Best LED Snowflake Christmas Lights

Best LED Snowflake Christmas Lights

When it comes to LED Xmas lights for your home, you’re probably looking for something striking, right? Something that will complete your Christmas decorations…

Or maybe, you’re looking for something that will transform your home look into a winter wonderland. If you are, then look no further.

By the way… These Snowflake lights are some of the best outdoor Xmas lights you can get. If you’re wanting to take it up a notch, you’ll also want to check out the best LED laser Xmas lights

10 Best LED Snowflake Christmas Lights

Here is our list of the Top 10 Best LED Snowflake Christmas Lights.

1. LED Christmas Snowflake Light Projector

LED Christmas Snowflake Light ProjectorThis LED Snowflake Light Projector is different from your traditional Christmas String Set. It has the ability to project beautiful, clear images of the wonderful flakes onto your home (covering 180 degrees).

It can quickly turn your home into the winter wonderland you’ve always dreamed of. Since this projector covers such a large area, you won’t need to have any other lighting on your home, making your Christmas set up easier than normal.

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The visibility of these flakes is very noticeable, even if you’re relatively far away. With a wide range of options for how you want them to look, you’ll be able to adjust the settings to have exactly what you want for your home.

The LED Christmas snowflakes Light Projector can take a simple home and give it a cozy, festive feeling. You can control the settings with remote control from the comfort of your home. This means you don’t have to go outside to change the settings. You can stay warm inside while you adjust the projector to your liking.

Also, this company gives you a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee and a 12-Month Warranty, so you don’t have to worry about the quality.

2. Homeleo White Snowflake LED Fairy String

Homeleo White Snowflake LED Fairy LightsThe Homeleo snowflakes string lights come with 50 clear snoflake lights that span out over 25 feet. Battery-powered it is perfect for those hard to reach places in your home where you don’t want an ugly extension cord ruining the look of your decorations.

Maybe you are looking for something to light your tree outside, then as this set is battery-powered, waterproof, and very durable, you can put them anywhere, so the perfect outdoor Snowflake Christmas lights. They’re also much safer since they’re composed of LEDs rather than incandescent.

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They can look amazing around a doorway, wrapped around a garland, on a wreath, a mirror, or around a window. They come in warm white or cool white, depending on the type of atmosphere you’re wanting to create.

They conveniently come with a remote control too, making your life easier to control the 8 different settings. This control also allows you to put them on a timer. With the timer set, they will be on for 6 hours then off for 18, so you don’t have to keep manually turning them off and on.

This is great when you’re wanting to come home to twinkly, warm lights, instead of having to turn them on. This feature is helpful in creating a welcoming, cozy, Christmas home.

3. Waterproof Christmas Snowflake LED Light Projector

Waterproof Christmas Snowflake LED Light ProjectorThis Waterproof snowflake lights outdoors. The LED Light Projector can look amazing on the inside of your home or on the outside. Since it can cover a distance of 16-26 feet, you’re sure to have your whole home covered (or your entire bedroom).

It creates a beautiful visual of light flakes dancing on your home. You’ll be surprised at how festive it can make your home feel.

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These particular flakes are especially Christmas-y because of how unique some of them are shaped. Some look like they’re almost little stars rather than flakes. However, it’s not a bother since they blend together nicely creating a unique winter wonderland.

The projector system comes with a remote control like other similar projectors. However, this remote gives you the option to control the speed of the flakes falling. and it allows you to control it from 49 feet away.

The convenience of this Projector can make your winter holidays much more enjoyable. Knowing the projector’s waterproof and will last through various weather conditions is comforting.

4. Moving Snowflake Projector

Moving Snowflake Projector LightsThe Moving Snowflake Projector Lights might just be the perfect addition for your home this Christmas. These flakes will remind you of the snowflakes you used to make out of paper when you were a kid (or the ones your teacher would make).

When you’re looking at these they give you a cozy nostalgic feeling. The projector doesn’t take up much space and it’s smaller than some of its competitors, making it easy to place it anywhere (by putting a stake in the lawn to hold it nice and steady).

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The bulbs are small, high-quality LEDs, that aren’t overbearing or too bright on the eyes. However, they still provide a bright enough visual to see the detail in the flakes.

Your neighbors will really enjoy the gentle winter wonderland visuals from this projector when they’re driving or walking by your home.

Another benefit to this particular projector is that the creators of it have added a 1-year warranty onto it, so if you change your mind there are no strings attached.

5. Windpnn Solar Christmas Snowflake String

Windpnn Solar Christmas Snowflake String LightsIf you’re looking for some festive lights that are also energy-efficient, this Windpnn Solar Christmas snowflakes string might be the ones for you.

There are 50 solar powered Christmas lighting snowflakes in total, creating 30 feet of cool white light. When they have been charged up from the sun during the day they can give you roughly 6-8 hours of twinkly lighting.

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With two different setting options, you can have them twinkling or steady. The only time these solar-powered lights might not be the best for you is if your yard is dark and covered in shade from the trees during the daytime.

