Best Christmas Pathway Lights

Top 10 Best Christmas Pathway Lights

Who doesn’t love Christmas? It’s the time of year when family and friends come together to celebrate, and often those friends you rarely see, and young and old alike get into the spirit of things. Putting up the LED Christmas lights in the house is something that parents and children enjoy together, but what about decorating the outdoors, too?

Lights are a traditional way of enhancing the outside of a house, and for decorating trees in the yard or garden, and nowadays, the use of LEDs makes things so much easier. Moving away from trees, what about those very pretty pathway lights that you’ve probably seen lining the paths to other gardens? They look great and come in a variety of shapes, styles, and colors – including some novelty ones especially for the festive season – and you may be surprised how affordable they are.

We have put together a list of the 10 best Christmas pathway lights and included a good mixture for your satisfaction, that can be used at Christmas and some throughout the year (or check out our year-round best garden pathway lights post), so let’s have a look at them in more detail.

Top Best 10 Christmas Pathway Light Reviews

1. Multi Colored Garden Pathway Lights

1. Winter Wonder Lane Christmas Pathway Lights

This is a great choice for the festive season and would look good all year round, if what you want is to add a touch of color to your garden paths. It’s a set of 10 colored bulbs on spikes, in red, yellow, green and blue, that are 18inches in total ad would look really cool lining a path to your house, especially if you have guests coming to a party or other celebration of some kind.

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These are waterproof so are designed for outdoor use, the light they give out is provided by LEDs which are by far the most cost effective form of light, and they last a long time. Be aware that these are not solar lights and use a standard mains power supply, so you will need a nearby socket and perhaps an extension cord, but they are very effective and have around 1.5ft distance between each one. Not a bad price, either.

Key Features

  • Four colors
  • Mains powered,
  • 18” tall
  • 10 bulbs

Pack of 100 C7 Christmas Pathway Driveway Lights

2. Wintergreen Lighting – Set of 100 Christmas Pathway Lights

As we said in our introduction, if you think about getting lights for the festive season, you might actually want to have your pathway lined with lights all year. This set of 100 lights, each of which is white (a multi-colored option is also available), is a perfect choice as it gives you great scope for any outdoor lighting requirements. You could even put them around a patio or deck, and they will do the job for those warm autumn evenings as well as late summer nights.

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Each light is on a 7.5” stake and is a standard type of bulb for ease of replacement – these are not LED but removable filament bulbs – and the set arrives as four 25’ lengths that join together, or you can power each one separately if you wish. The wire itself is strong and designed for durability, and the sockets are also designed to allow use in damp conditions, and at the price, we think this is a very good deal.

Key Features

  • 100 lamps
  • All white
  • Removable
  • Comes as 4 sections
  • Mains powered

3. Gigalumi 12 x Six Colour Solar Pathway Lights


3. Gigalumi 12 x Six color Solar Pathway Lights

LED is the light source for this very neat and usable set of 12 solar pathway lights, and as each is powered individually there is a variety of options as to where you put them. Each light, which comes on a 9” spike, is one of 6 different colors – red, blue, green, yellow, orange and white – and takes its  energy through a solar cell on the top. With sufficient charging, you can get as much as 8 hours of light from each at one time.

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The portable nature of these means you can put them wherever there is soft ground – soil or grass – and you can arrange them how you want. They’d look great as a group, or in a line along your pathway, and they really do offer a very impressive approach. The only problem is the available light, but if you believe you have enough sunlight daily to charge them, they are difficult to match at the price.

Key Features

  • 6 colors
  • 12 lamps
  • Solar powered Christmas pathway lights
  • Individual lights
  • 8 hours

4. Maggift 8 Piece Solar Garden Christmas Pathway Lights

4. Maggift 8 Piece Solar Garden  Christmas Pathway Lights

This is another set of pathway lights that could double as either Christmas or festive lights, or for all-year use. These lights are LED and are encased in a rather attractive cover with a cut-out pattern, so the light is cast in a very charming and original way. They are all individually powered by a solar cell on the top, so can be placed wherever you want, one by one, and they measure 11 inches tall including the spike and are white LED.

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These are designed for outdoor garden use so are waterproof and there is a simple on/off switch that enables you to control when you want them to charge or be on, and they sit in the ground very neatly. This is a set of eight, which is enough to line a short pathway or to illuminate a patio or, for example, pond or other feature, and as there are no wires restricting them they are very versatile. At the price, which is pretty much in line with the above, these are rather nice.

Key Features

  • White LED Christmas pathway lights
  • Attractive design
  • Individually solar powered
  • 11” height
  • 8 pack

5. Best Choice Christmas Candy Cane Pathway Lights

5. Best Choice Christmas Candy Cane Pathway Lights

This interesting, charming and fun set of pathway lights comes in the form of very pretty red and white candy cane shapes, each of which contains five bright LED lights for maximum effect. They are nicely made and come on a string of 10, and each measure some 15 inches above ground – that is without the spike – so they also sit at quite a size. They look impressive when in place, too, and they require a mains socket for power.

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The string of candy cane Christmas pathway lights measures 25 feet, that’s without including the additional power cable, and they can be strung together as up to four sets and joined to one power source, so you can have as much as 100 feet in one go. Certified for use outdoors and ready to go out of the box, these will make a great talking point and while not among the cheapest option here, are among the most noticeable and impressive.

