Best Musical Christmas Lights

Top 5 Best Musical Christmas Lights

What’s better than decorating the home with Festive Holiday lighting? Decorating it with musical Christmas lights, of course! When looking for musical LED Christmas lights for your home, it can be difficult to know what to pick whether it be music playing Christmas tree lights or just singing Christmas lights for all areas of your home, indoors and out.

Whether you’re looking for LED Christmas window lights or the best LED Christmas lights for your tree, we’ve done the research for you. Look no further as we’ve compiled and reviewed the fan favorites this year.

5 Best Musical Christmas Lights

Here are the top 5 best musical Christmas lights for your musical Christmas lighting that are sure to spice up your home this holiday season.

1. Holiday Essence Multi-Color Musical Lights

Holiday Essence Multi-Color Musical Christmas LightsThe Multi-Colored Holiday Essence is a delightful set of musical Cristmas lights to have in your home if you’re wanting something festive and fun.

The Multi-Colored LEDs are 26 feet of shimmering red, blue, yellow, and green. They have a setting for flashing if you’re really wanting to get the party started.

As for the music, it isn’t overbearing. It’s set to a lower volume, making it perfect for background music. There’s also a total of 25 songs, giving you lots of options so you’re sure to hear your favorites play.

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Here are a few of the songs included:

  • Jolly Old Saint Nicholas
  • Jingle Bells
  • The 12 Days Of Xmas
  • Silent Night
  • We Three Kings
  • We Wish You A Merry Xmas
  • Angels We Have Heard On High
  • Up On The Housetop

The only downside is they only play a short version of each song. This isn’t ideal if you’re planning a big sing-along, but it’s good if you’re someone that enjoys a variety.

2. Holiday Essence Clear Musical Lights

Holiday Essence Clear Musical Christmas LightsThe Holiday Essence Clear Set is 26 feet long and provides you with a traditional modern light atmosphere for your musical Christmas tree lights.

These are sure to make your holidays extra joyful since there are 25 different songs that play, without words but who need the words for the festive songs. They include only the best classic Xmas songs, ensuring your music matches your classy clear lights.

The Holiday Essence set also has two different light settings. They can either be flashing or solid, which you can change by pressing a button on the control box.

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The volume of the music is louder than most and unfortunately, there isn’t a volume button. However, if you want to get a little creative, you could put something over the speaker to lower it.

There’s also an option to turn the music off entirely if you’re just wanting the LEDs to shine on their own.

The Holiday Essence Clear can last up to 25,000 hours and are gentle in brightness when compared to similar clear light sets. This can be beneficial if you’re wanting something that’s softer on the eyes.

3. Northlight Musical Bell Multi-Function Lights

Northlight Musical Bell Multi-Function Christmas LightsThe Northlight Music Red Bell  Set is an incredibly adorable set of Christmas lights that play music and provides you with 40 little bell lights that play 21 Classic Holiday songs.

They are very versatile and can look great around your tree, above your fireplace, twirled around some garland on your stairwell or around a door entrance the options are endless.

Your children will be delighted and you’ll be feeling nostalgic when you see them. You can turn them on without the music if you want a change of atmosphere.

If one of the bulbs dies it won’t affect the rest of the light’s power. However, if a light bulb does die, this set comes with a couple of replacement bulbs and a replacement fuse.

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Some of the songs included are:

  • Winter Wonderland
  • We Wish You a Merry Xmas
  • 12 Days Of Xmas
  • Jingle Bells
  • Joy To The World
  • Here Come Santa Claus
  • Silver Bells
  • Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer
  • Frosty The Snowman
  • O’ Christmas Tree
  • Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

The light settings can range from steady, dancing, flashing, cascading and more to give you a variety of options depending on the environment you’re wanting.

4. Mr. Christmas Outdoor Sounds of Xmas Lighting System

Mr. Christmas Outdoor Lights and Sounds of Christmas

Looking to turn your lighting display into musical outdoor Christmas lights then the Mr. Christmas Outdoor sound system is sure to get your neighbors talking. While there aren’t actually any lights included, the sound system provides you with a magical solution to make your outdoor Christmas lighting come alive.

There are 6 outlets where you can plug your lights into the system. It’s powerful enough (1440 watts/12A ) to cover your lighting your entire home, should you wish to do that, without the worry of blowing the breaker.

Mr. Christmas synchronizes your lighting to match with the music and provides you with the ability to control the volume to be loud or subtle or completely silent to ensure you can still have lighting but give yourself and your neighbors a rest.

This system is not the most expensive version of this type of product but it is definitely the best bang for your buck to create a festive light show (without breaking the bank).

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You can also select the songs you enjoy the most or skip the ones you don’t like (it’s a simple controller). The songs have a good balance of traditional and modern Festive songs.

When winter comes it can bring some pretty unpredictable conditions. Remember to always make sure you’re safely decorating outdoors during the holidays. Thankfully the speaker for the music is protected in a weather-resistant casing.

This allows for Mr. Christmas to last much longer than other similar products that don’t have this casing, so now your home can be festive for years to come.

5. AIDERLY Fairy Snowfall Animated Projector Lights with Music

AIDERLY Fairy Snowfall Animated Projector Lights with Music Function Maybe you fancy doing something different for this year’s light display, well we have that covered with this Aiderly’s Halloween and Xmas Projector. Displaying festive light visuals (like a movie projector) onto your home while playing music.

It has a variety of settings, allowing you to cover a few holidays throughout the year. It can be used not only for Xmas but for Halloween, birthday parties with the unicorn display, or easter with the bunny visuals. You can broadcast it onto your garage, anywhere on your home, fence or even inside your home too. The musical lighting for all occasions.

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You’ll be happy to know this system comes with a remote control so you can adjust it while sitting in comfort. This is great if you don’t like having to go outside in the freezing cold weather to turn your festive display on and off.

The projector provides you with Xmas songs that play along with the festive visuals. There’s even a unique feature that allows you to upload your own songs if you want. All you have to is upload your music from your computer onto a TF card (Transflash Card) in MP3 format. Then, insert the TF card into the projector, and you’re good to go.

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