However, if this is the case… Just make sure to put the solar panel a little higher up where some sunlight can reach it. Otherwise, if you have a typical yard like most folks, you’ll have no problem.

Since there’s no extension cord, you can hang these wherever you want without restrictions. Just place the solar panel in your yard, with the lawn stake provided and you’re good to hang these beautiful LEDs wherever you desire.

6. Silver Snowflake LED Indoor Christmas String

Silver Snowflake LED Indoor Christmas String LightsAre you looking for that little something different for your decorations this Holiday then these Silver LED Indoor Christmas String Lights are for you? They can be hard to find at a local store and are typically the kind that attracts someone that’s into interior design.

They give off a delightful classy look and provide you with 10 silver flakes that span out 4 feet.

They offer a gentle, seamless look, making it easy to put them nearly anywhere. However, they do typically look their best on a mantle, around a bed, or hanging around a door.

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The best part about these is that when they’re lit, they give off a gorgeous flake shadow, making your home look magical.

They are made out of rustic silver metal and some are bent to look uniquely imperfect on purpose. However, if you don’t like the rustic look, you could polish the metal to make them shimmer more.

You won’t be disappointed with these beauties since they make you feel like you’ve brought a little bit of cozy snow inside your home.

7. HuTools Snowflake LED Fairy String

HuTools Snowflake Led Lights 16.5ft 50 LED Battery-Operated Fairy String LightsThese HuTools led snowflake lights provide you with 50 Flakes spanning roughly 16.5 feet long.

They appear a little bit smaller than some of the other comparable options. But this is great if you’re wanting something that’s subtle and could be up in your bedroom all year long, instead of just the festive season.

They are surprisingly more durable than you’d expect. This is great if you’re wanting to use these in your child’s bedroom instead of a nightlight.

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This set of snowflakes lights can also look lovely around a wreath, a window, along your stairwell wrapped around some garland, on your mantle, or around your tree the ideas are endless.

They add the perfect icy white touch (with a subtle icy blue undertone), making you feel like you are in a snowy winter castle wherever you put them. The main cord is clear so it’s easily hidden, making the flakes appear as if they’re hanging magically on their own.

With the two light settings, it gives you the option to have them twinkling or steady. Either way, these dainty little flakes are a good bang for your buck and are sure to make your home extra wintery this year.

8. HuTools Snowflake LED Fairy String

LED Battery Operated Christmas Light SnowflakeIf you want to go big this Christmas, then this you’ll definitely want to consider. This stunning LED Battery Operated Christmas Light Snowflake is 16 inches wide and looks amazing anywhere in your home or in a window.

It is bright enough to be noticed from the road so your neighbors can enjoy it with you. It’s unique enough to catch the eye of anyone walking by as it has 24 frosty white LEDs within the snowflake.

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This is lightweight and battery-powered, making it easy to place wherever you’re wanting it. The texture adds a level of depth to it as well. Rather than just a traditional basic plastic snowflake, this 16-inch flake looks like it’s come from a snowy winter wonderland castle.

It has 8 different settings and the ability to be on a 6-hour timer, which will ensure it’s not left on overnight, saving your batteries.

This will complete your Christmas decorations and give you the finishing touch you’ve been wanting for that festive winter look.

9. LED Cool White Snowflake Icicle Lights

LED Cool White Snowflake Icicle LightsThese LED Cool White Snowflake Icicle Lights give your home a festive, snowy ice look. One set of these provides you with 70 cool white snowflakes that hang from a snowy white wire spanning out over 7 feet.

You can connect up to 44 sets, which means you can have roughly 308 feet altogether if you want… Or if you want to play it safe, it may be easiest to stick to 3 or 4 sets. This may be better than getting too carried away and possibly lowering the brightness.

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Sometimes icicle lights (in general) can be a little bit flimsy. However, these feel more sturdy and higher in quality than others that are comparable. They are UL listed for safety and efficiency so are the perfect snowflake outdoor Christmas lights.

They give you a natural imperfect look by having each string hang at a slightly different length. Which adds a real whimsical element to the way the lighting hangs.

You’ll be sure to turn some heads with these natural, festive, icy flakes at your home this Christmas.

10. Kringle Traditions Twinkle Snowflake Christmas Lights

Kringle Traditions Twinkle Snowflake Christmas LightsThis Kringle flake is the perfect winter light to hang in your biggest, most prominent window. This decor tends to attract someone that’s minimalistic because of its simple, foldable features and classy winter look.

This flake beams with 70 cool white LED lights all within and is a beautiful winter light that isn’t clunky and is surprisingly lightweight.

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It arrives in a small compact box and is easy to assemble. It only takes a minute to set it up by snapping the little built-in plastic snaps and you’re good to go.

The only possible downside to this is that it isn’t battery-powered. However, if you have white blinds or white baseboards around a window, then the power cord is easily hidden, making it not much of a problem.

This light is also super easy to fold up at the end of the winter season, making it very compact for storage.

This is another reason why minimalists will like this winter light since you have the ability to shrink the whole thing back down in size. Simply done by undoing the little clips that previously held it together.

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