Key Features

  • Candy cane design
  • 5 lights per cane
  • Red and white
  • 25 feet total length
  • Mains power

6. ProductWorks Rudolph and Friends Christmas Pathway Lights

6. ProductWorks Rudolph and Friends Christmas Pathway Lights
If you have kids and want to do something with Christmas lights especially for them, you should have a look at this excellent set of four fun lights in the shape of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and his friends, including Santa. The figures are 8” high when in the ground so are easily noticeable, and come with lights inside and a mains cord to plug into an extension lead (it is not a very long cord) and are great fun.

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They also come with suction cup hangers so are easy to attach to any smooth surface – they’d look great as window ornaments, for example – and are also certified for outdoor use. They are nicely made, durable and are licensed figures that your kids will really enjoy. Strictly for Christmas and there’s only four of them, but if you want a real Christmas feel then this could be the choice for you.

Key Features

  • Rudolph, Santa etc,
  • Brightly lit
  • 8” tall
  • Mains powered

7. Lumabase 10 Count Red and Green Christmas Path Lights

7. Lumabase 10 Count Red and Green Christmas Path Lights

This is a set of lights in red and green, which have become the traditional colors of Christmas for many people. However, this is a simple design so could easily be left in place – along a path or driveway or around a pond or other feature – for the rest of the year, and they are very neat and attractive. They come as a set of 10 lights on spikes, and measure 8 inches in height (including the spike).

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This set, as with many of these, requires a mains outlet to use, as they come attached to a 30-foot electric cord. That’s quite a length and would easily line a standard drive or path up to your house. They are weatherproof, so will withstand the rain, and you simply position them, plug them in and they are ready to go. You can also use the standard end connectors to link more sets together if you wish, and we believe these are among the best value on this list.

Key Features

  • Red and green
  • Pack of 10 lights
  • 30 foot cord
  • Mains power
  • 8 Inch height

8. 4 x Solar Christmas Pathway Bulb Markers

If you want big, bold and noticeable, you need to take a look at this set of four jumbo pathway markers, as they really are very large indeed! In fact, at 18 inches high they can hardly be missed and they look the part in red, green, yellow and blue, are totally waterproof and weather resistant, and would be perfect for a short path or approach that you want to enhance with lighting or perhaps as patio decoration.

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The advantage here is that these are solar powered individually, so you can place them all together or you can put them in separate places for effect. They would look the part in a flower bed, for example, or surrounding a pond with the light reflected off the water. No power cables means these can be used anywhere, and if you get sufficient sunlight they will give you 8 hours of light, and while there are cheaper on this list, they are not expensive and they are impressive.

Key Features

  • Four large bulbs
  • 18 inch height
  • Red, blue, green & yellow
  • Solar power

9. Super Bright Jumbo Pathway LED

While we’re on the subject of big pathway lights, here’s another set that is designed to make an impression. These ones are all white, with very bright LED’s giving a warm and powerful glow. They come as 10 bulbs on a 6-foot length of cord so are close together, which adds to the effect, and would  be perfect for lighting a pathway when you are holding a party or other occasion and great as patio lights.

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These are 10 inches high so stand out wherever you put them, and one of the impressive things is that while they do need a mains connection, you can connected any number of sets together thanks to the short length, and create a sea of lights that will be simply amazing. Also, remember that LED is energy efficient.

We think that these would be a little big for all-year lighting, but for special occasions and at the price, a few of these together would look great.

Key Features

  • 10 bulb set
  • Large, 6ft lengths,
  • Connect multiple lights together
  • Very bright

10. Twinkle Star Solar Pathway Lights

Our final selection is a very attractive set of pathway lights, and although they are just a set of three, we think they are worth including. These are in the form of globes on top of spikes and are green, red and blue.

These are the main colors, but as the LEDs change color on a constant basis, they rotate through other color shades so you should get a nice spectrum of colors and light.

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These are powered by solar cells, with each light being powered individually, so you have no need for unsightly cables and you can choose whether to place them together or in separate spots. They are very nice to look at indeed and would make a great addition to any garden. At 14 inches tall they are also a good size for a garden light and would not look out of place throughout the year, and at the price you could buy a couple of sets for added effect.

Key Features

  • color changing
  • Three lights
  • Tall
  • Solar powered
  • Attractive

That’s our selection for you, so which do we prefer? Let’s have a look.

Christmas Pathway Lights Review Conclusion

There are a number of choices to make here: do you want colors or white? Are you looking for all year-round lights or just Christmas? And are you happy with solar powered pathway lights, or do you prefer mains? Or perhaps you want to add some real festiveness to the outdoors with a Christmas Laser Light Projector?

Check out this amazing dupstep Christmas lighting display for more inspiriation

First, we should say that there is something for everyone here as we’ve included plain and Christmas designs. If you do want lights for all year, and are happy with mains power, you should look at the Wintergreen set of 100 lights, number 2 on the lost. For what you get, it’s a great price.

For colored lights, we believe the best choice is the first one on the list, which gives you great colors at a great price, but there are others – such as number 3 – that are also very attractive if you are certain you will get enough sunlight for solar power.

For a novelty Christmas light set, our favourite is the Candy Cane shape light set, number 5, as they are a great size and also a lot of fun,  but any one of these will do for different people, so read through and make your choice, and brighten up the outdoors this Christmas.

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