cool regardless of the time you leave them on for. This can be quite comforting for a parent that’s wanting a safe home.

Another versatile feature is the copper wire underneath the clear plastic covering. It makes it possible to bend these however you’re wanting them (wrap them around a tree or bend to wrap around a headboard, shelves, fences or stair railings).

The options are endless for where you can put these beautiful led white Christmas lights.

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4. Twinkle Star White LED Window Curtain String Lights

Twinkle Star 300 LED Window Curtain String Light

This White Twinkle Star Curtain is gorgeous and white… white a hint of blue so they are bright white led Christmas lights.

They can be hung as a curtain or hung in your window. Many people buy them for wedding decorations as they can make a beautiful display behind the bride and groom’s table.

With a sheer curtain and the LEDs being spaced perfectly with 6.6 feet x 9.8 feet, it can create a stunning environment. It can hang from a curtain rod, plus, you can easily add little hooks to hang it from.

If you’re buying several packs, you might want to keep it set on the twinkle setting since the brightness can sometimes vary when comparing the standard constant setting.

With the 8 different settings, it makes it super easy to choose a setting that fits your atmosphere and makes the LEDs flow together (giving you the twinkling beauty you’ve been craving).

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5. MyCozyLite LED Warm White Globes

LED String Lights, by myCozyLite

These warm white led Christmas lights may be what you’ve been missing last year. With the benefits of LED lighting and the warmth of white light, they create a comforting and safe lighting option.

They can be bright enough to light up a room to provide regular lighting if the room is smaller. However, they are adjustable and have 8 different functions that can give you a variety to fit your twinkly light needs.

The settings include the slow face, chasing/flash, combination, steady on, waves, soft glow, sequential and twinkle/flash. The usual favorite is the soft glow setting though, as it creates the perfect atmosphere for your kid’s room or for you to cozy up and read a book in bed.

They arrive in nice packaging with twist-ties, which makes it easy to hang them wherever you please.

With 100 LEDs spanning 49 feet, you’ll have plenty of room to bend the wire however you prefer. Another option is if you’re wanting to add more sets together, you can add at least three sets without lowering the quality and overloading the breaker.

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